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A week !?! *whoosh*

I pride myself in maintaining a blog which more or less is updated enough number of times albeit the posts bordering on a triple point of insanity, stupidity and thankfully some mediocrity (the only sane part).Alas I realise now that the ironically , during the holidays I am unable to keep up with myself.The pain , The pain of it all... On a less theatrical note I am unable to actually give a reason for not updating my blog.I have been online atleast once in two days though it is usually to check the 50 odd mails of sheer idiocy and spamming which the tamgumbal churns out .Very enjoyable affair especially mail converasations such as Kabi : dont spam da Kabi : please dont spam da Satya : you stop da Me : Shut up Satya Arunachalam : Ya Satya shut up Kabi : Junta dont spam Ramk : Dei ovara irruke Me : ok Hardy : ok Arunachalam : ok Satya : Dont pain da Me : ok Hardy : ok Arunachalam : ok ... ad nauseum Its fun and it requires no activity from the brain...apart from

To Meg With Love

From forever there has been one actress on whom Ive had a crush.Its not as much a crush as a feeling of warmth on seeing the person albeit only on screen.A feeling of ah-there-she-is-,-there-she-is.That person is the beautiful Meg Ryan.Ok so she may not be the sexy babe or the hot chick, but Meg is what I would term unbelievably attractive.And I know some of my friends agree with me... And during the semester which faded away into the abyss but 2 weeks ago, I had gotten hold of a Meg classic, The City Of Angels.Alas I was half way through the movie when I realised the file was corrupt and it just stopped playing.I was distraught and tried in vain to get the movie somewhere else. Finally I got to see the film the day before yesterday.the movie was good though not great.But Meg was fabulous.And I am finally happy. ------------------------------- (Rereads the above lines) (Struck by terror, sheer terror) Damn I sound like a hopeless romantic.(!).But it is Meg Ryan.., --

Nothing in particular

Its been a long time since I just wrote a post about nothing in particular.A post which comes from the mind, the heart and your soul, from the sheer nonsense that your existence thrives on and from the inexplicable neural signals which permeate your brain giving rise to the random thoughts and feelings that make you who you are... What about poker? Having watched a few "Poker Tour Finals" on tv (shows my level of joblessness) I somehow have come to like this game a lot.Unlike many other games and sports I think poker is also based not only on skill and practice (believe me it is still based on the former two) but also on the enigmatic thing called Luck.Lady Luck.The one thing scientists prefer to count as beyond their realm and mathematicians can but put a bound on.Thats the one thing nobody in this planet has successfully been able to control or even explain to a degree of satisfaction.And yet luck ,be it good or bad, seems to be behind some of the greatest things in the

And then there were none

(Act 1 scene 1) Many many years ago there was a IITian.He was on the threshold of a new semester, the fifth semester.A dreaded semester he was told.A semester filled with dark and deadly courses all of which had potentially fatal tasks which were innocently termed "assignments".Alas someone forgot to remind the protogonist of this blog that assignments are best nipped in the bud.He chose to let them grow... ... (Act 999 Scene 1) We join the hero feverishly working away on his beastly assignments.As he looked around the aircondtioned dungeon where the apparatus to perform the tasks were found, aka DCF, he realised he was alone.Alone in the cold and poorly lit room.(The room wasnt poorly lit ;but saying it was brightly lit doesnt suit too well with the situation).Sadly it wasnt that the other valiant characters of his branch had finished their work; they just found it simpler to work in their abodes. (Act ? Scene ?) Enough of this childish crap.What I am trying to

Finally the terror spell ends

The terror of fifth semester is now behind me.Atleast mostly.When God created the Comp Sc department he made it too peaceful.Having realised his own folly, he added a simple yet painful component since he wanted to make life a little less peaceful for these deserving souls.Alas he added the assignments. ASSignments.And how many ... Without realising the true difficulty of the situation or perhaps realising it and deciding that procastination is the only solution, all the Herculeans Tasks were rescheduled for after the exams.Ergo the deadlines are next week(2 days is the earliest one).The assignments are to be begun... Waving a hand or wishing the work away doesnt help, but for today I decided to ostracise myself from the plethora of progrmming which lays in front of me.Perhaps tommorrow I may rue this decision but then today I want to just peace out.So far peace out => Quake, movies, Quake, doing nothing, Quake ,etc. Before I forget , there is one thing I wanted to blog about

No titles today

Is there noone to comfort me in my hour of need? Physics the bane of the world proved itself indeed, The pain and the torture are multiplied 10 times over, Like the agony of getting dumped by your lover. Alas for the AI folk, they have to start mugging as if this was all a joke, But for the rest of us given up souls We have to find some place to dig our holes. I see no light at the end of the path, I shall stop before there's too much fart But then the final deathblow remains, When we look for the grades next to our names No other time has an alphabet been so important, But then I ask, is it really that significant, For life goes on ,relentless and eternal So we must put this behind us and say "Arre, chal..."

50% done ...actually more than that

Ok so I said I wouldnt use titles.I just felt a title would be appropriate today. Now that 4/6 of my exams are through, I feel more relaxed.Tis another fact that I havent done my end sems even close to how I wanted to do, but then whats done is done. On a sudden whim I went home friday and thats probably the reason why I couldnt blog during the weekend.I was Sunday but the C slot portions was so intimidating that I restrained from blogging.Not that anything much happened.B slot, ANN and C slot have all reared their ugly heads and have been fought off in a less than impressive fashion.Physics the bane of the world and OR the unpredictable remain to be vanquished. Sanjeev the Noble and his partner-in-mind Helmet the Pseud shall rise to the challenge once again.But only after Helmet the Pseud enjoys some free time and Sanjeev the Noble relaxes in blissful glory. The irony in the story is , the real work begins only after the endsems finish coz the assignments which our branch

I said no titles

Whats wrong with me??? I have an insatiable urge to blog at the most unusual times .For example when I have a rape level exam tommorrow studying for which is as useless as ... as useless as... the most useless thing (I am not as creative as I thought :( ).Anyways I just was thinking about my current obsessions with some Tamil songs. Currently I listen to only 2 songs (atleast for 2 days now).As in only the same two songs played over and over.Why? Thats my question too.Basically I think that last year I got to listen to zuck Tam music .Make that zuck music.Coz back then I didnt use my comp as an enterntainment device (I didnt use my laptop much) and my music sources (FM,MTV,etc) were being rudely ignored for lack of time mostly. Anyways so all that music drought has made me get addicted to whichever song I hear.Thats strange coz the reason I used to love FM was the variety and that the same song didnt repeat much.Well as they say, things change...people change. The songs I am n
I didnt want to add a title for this post.First of all, I shouldnt be blogging.I have soo much work.Mugging basically.The quintessential bane of an IITians perfect life.Alas it isalso the barrier between me and my one month of R&R.Though what can be more R&R than normal hostel life you ask... Why is there no title for this blog, you ask? Well basically, I was going through my old posts (really fun thing to do) when I realised my current posts dont have the same feeling about them as the ones of the past.Those are more "today I did this.yesterday somebody did that.Pseud.Give up" and the like.Somehow I think I was able to express myself more then when I blogged sparsely. Anywho(what the fuck is this word and how this enter my vocab?), today I woke up strangly confused at around 6:50 to realise it was only 6:50.I had slept at around 2 after trying to finish some A slot portions.All I did today was sit in my room and study Networks and occasionally check mail and pl

Calm down ....

I was very angry today when I came back to my room from home.Pained with life and especially with my "friend" Rajsekar who called me and said something to do in some assignment.But I cant blame him.I hadnt done anything for it anyways.And the truth was I more pained with myself than anyone else.I hadnt done anything useful at home.Nor did I ever wish to.Home was like a place away from all the mugging, from all the psyching, from all the distractions(wait I am highly distracted at home by the tv but here I am distracted by everything else) and finally home is a place where you can do nothing and still feel no guilt about it. So much said Im slightly happy to be in hostel.Not that I have done anything great here since I came.Not much progress viz-a-vis the assignment.Nothing mugged.Not at home.Very depressed(sleisha depressed atleast). Anyways the point is I saw this site and everything was better (atleast momentarily): God Hope u like it...

A limerick of mine

Me am very happy to come second in Creative Writing.The piece wasnt titled when I sent it, I wonder why not.So here's the (Basically the first stanza was given and we were asked to continue) Titleless Limerick (Much applause appreciated) Adi-dasa the ever-ambitious sadhoo Burnt his feet walking the fire-bed through So the next time, he ran on the coals With hidden padding on his soles And invented the first ever sports shoe. His friend who he called Ri-Bok Who was once in a state of shock Since he was very cold Some clothes he rolled And wore them to create the world's first sock. There was yet another creative dude Nikey, though many considered him rude He overdid things a bit His motto Just Do It He even ran the streets in the nude. The three were very close friends The pioneers of many many trends They cheated a lot Bought things which were "hot" And claimed the means were justified by the ends. Once there was a bitter dispute

Peacefuller than thou

I know I was all freaked out Sunday.I was like totally psyched by the stuff to do and the stuff to learn.I was taken in by the enormity and confusion of the complication of life and I was unable to calm myself.However all that changed the same evening.Yeah, me was totally back to good-old-take-life-totally-totally-easy me.In fact I stayed up late into the night playing quake ,say something like 3ish.It was awesome though me couldnt play as good as junta.Awesome nonetheless. There is nothing much happening in life these days.that kinda troubles me.Usually I have something to think about and analyse (and basically waste a lot of time by just thinking about it).But now only the assignments and fast approaching exams remain.And there is not much to think about.It just means its time to start dusting those books clean,opening them and study.After all after two weeks of exams we have a month off!!!A month to do nothing! Which is pretty much normal college life except you're doing noth

Sorry, my dear Sanjeev,Sorry.

I was quite happy with life yesterday.Satisfied with everything.Loved the slow yet not-too-slow pace at which life was going .Loved that I could do my assignment knowing I had couple days more.Greatly enjoyed the ride to the beach at ~12 with Vipin,Metro and Thota as well as the impromptu football which ensued.We actually left only when a sleepy policeguy told us to leave.Well anyways that was yesterday. I got up today when an ant bit me.And it wasnt a peaceful waking.More of a jerky one.The ones which you dont like.The ones which I despise.And as I lay in bed, unable to have breakfast coz it was too late by then , I realised that the semester was ending.Ergo lurking somewhere round the corner, endsems.Also submissions of N assignments.And I was psyched.Dont know why.But I was so psyched.So I ran to DCF to get some work done.(I usually go to DCF when I want some change in atmosphere from the room and today the room made me feel down).I did get some work done.Hopefully the assignment

Busy Busy Busy

Nowadays life is getting strenuous.I mean if i dont have time to blog that must mean Im so BUSY!!! So the real and main reason for my busyness (I always wondered whether this is a word;apparently there is) is this B slot assignment.Sometimes you feel you can submit some unfinished crap just to be done with the whole thing.I mean already a month delayed and now the pain languishes on for atleast two or three days more.Which we could use to complete the assignment or use to gen complain that theres not enough time.There's never enough time is there? On a less procrastination level, Deepavali just got over yesterday and it was great.I was waiting to go home Wednesday and burst some crackers.And that I did.I felt so destressed while bursting crackers.I think that a million years ago when they started this practice of bursting crackers it was meant as a means to channel all your anger on a piece of paper and whatever chemicals they use in those crackers.Its only a theory (the oth

Something popped into my head

Usually when I'm doing anything some song or the other pops into my head.And usually I can remember the song,or atleast most of it, and try to sing along. But sometimes I remember only a few words and have to google to find the song.Or if I remember only the tune I should have to hope to chance upon it one fine day. Thankfully today the song which came into my head was one whose tune and halfbaked lyrics I remembered.It goes something like this: ... To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn) There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn) And a time for every purpose, under Heaven A time to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap A time to kill, a time to heal A time to laugh, a time to weep To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn) There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn) And a time for every purpose, under Heaven A time to build up, a time to break down A time to dance, a time to mourn A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together To Everything (Turn, Turn,

Peace of mind

Sometimes when a great load has been lifted off your back you feel so happy, nay, peaceful that you are ready to do anything to prove it.Say for example you have been studying for an exam for hajjar days and you finally write it (decently) like our JEE or even take some crap endsem of a course whose quizzes you got raped in or maybe even a dramatics event you did.:D.A huge onus off my back and boy do I feel relieved... I thought we might screw up in dramatics.A comedy one act 2(ok so 3) character play of around half an hour was hardly a comforting thought especially when the image of Alak's dramatics' grandiose remains fresh in your mind.However all things aside I think we did rather well today.Good audience response during and after the event and best of all no screwups.Well if screwup is when you bulb, then we actually did have some though Naresh and me managed and turned some of them to our favour.(I never knew adlibbing could be so much fun!). At the end of the day only

A normal post

When I started to blog, I was writing about my life.My thoughts and my days.Things that I would enjoy reading on a later date. However I find myself more and more drifting towards essays and the like.Not that I didnt think about doing them when I started but its now a case of latter within the former whereas I preferred and realise that I do still prefer to write more about my thoughts rather than arbit essays. So this post henceforths me will try to write what comes to my mind. (*A brief thinking afterward*) Nowadays I find myself spending a lot of time doing nothing.Not exactly nothing;I dont just sit down and stare at the ceiling(that could be fun....); No I dont do that.I arbitly surf the net ,surf orkut (:D), see hajjar movies (Classics,comedys,anything da),see old television series(like Wonder Years and Friends),write a lot of mails and play quake.By the way , I aint complaining.Im very happy.Im beyond happy.For you see I think this is the ultimate life.(Apart from the assign

Time to kill?

Just saw the movie EuroTrip which was awesome.I was encouraged to see the film by 3rd wing junta who have now adopted the song Scotty doesnt Know as their official wing song.Or so it seems. I must sleep fast but I just wanted to do this.Heres to Baba and all those crazy 3rd wing junta(aka Cartoon Network) /*Some lyrics could offend children and others.Please refrain from reading my blog if you belong to either category*/ /*Well unless you think Im God and could do no wrong*/ /*I know ,I know ,Im going to sleep.*/ -------------------------------------- Hey!!!!!! Scotty doesn't know, That Fionna and me, Do it in my van every Sunday. She tells him shes in church, But she doesn't go, Still shes on her knees, and... Scotty doens't know, oh. Scotty doesn't know-oh. So don't tell Scotty! Scotty doesn't know, Scotty doesn't know. SO DON'T TELL SCOTTY! Fionna says shes out shopping, But shes under me and I'm not stopping. C

Weekend Bliss

Usually weekends are a time to unwind.To sleep the extra hour in the morning with no guilt of missing a morning hour.To watch as many movies as you want. To play as much as you want.To finish as many assignments as you want.(none usually).And usually it means free time to blog.. The rainy weather that Chennai has been witnessing has been awesomely awesome.It rains and rains but almost always takes the cue perfectly when junta start playing footer.Alas that said it is really a pain in the ass when you have to wake up in the morning to go to class.The weather is tooo good to tell yourself its time to rise.And many breakfasts have gone absent thanks to them as well. The weekend has been rather uneventful.There was a programming contest in which usual junta took part.That was kinda nice.I tried to get some work done on my B slot assignment which I fear has grown stagnantly undone although it has to be submitted someday less than a week.Almost went for the OAT movie only to be sent ba

What more do I have to say?

I have long harboured an ultimate truth of life.I have been very safe by saying AN ultimate truth and not THE because there are ,I feel, many ultimate truths ,though finite, knowing all of which one can understand the ultimate question---the meaning of life.(I dont know what useful things I have learnt since coming to IIT but I sure as hell have learnt to put a lot of crap). As I was saying about this ultimate truth of life.It goes something like this.For every "good" thing that happens in your life there is an equivalent "bad" thing which happens.Note that I say good and bad in quotes for the reason that clearly these adjectives are far too relative not to be used without the quotes.And I know most of the critics would go phooey to my idea but its true.The reason that people dont notice this is that whenever something good happens we are likely to forget the bad things which preceded it though this could take some time and if the bad event were to follow the goo

Will someone chat with me?

Chatting is quite a fascinating thing when you think about it.I mean the concept that one need not be in front of the other person when communicating with him/her was a concept established ago by the postal service and later popularised by the telephone and then now quintessential cell phones. But chatting is different.Because you can chat with strangers.(You can speak to strangers on the phone too but mostly its only a voice telling you its the wrong number).Unlike posts or phones chatting does not require knowing somebody else's address or number as the case maybe.Enter a chat room and start chatting away...All those coy introverts have a split personality of a macho studs showing off about that time once that he had to choose between 10 females.(Or that one time in band camp...hehe).So anyways its a perfect place for people to lead double lives. But then ,some highly informed sources say, some people do use this service to chat with people they actually know.(like I do).T

A Rush of Blood to the Head

The situation was one which seemed to frequent the hero much too often.Smoke and dust permeated the air as he entered the land which the locals just called the Hall.Being an experienced traveller, this wasnt very distressing but like any other time that feeling at the pit of the stomach ( the one described with butterflies) was inevitable. As he pitched camp at the break of dawn he looked around at his fellow people.Many had been warned days like this would come but alas they heed not what they fear not.Rather thought they feared not.Thus when it was actually time they were underprepared except those few who have various forms of chronophobia and were forever paranoid about such times. But then it was now or never and the enemy had been sighted and the weapons raised.They knew they had but a few hours to show their defense and that that woud be enough to "impress" the higher powers to award them or punish them duly. Fight they did.And how.Bravely though many were wou
Who says theres nothing faster than light Technically there is nothing faster than light.Nothing can move as fast as those quantised photons hurriedly rushing out to newer frontiers perhaps freeing a darkened room from its lightless state or maybe overilluminating an already overilluminated room .Yes the brilliance of light is not to be underestimated nor understated. However with due credit to light, I must say I have found something which moves faster.Something I seem to be realising oh-so-better as a new day dawns.Isnt something usually measured as 'fast' but I am referring to its speed of disappearance.I speak of nothing else but time. Time, the measurement which decides when you wake up,when you sleep, when you eat, when you play ,when you work , when you blog,when you check mail,when you see a movie...The list is endless.But alas there are 2 faces to every coin.And as much as time can be useful in telling you what to do when, it does seemingly move too fast.Espe
I just had to put up this link Got this by mail.Might seem slightly late ( suspiciously close to the American elections for this to become popular): Pentagon Paradox :O Awesome video.
2 more days of Shaastra = Nothing Yet another Shaastra went by with nothing more than a irritating cold coming from it.I didnt expect much from it anyways.Though I did miss three breakfasts consecutively.I actually reached the mess yday and today only to be shown the hand (indicating no more food nothing else ,you perverted freaks).I did try my hand at CTF yday (with Kabi,Raza and JK) only to lose in the second round.:(.Next year da,Next year... I met up with old friends ,Rajesh Ramana,Bharadwaj,Shyam though apparently I missed Raghu and Bharat.Highlight of yesterday was this movie "The Chronicles of Riddick", apparently the sequel of yet another "awesome" movie Pitch Black.Though I have seen only parts of the latter I did get to see the whole of the former.Which according to some of my friends was best described in words which would make dead Tamil scholars to commit suicide all over again.It wasnt so bad if you ask me.Sleisha vague but i enjoyed it.:D. I
The first day of Shaastra Usually Shaastra,the "great" IITM techfest is spent either wasting time in my house watching television or wasting time doing nothing in the hostel.However this year was an exception... Woke at ~9:30 .A wonderful feeling is waking up late and realising you have nothing to do and then going back to sleep again.Miss that feeling coz I have all first hours.:(.Missed breakfast.Met Madhusudhan."Helped" in correction of SPC prelims.Also having had qualified first for the Programming Finals (first in the intra-IIT prelims), we bulbed in the finals.(Just when you think you have an upperhand in life, it reminds you "Nice Try" and kicks you in the ass...).Another 4 hours of my life lost forever... (Yawwn)Thats because of the post and the general state of mind. Went to Pizza Hut with Metro and Tota.Grubbed well.Came back to realise Narmad rocks in AoM!!! Basically 1-2 guarenteed for Narmad... Ok so I was jobless and searchin
Dont just Blog Sometimes I feel blog too much and sometimes I feel I dont blog enough.For example I just realised that the last time I blogged was Saturday and hence I needed to update.But then I click on New Post and the site comes up and all I can do is stare at the white background with so many buttons hoping something interesting will crop up somewhere in my head ready for blogging.But nay, it isnt so.I think its some form of Bloggers' Block. Then I thought to myself , as I try in vain to find something to blog, why dont I blog those very attempts/thoughts which lead to the conclusion that I am blogless.(Sounds paradoxical I know). And hence this post. So what were my attempts then...(starts thinking)...perhaps a post about old music as in OLD music.Music from a decade ago.How good music remains music irrespective of when it was originally played and how generations have come to love songs like November Rain,Nothing Else Matters,Mrs Robinson,etc.But then I have mad
Being Busy and will be Without much doubt I can say that the next week is going to a jampacked one for me.Heck today was fucking tiring.Actually I mean yesterday.Friday ie. I dont actually much of what happened in the morning.Classes I guess.Then a free afti went by which also I dont remember much of.Me and my selective amnesia.More like nonselective amnesia... Anyways I thought I would play a little quake before going to see some interwing hockey.Say 15 minutes?Max 30 minutes.Wrong.Thats where you come to appreciate the addictive capabilties of a game like quake.That too for a beginner like me.Cant imagine how superquakers can stop playing.I guess you get bored of winning all the time... So at the end of that session,ie two and a half hours later, I grubbed and went to the much publicised CS Club Gamenite.(Kudos Lala and other 4th year organisers).There was quake,AOM (mental note:which I must learn this winter),some UNO/bluff and some more quake .Overall a fun time. So
Why me?Why me?Why me? I dont believe what happened today.Highly atypical San behaviour.I mean I could mark this day as a watershed in my life... Ask anyone who knows me.Ask them whether I am a honest person.Ask them bluntly.I expect an answer to the tune of "No he is a conniving,decieving cheating bastard!".And thats from my better friends.And I dont mind that.Its all in the name of fun and I dont anything illegal.Almost nothing that is... It all happened in Physics class.As the prof brought in the papers ,all the students waited with bated breath for the papers to be distributed.And in the customary practice of any prof he continued to take class as if nothing had happened.As the hour neared its end, he gave the papers and I had to wait a agonsing 50 or so names before my paper came.And I wasnt expecting anything grand.Maybe a 15/20?Anything more would be a delight.And guess what...I got a 20... So whats this dumbfuck trying to do?He first starts some shit about
Whoosh...Another weekend goes by... Does anybody else feel that time is accelerating faster than normal?Seriously.I saw the date today and thats when I realised we were nearing the end of September.I cant remember most of September. (gruesome random recollections of quizzes flow through the mind) Nooooooooooooo........ (calms down) Apart from those painful obligations, I seem to have done nothing useful in September.Or perhaps I should read my blog to find out.... Sunday, yesterday , was a peaceful day.The morning was spent blissfully playing quake in the DCF after the Prof conveniently changed submission timings.Choreo was fun and the 4th years put on a great show.(NOTE TO SELF: Next year Narmad B will be bigger and better...) I actually stayed up till 4 to see the Village which was a good movie and all.However lacked the last minute suspense of a Shyamalan movie.Not a bad movie da.I guess I expected more though. Most of today has been spent in doing some arbit assig
Tell me, did the wind sweep you of your feet? Sometimes some songs grow on you while there are others which you love from the very first time you hear time.Drops of Jupiter - Train is an example of the latter.Though I have heard the song before I must thank Goda for the mp3.:D. Why did I start on a totally random piece of information? Well if you actually have read my blog so far it was in fact been a collection os such random pieces of information albeit insipid and mentally (and physically) distressing to read at times.Which isnt very bad.Rather than writing long ell prepared essays on some topic as if this is some bloody essay writing comptt I guess this is much better.When I sometimes go back to read my old posts its totally different.However Analysis of Anonymous blogging is a topic Im neither a paragon of nor Im interested in sharing views on. On a happier(!?!) note, I tried my hand at monoacting today with expected distastrous results.But then Its better to have trie
Out of all the people in the world In your life you meet very interesting people.Thats a fact.Hardly debatable.Almost everyone in this world is interesting in his or her own way.As the cliche goes ' One mans meat is another mans poison. ' What is the purpose of meeting new people?Is it for ones own egotistical ideas that more the people we know the more the popular we are?Maybe.Is it for achieving our own selfish means since more contacts means more strings to pull and hence work is done faster?Maybe.Or is it just that we meet new people as a part of life and not because we go out of our way to do so?Perhaps.But it remains a fact that any person meets more and more interesting people as life moves on .And hell Ive had my share...though going into those details will require some Years of blogging... For all those people out there who want to know how to maintain a homepage (like me :P) and want someones example or just are jobless and hence land up in my site searching
Where does the time go? Nowadays I wonder.There seems to be no time at all.Always doing something albeit debatably useful.However I also happen to have work.And so much of it.Which is quite inexplicable.Becoz I tried to shun work as much as possible.(One possible explanation is that all the work finally accummulated into this giant titanic of a workload.But hey theres no more fun in doing things punctually) My jobless nature has also lead to an explosion of sorts in my orkut friends list.Though most of the thanks must go to Narmad junta who seem to be everywhere on Orkut.Also I have discovered the existence of new hostelmates through this process as well as realised the real names of many.(Nithyanand was a shocker ;) ). Saw Schindlers List yesterday.Excellent movie.I think I shall see Road to Perdition now.Also saw a short clip (~ 1 hr) on Nostradamus.To believe or not to believe... (stretches out his hands in an almost dramatic style.Thinks for a bit) As I said no time
At the stroke of midnight What really does happen when the clock strikes 12 am?Or as those in the army put it 0-hundred hours.A brief insight into this question follows. For the junta who get up real early to clean the room(!), have bath(!!) and perform other such blasphemous activites, 12 o'clock they have but seen while at lunch.Otherwise its just another hour they sleep away in perfect bliss.When I was in school I never used to sleep late.Not much of an early riser too.But the latest I had been up was 12:15 while doing a record which was due 2 weeks later.I was hajjr punctual ; the key word of the sentence being 'was'.Moving on.... For the junta who have a quiz the next day, 12 o'clock symbolises that time when there is no longer 1 more day left for the quiz.Its time .(here quiz~exam).Its that time when understanding and reason give way to pure information storing , hopefully well enough to reproduce it the next day.But then there are some subjects this stra
Hakuna Matata What a wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata Its no passing phase It means no worries for the rest of your days Its our problem free philosophy Hakuna Matata I just love this song; its also from the Lion King.What a wonderful phrase-- Hakuna Matata. Anyways moving on, I forgot to post a "first" for me.Its not some hifunda event;but then it is a first for me.Before anyone reaches any unneccessary and/or creatively masterful ideas, I shall reveal the event.I was watching this movie, Catwoman (st. Halle Berry;not so bad actually).Some 12ish at night.I think its almost the end of the movie(dont remember exactly) but I crashed while watching it."So what the fuck?Is this his "first" which he HAD to blog?Wasting my time with this dumbfuck...".Indeed.I agree.Whole-heartedly.But the actual reason I HAD to blog this is that when the same thing happened to a fellow IITian last year I told him something to the tune of ,"How can you cra
Some of the most painful things in this world Sometimes when youre in a precarious situation and you are pained, you think to yourself "That must be one of the most painful things ever...".It can be any day-to-day event but yet under circumstances it could be painful. Let me explain. Take for instance this one time last year I was cutting class.A normal bunk.I think it was to see the starting of a cricket match (last year India was actually playing good cricket.This year they just seem to be playing to improve the selfconfidence of their opponents.)So anyways, I slipped out of the classroom stealthily as I have done many times before to make sure I dont meet the prof walking to the class.No problems there.Then I get on my cycle and cycle leisurely back to hostel.Just before I come into the hostel guess what happened? The prof who was driving her scooty to class notices me and I notice that she has noticed me.I almost fell out of my cycle. Painmax situation. Some
I just can't wait to be King Apart from that being one of my fav songs(from the Lion King), it is one of those ideas which i occassionally think about when I am bored by choice(when I choose to be bored ).What would be like to be a King?To rule over junta.Would you be like Britain and be a democracy as well hence surrendering most rights and be ceremonial alone or would you be like the King of Swaziland who, well, does whatever he likes. A British royal in my books leads one of the most peaceful lifes especially those less known dukes and earls who baiscally have hajjar money and zero work.Atleast the Queen and the present Princes have to show their head here and there and maintain an image.That isnt the case for the lesser blue blooded souls.God knows what they do. However take the Megalomaniac of a king who is the king of Swaziland.Ruling with an iron fist.Marrying a bakers dozen wives (which is sure to increase;after all his father had ~70).He basically does whatever h
Whats the fun if you cant blog it? The second post of today .But why?I pray ask you why?Why a second post?Whats the occasion?Is it because your wing won interwing footer?No.Is it because you are awake at 3:40 in the morning with nothing else to do but blog?No.Is it because of something else?No... The truth is I just wanted to write a blog for the sake of writing.Is that so wrong?Should every post have content and emotions and crap and shit ?Cannot a blog be but arbit sentences? Random words? Pointless sentences?Even maybe some unneccessary punctuations here and here?",}. I fight for a new future.A future unbridled by the society's demand of a blog.A future open to all and one for the betterment of mankind.A society in which every man's dream is a blog unrivalled. A collection of his efforts in virtual space .Unlimitted in capacity and boundless in its content. Basically whatever he wants to do. That said, I better start sleeping. What happens when you sl
When it can rain frogs One of the most "interesting " movies I have watched is the movie Magnolia, which apart from other things , is famous for this 15 minute frog rain at the very end of the film.Nothing supernatural in its presence.It was supposedly one of those highly improbable yet probable events.Which was what the whole story was about. The reason I talked about this is today was another such event.Nothing earthshattering.Though one of those which makes you feel all warm inside.The team which beat us in interwing footer,1C beat ostensibly the titans of Narmad 6A.Doesnt that make you feel so happy?It should. On another note, Narmad's webpage is up thanks to our illustrious AAS Bhindi.The link is Narmada rocks Includes pics of Narmad as well as its stud "inmates". On yet another note, I was able to see the end of 28 days which I was unable to see Friday night coz Balls switched off his comp at 1:30 when there was 20 minute to go.However
Lull before the storm Basically having realised that its high time I start studying doesnt seem to deter me from coming on to the net and especially doesnt stop me seeing movies at ~1 in the night.(!?!).Anyways I shall go home today and that might help. When I feel bored one of the things I do is to google my own name.That isnt a very elitist is it?I guess it somehow is...anyways thats something I found I was doing and something I found very strange. One of the things I find in common with many of my friends is our taste in music.Being musically handicapped and all, I sure as hell cannot hold a tune let alone sing.Though attempts galore.Bands like Eagles,Dire Straits,Nirvana,etc rock!Not to forget Simon and Garfunkel.The funda about awesome bands is that you somehow like all their songs when you hear it whether youve heard it already or not.Thats how it is... That said, I should stop slaughtering Beatles' lyrics.Dedication .....(take a bow da) Some IIT events now.Li
The Art of Learning There is so much to learn in this world.Take for example, learning patience.How to be patient rather.That is one skill we should learn.Another example is learning many universal truths of life like Life's a Bitch and the Higher you go ,the Harder you fall. So what the fuck am I talkin about? Maybe I am tryin to say that I sometimes feel I dont live up to my own expectations .Or maybe my expecations dont live up to my expectations.Ah, screw it;isnt this. Maybe on a subconcious level i am tryin to tell myself that I need to freak out more.Or is it less?As the boundary between night and day diminishes faster than the difference in weights in a Muli Layer Feed Forward Neural Network with Backward Phase (uhhum,ANN fundaes), I hardly had breakfast this week.(Only monday did I grub).I seriously have to put fight to get up earlier than 5 to 8.Doesnt help that I blog at this time though... All shit apart, I think I know what I am trying to imply.Basically
Time's up! You can fool some people some of the time but not all the people all of the time and certainly not me when Im in my prime! Shamant and Bofi, it was a good plan da.I mean the fundaes and the ideas involved coupled with the coincidence of the name not to mention the gazillion lies(all good fart may I add) were excellent.Everything was perfect.Everything except for the victim.You chose the worng guy da.And to think you were smart. The first day you told me this plan, two things struck me odd 1)Bofi is a good friend and all and this idea wasnt well too "friendly". 2)The second thing was well luck.Being in the "google" generation that I am, the first thing I did when I heard the name(probably not the first) was to google it.(how did you think I found the blog?) Surprise Surprise...two little dumbfucks trying to screw me,so I decided let things be.It was more fun this way.I got both the satisfaction of paining Bofi anf the satisfaction of knowin
All the World's a Stage One of the most heated arguments/conversations I have with my friends, esp when Im jobless and chatting to satiate my boredom, is the one about fate.Destiny.Are we as humans responsible for our future or is there some higher power controlling the strings?Unable to control our future can be both a frightening thought as well as comforting one.Frightening because nothing we do matters;comforting because,well, nothing we do matters.Does their exist anything called luck or chance or is every event predetermined be it two people falling in love or an athlete winning a medal or even a road accident?Was Shakespeare thinking of the same when he said All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. Gary Zukav flirted with this idea and then seemingly rubbished off the concept of destiny as he claimed Newtonian physics which fails to completely explain the workings of the Universe predicted the same to be a big machine with we but cogs in
Finally Finally Finally Our Comp SC DCF doesnt cup much.But when it does, it doesnt come back til much later. I hope that explanation suffices for my absence. I saw one hajjar pseud movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind". How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! ----------Alexander Pope I dont quite realise the import of those words.But Im quite sure theyre as pseud as they sound.Anyways, the movie stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet and dont jump to conclusions da.Seriously isnt no comedy.But I wouldnt go too far to call it romance .No action and all.Sleisha science fiction.Basically a cauldron of genres.I liked it da.See it. IIT G Online Contest-Techniche + (Kabi,Raza,Turkey,Avi,CC and I) + (Really stupid IIT G programmers who tried to cheat but got caught) = 2nd place ergo 6000Rs for the six of us !!!Cashits da!
Rain Rain come again It was around 3 in the morning.I felt something .Something cold on my body.It was nice. Alas not what you junta were expecting.No such luck yet. It was mazhai saral.(The title gave it away I guess).How do you say saral in English?Anyways , Raindrops falling fast and furiously outside.Thunder and Lightning .(ostensibly though I didnt hear or see ;just added that for effect).What a beautiful start for a Saturday.If only it had been more like 8 instead or 3.Crashed after closing windows. I saw Pulp Fiction today.Supposed to see it yesterday night.I was so tired after Freshie Night(cuppax as usual;should have listened to Satyam) that I was literally crashing as I watched the film last night.So decided to see it today.Really good film.Tarantino God!He has the knack of making movies which make you think 1)Who is the bad guy and who is the good guy? 2)Oh is the film over? 3)Wait, what was it all about? Other such films include 21 grams,Memento and Kill Bill(t
Another Day in Paradise The title which I used is perhaps the most common title in my blog.There are two reasons for this,atleast.One is that one of my most fav songs begins with these words(Learn to be Still -The Eagles).The other ob reason is ,after all, I do live in the pardise of IIT Madras.Well almost paradise.Sleisha paradise.Sometimes paradise sometimes not?....I've got it!Its paradise without water! I havent been able to blog for almost a day now (:o).Busy Busy Busy...Well mostly its classes...Thursday and Friday are so loaded.Then theres ANN on these two days which is like a miracle cure for insomnia.Yesterday was our first intetrwing footer match too.Injured as I was,with cracked toenail and all (ouch...seriously not so painful as it sounds), we beat opposition 6-0.Highlight: Before match I was practising kicking the ball when I broke a glass pane on some poor Mutka's room.Beautiful kick da.Poor guy though.He looks pained generally itself.After the "shatte
~*~Grumble~*~ Basically I got up today with only one thing one my mind.Everything was so clear.I couldnt oversleep today.Not because of any tutorial.No acad related funda.No sports related funda.Actually the reason was I was so damn HUNGRY.I dont know why.This after I had cold refreshing lassi from Dhabha at ~1:30.Even a piece of gulab jamun from Satyam.And yet at ~7, hunger struck.It struck as badly (and pointlessly) as Bush struck Iraq.Ok wrong analogy;my hunger didnt want any oil.... Anyways unbelievably hungry or not, today was Thursday.Which meant Pessarett.In other words the only day I head for the bread irrespective of queue length.I dont remember when I tasted "it" last and I dont know why I hate it so, but I do.Anyways satiating my appetite with bread I headed to class .Yawn.Is it me or have classes become more boring than ever before?(Answer:Its me and its the classes) Anyways not able to stand the boredom of it all, I decide to bunk Physics and sit in the
Oh Ah Ouch Ok da.Second post of the day and all.Too much for being "busy" with courses and all.Lmfao. Anyways today I put pseud promise to myself to do some mugging related activity.Something da.Pick up notebook,touch reference book ,etc.But no going to Insti Lib.Reason?Its a big story story.Actually isnt so big.Starting of 1st year I went to lib and gen decided never to go again.Kept up my promise so far.More or less.Went once to get new id card.Doesnt count. Anyways as I was saying some mugging related activity.So I free at 4 today.Go to mess .Drink tea.Normal.Then I decide no sports.But someone calls me to play some hockey.Ok da some 15 minutes only then Ill go mug.Then someone calls footer.Ok da some 30 minutes only then mug.Then theres a tug of war .Me decides too rough for me so Ill ditch it.But then its 3 vs 4 year .Matter of manam and pride(same meaning!?!).So putsits enthu and we win and all(yeah!).Ok finally Ill go to mug.But then Zeus thought otherwise I