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His this week

Wednesday It was almost time. Two sets of interviews had already passed and for some even more. And they were taking its toll on all the eleven of them. He looked around at these familiar faces and saw the nervousness etched on their otherwise placid countenances. He was anxious too. He smoothened his blue “psychedelic” tie, as it was later referred to. He didn’t like ties too much. Soon enough, a representative ushered them in to announce the final results. An inevitable note of the ostensible difficulty faced by the interviewers ensued. Get on with it, he thought to himself. Then, he saw it. Clenched delicately in the speaker’s hand. His name, written in black, through the translucent white slip of paper, in its untarnished entirety. He didn’t have to wait for the official read. He was elated and overjoyed but only breathed a quiet sigh of relief. Later, he shook hands with the others, throughout maintaining his cool. He even remembered to congratulate the other two, B


*Click* I was tapping my fingers softly on the table as I waited for the messenger to load. If the net was fast, it usually signed in quite quickly but unfortunately today it was taking its sweet time. I glanced into the adjacent mirror and adjusted my rather unkempt hair. As soon as it signed in, I searched for her name in the buddy list. Dejected on noting the absence, I decided to check my mail. She’ll be online soon, I consoled myself. She said so herself, I reassured. Five minutes later, I was relieved when I heard the familiar sound of someone signing in. Me: Hi di! Priya: Hey da, how are you? Me: I’m fine. You? Priya: Me too. Me: Good. So wassup? Priya: I just finished seeing American Beauty… Me: One of my most favourite films. Did you like it? Priya: Yeah! I really liked it… Me: Super… Priya: But there was one dialogue I didn’t like though… Priya: As in, I don’t think it was correct. Me: Which one :-/ Priya: Well,


"Molly, do you believe in witches and wizards?", asked Ken, rather nonchalantly, as they sat down on a bench overlooking the placid Lake Trepton. "Witches? Wizards? What do you mean?", retorted Molly , as she turned towards him, with a quizzical look on her face. "Well, like those in the classic movies. The Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Chronicles of Narnia." "I suppose I don't believe them. I mean, I would like to believe..." Keb interrupted her, "Pity. Wouldn't it be rather cool if they true? The creatures, the mystical artifacts, all those stuff in the books..." "Books? I thought you were talking about some movies?" "Molly dear, all of them are books made into movies. Surely you have read the books?" "No, I havent. I have seen all the movies though. I really like the Lord of the Rings trilogy..." "That is quite sad. You haven't read the books? Those masterpieces of literature. Their a

I sneezed, and a semester went by

I really am surprised. The invisible wings of time have flown past at such a ridiculous speed. It seems like yesterday that when my brief sojourn to Bangalore ended and the first day of the seventh semester dawned. Just yesterday. But truth is, yesterday was indeed the last day of this semester. to quote a somewhat intelligent man, "When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour." This semester wasn't like the last. It was much more mellow. Almost eventless. But it was highly enjoyable for myriad reasons. To quote a few, the endless hours devoted to Morpheus, the hypnotic sweet intoxicating smell of rain which was nearly a daily feature, the initial enthusiasm in the wonderful game of Poker, Quake Quake Quake, the nonchalant attitude of yours truly and most of his associates and confederates towards anything which remotely reminded one of academics, Movies Joey Bleach Movies Anime Movies :P, wri