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Turmoil in the land of the brave

Meant only for those the author has personally asked to read.Anyone else wanting to read should do so at his/her own risk.No compensation for any ailment resulting from excessive scratching of head/chin caused due to this post. The following post maybe based on some real life incidents though which and whose are left to the imagination of the reader. There are also some parts of the part which are fictional, amusing and "Calvin-and-Hobbes"esque.The author hopes these come true too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the land of Unknown, King Anon grew impatient at his inability to win wars .Not because he lost them, but because he didnt go at war at all! He had a sufficient army and basically he would probably be victorious if he tried.But he remained the King who never ventured into battle.Until that day. That day he was sleisha high.Life was fun and he had been highly entertained by his jester ergo he

Ten Little Indians

Strange title dont you think? Well its just a trivia title.Pseudputs basically.Didnt want to sound mundane and all. There was a book by Agatha Christie of the above title and basically it came out in another name as well."And then there were none".Thats the actual title of this post...(btw its a good book; plot of a million bad hollywood movies but a good book nevertheless) And then there were none.Saarang days that is.This time round, Saarang got over oh-too-quickly. Ran away like a cheetah, floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee.And stung well in fact... Without going much into anything, I ll just say Saarang ,this time, has been an eye opener for me. Things learnt and other things unlearnt during these short 5 days.Had an impact in my life.In fact, I almost wore my coords badge to class today :P.Saarang life seemed so peaceful. But then I think its enough.Saarang was supposed to be a change .Like a short break.And it served its purpose.Life needs some "

Gone with the wind

Heck, I aint talking about the movie.Im refering to Saarang: mother of all culfests.3 days down.Here is a brief report of my thoughts re my original goals and plans on the days lost... Day #1: Pack... 4 days to go...lets just enjoy ourselves Day #2: Pack... 3 days to go...lets do something useful though Day #3: Give up...I totally understand how 4th years feel. And thus, our valiant protagonist who began the culfest quite optimistically, settled for a more realistic outlook later and finally has ended up with such a pessimistic view.But life has been highly enjoyable nevertheless. Day 1 began on an excellent note with Nokia offering great music where unbelievably untalented dancers such as yours truly were able to dance to his hearts content.And the rock show ,which belied musical hopes ,was highly entertaining otherwise cause of the company I kept and of the vehement headbanging (which subsequently resulted in substantial neck pain till today...)and amazing hindi songs render

Requiem for a dream

For quite some time now I have been searching for the movie of the above name. Before I went into the movie I had various notions to how the movie was going to be, from the people who had seen it."Intense" was a common comment as was "extremely good".Thota even said "it was a kind of movie after seeing which you wouldnt be able to see any other movie for quite some time ".Vipin agreed.But nothing could have prepared me for this... There are some movies which leave a mark in your mind...burn a mark rather. And these movies arent the hollybood blockbusters but more often the less known yet critically acclaimed films.Machan this one movie was like that.Following the lives of four individuals who somehow or the other become addicted to drugs, this movie goes all out in depicting how bad , nay, unbelievably bad ones life can become with drug abuse. After the movie ended, I felt empty all over and totally psyched.And I cant explain it.Ive never known any d

Dream on Dream on

Dreams ,people say, are the metaphysical manifestation of one's inner most thoughts and wishes.Dreams are windows to ones life and how he or she wishes it to be.Apparently each dream of ours has an inner meaning but that isnt what Im gonna blog about. Im rather going to blog about the idiosyncratic wierdness of peoples' dreams and how much I personally fear daydreaming... Today morning was like any other.No first hour ;ergo a few more moments of that perfect bliss called sleep.That feeling which envelops a person after a hard days work (or just after a days work :D) and usually that feeling you carry over to your classes the next day. One moment Im asleep dreaming away to glory and then I suddenly wake up and realise I am no longer in some alien world.I dont exactly remember what my dream was about although I do recollect that there was something very different about it.Different in a good way..Thats something I hate about dreams... you manage to remember the really really s

Saarang's almost here!!! Touche!

Warning: The contents of this post are to be read keeping in mind what IITians attempt to do during Saarang.Most of the failures described here bear absolute reference to the author's life and all characters portrayed here represent real life people. My first year at IIT was all about having fun though I distinctly remember that I used to study much more.Seniors were fun to hang around with and I was introduced to the great game of football.Hostel life was excellent although almost all of us localites could at best be described as quasi hostelites since we spent only about 4 nights in the hostel. But when I heard about Saarang and the possiblities one had with all the inflow of people (read females) into IIT during the same, it was a feeling of ecstacy.Pure joy.An IITian and this? Thats awesome.I put majar strat and joined to fight for the cause as a catering vol.For you see every person who came to Saarang need not attend every event.But they sure needed to grub!!! That wa

A great week

A week has passed and college has been wonderful.Many things contributed for the this and you kinda hope that such studness could possibly continue into the whole semester though you ,heart of hearts, know the inevitable truth that such perfect conditions cannot recreate themselves .Which makes me quite sad. Many of my profs decided for some reason or another that the first week of college is not a time to start teaching.Apparently the second week is much more apt for such a beginning. But I do fear this semester in a way though.All the courses except maybe 2 are just so damn BORING.I almost slept off in the very first class of the semester!!! That cant be good? Quake has reached an all time high playing for me atleast.So much so that I actually stopped playing it for sometime (translate as when the power went I had no choice but to stop ). Footer seems to be losing favour with me though. After almost the 'best' game of my life yesterday (the following happened to me in n

Things change,people change

The title is one of my best excuses whenever someone asks me a question whose answer Im either ignorant of or choose to be ignorant of.However here it seems apt to describe the current hostel life albeit only three days have passed. One of the biggest changes to the hostel has been the private caterers in the mess.Somehow many people seem to dislike the food and prefer the old staff and the grub.I , however, feel that the new system is far more organised, efficient and overall gives a touch of "class" to the otherwise insipid mess of ours.One point I do feel pained about is that they seem to offer too many extras ergo multifold increase in the already staggering mess bills --- No pain , no gain? People seem to be engrossed in whatever they're doing which is strange because as I said already its been only three days since the semester dawned .So either they are mugging in advance(refer room no. #129,Narmad and #123,Mandak) , or they're caught up doing whatever

Thinking about it...

Finally the semester begins and Im back in the hostel.I never make New Year resolutions mainly coz I know that I will forget them the next day let lone keep up the damn things.So anyway here are the details of my holidays on reflection... The actual dates : 3rd Dec to 3rd Jan The dates due to Prof Hema Murthy and co whose assignments we procastinated to end of semester : 10th Dec to 3rd Jan Number of books I read : 1 (Digital Fortress - Dan Brown) Number of movies I saw : I cant count so much :P Number of good movies I saw : I can't remember any :( A new game learnt : Poker An old game played : Basketball Number of times I played quake which I thought would be my prime distraction in the holidays : 2 Number of live football matches I saw : 3 (Damn the CAS) Number of days I saw the football matches : 1 (Refer to the sentence in the brackets above) Number of old school friends I met up with : 3 (Sus, Shiva and Arjun) Number of old school friends I