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So today I went to sleep at ~4 am or twas later I think.All I remember after that was a phone all at 7 and then the actual waking up at 10.I finally packed home at round 11... Anyways the comptt was sleisha cuppax with hajjar sums from uva and still it showed compiler error...dunno what to do...but the topoder one was good and kabie qualified. nothing more,will probly see a movie... have to think of a msn id----"Byte me!!!"
Going back to insti to tae part in some contest(prog)...also hope to do some lex/yacc related work...but i know i wont... thats about it... msn id: "juat another brick in the wall"
After wednesday I slept late on thursday ,the trend being I see a movie before I sleep eery day.This time it was Vanllla Sky or atleast the end of the movie;nice one I thought. Had one class on that day,D slot, and was in DCF the rest of the time.Also we played volley for the first time as a team and qualified into the second round where we lost.The performance was decent though... Friday was also somewhat free;and I having seen The Firm,first half, and then sleeping , woke up late and hence missed first hour.We then had E slot in 4 th hour and thats it.Also in order to prove a point I programmed Cutting Sticks again with all enthu and got it accepted...Hurray! Slept late friday night~3 am after seeing a cuppax yet entertaining movie caleed Draculas ascession...I think.So woke up late and came home round 9:30 tpes. And also last night at DCF had a nice time with Brit...;) anyways, msn id(and I quote): why put off anything till tommorrow when you can put it off till the day after
its been long time; well not much to say;its going well;I like programmed some 10 yday and some 3 today ; and bslot cupping as expected ;got improvement in hopes... not any more to say, and torso/chunni/approx latest greeting "Enna da panne, ande girl oda?" ya right... anyways msn id:"I dont plan to fail yet fail to plan"
Yesterday was probably a fun day when I went back to the hostel initially thinking I was going to program for the ontest but then realising that a contest means problems I cant write, surrendered to the comfort of my hostel where I wishfully spent the night upto say 2 am before crashing.In the midst of all this , I also played some inspired TT(enough to beat Satyam) and played the fool in our half wing trying to irritate Shyamnath which I did and also was involoved in Ballu getting bumsfor his involvement in the proceedings.Also played Diablo 2 on Boom's comp for sometime while ostensibly reading the German verbs' participles.Ended up seeing some shady TV upto 2 which included parts of 12 monkeys,possessed and a movie called till human voices wake us up...I dont know why... Cool day yesterday but todays been rather tame;have had to study for tommorrows quiz.Hope to do some german too. msn id of the day:"Sleep is a drug and I overdosed...". Hope I improve...
The last time I blogged was a week ago and the irony is Ive probably been in the DCF the maximum this week...programming away and hopefully doing a good job and learning something as well;yes yes I goes against my earlier principles and statements but yet I strangely feel happy while programming... So the first 3 quizzes are over and the 2nd one didnt go too well...the others...better than average I hope... So enough of academics...Im pained ... so I played footer yday think or something like that and all that with an injured foot...general enthu...;also will be going tmrow to DCF to take part in programming contest...just for the heck of it. So because of the footer I got up late (at 8am) so decided not to go to class but then wanted to have the experience of missing grub in the mess and hence went to class instead.Ended up grubbing at Nandinees later on at 9 with Rajsekar accompanied by Murali who came for a free coffee...hehe.It was in exchange for an ear
So another day another story;before I forget...this ones good. Of all mans inventions and discoveries many are claimed to be the cracking of a most difficult problem of its kind;many probably are...but then I ask my fellow people if they have done what I have...walked in damaged slippers for a week without any major mental or physical seriuosly this is a topic for a serious debate(or a really good jam).Another topic that comes to mind is how to call a slipper which is so damaged;I have thought hard but unable to find a better word than damaged am considering consulting a wordsmith on this grave issue of national imprortance.Call in the cavalry,theres a war brewing... No i am not drunk No I have not doped Its just that Im feeling slightly sleepy after having slept for but 3 hours today and hence I am feeling kinda wierd...nothing new though;will have to make up for it today. Another topic I have to introduce is my ideas for great msn ids...todays is "Stup
So I guess its been some time since I last blogged; though not much to blog about... Seriously, monday was cool bacause interwing footer started and was exciting to watch and I also learnt I was to be in A team(which I will explain wasn't very useful anyways). And I also lost in 1st round of carroms tourney.Also will imply we went on to lose first round in footer(OB).I was sleisha sad da but then according to my belief any and every thing has an equal and opposite reaction.So hence... Also I had an initially irritataing and later sleisha funny(not very) with my contacts.Having forgotten my solution at home I used water instead and wasn't very useful;also thought I lost my contacts in my eyes only to find it on my desk later( was majorly pained). Thats about it... And also you might notice a major helping of IITian lingo today.Thats a deliberate attempt...So enjoy ;)
So another weekend,another week;makes you wonder where goes the time.If you asked me how well I have spent my life so far ,I am at a loss of words.Not that I feel I haven't achieved much ,its just that every time I try to remind myself Im 19 yrs ,it leads me to think where has gone the 2 decades(nearly ie).Often when I see old photos or speak with old friends (and sometimes see my old books),I am lost in a world of memories which Im assuming is true for all; Every person young or old spends time reminescing about the past be it for good or bad . Just a thought that struck me as I wasted the precious day of Sunday the 8th of February 2004. So anyways , the weekend was alright.I started on my task to start studying(notice the usage of 2 starts). And I bought my new computer only to infect it with msblaster virus.Made me feel dumb.SO much said,I also watched the movie shallow hal;the first dvd movie on my new laptop,hopefully first of many. New development which I failed to mention-
The day that was Thursday was as uneventful as were any of my classes on that day...but wait ;didn't I have the WHOLE day off yesterday!!!I sure did...hehe.But guess what ... I spent the whole time in the DCF coding my UDP program and I think I finally have finished the basic program that I can submit...though I'm itching to develop it further....UGH whats happening ;I fear the curse of the computer-science-programming-and-useless-related-activities is upon me.And to think I was the pioneer to actually prognose and diagnose that syndrome.The irony of it all... So nothing much happened yesterday;I sorta had a light dinner and went on to be hungry at bout midnight and ergo went to Gurunath for cup-noodles. I wonder why they taste good at such a price;I hope my stomach doesnt reply this today with any subsequent action/reaction...Yes and I played footer for like 2 hours and to think today was the first time I scored with a header and I almost missed blogging that; Thats like Bush
I was so jobless that immediately after publishing my blog,I went to see what the options "settings" was all about.Yes it was as the name suggested all about Settings... So I realise ,after much browsing of other juntas blogs, that many people use this rather ,well not exactly funny, yet amusing way of reporting conversations: Person1:Yada Yada Yada Person2:Blah Blah Blah ...and so on til Person k:(k>=1){shit that came too naturally;I must be cursed!!!} anyways back to the point I was trying to make Person k:Dum DUm DUM!!!(the punch line) So,anyways I suppose now any interesting conversations I hear will have to be reported in an unique style which I am yet to decipher... With task on hand...later
Finally started out on my C slot program;I think Im getting the hang of it finally... Have not done any uva-acm programming today ;hope to do so but think its too late By the way Happy birthday to me;And as a gift I got a calci from Anjana(did i already mention that?).Anyways tommorrow is a complete offday with no classes;hope to something useful then...whats happenning to san!@!##@# Well, played footer in KV and also feel that practise makes a man far less perfect than usual;no really thats about it;though i feel i keep forgetting something;thats the problem with knowing/thinking too much ,u tend to miss out on the finer points in life.thankfully personally this has never been a problem with me... hehe Later
So once again Im in the DCF merrily blogging away as my workload mounts into an eventually insurmountable Herculean task ;yet I merrily blog away. So yesterday went away quite fast ;Major developments being 1)Got some old contacts from Rad.But not the one I wanted ;I even asked her but she acted as if she didnt remember (perhaps she indeed has forgotten...yet I still pursue my first crush :X) 2)Got severely reprimanded by a certain someone,may I add an obstinate certain someone(no names ) who continually persuaded me to join the Dark Side(here pertaining to LIveJournal);yet the force was with me and I triumphed amid harsh words and witty repartees.Heres to many more mediocre blogging... 3)Im almost certain to get a laptop this week though what I will do with it still haunts me;the responsibility Im sure I cant handle but heres hoping to no reducing of grades or social activities(can it reduce any more??!?)...(a brief virtual prayer) Thats all I remember bout yday. Today
This is just a new blog to see how well I can change existing templates to suit my devious purposes(ie a test message)
Lets see now,what all happened yday... 1)Friday night i read my 8th std diary and am fascinated at the hings which had happened.Am now convinced i had a crush on Madhuvanti and am currently trying to find where she is now. 2)Evgenia advises me to change blogging websites(to live journal) but somehow i wish to hang on to this(no offense to her).Truth be told ,I actually made a new account in LiveJournal but decided not to continue... 3)Apart from the above two happenings I also got a credit card today morning and am currently going to get a laptop...for my birthday which is coming up. Yes;I also chatted with Amit for sometime which was also something I hadnt done for soem time now. And I changed the time/date in blogger settings which now look alien to me. Nothing else...(First blog from DCF)