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There are so many things one can be confused about.Even the small things.The so-called trivial things. The decision to take tea or coffee, black shirt or white shirt, bunking E slot or D slot.:D. The last thing is more indecision to do both but some confusion nonetheless. Then there is the confusion about the "bigger" things in life. The choices which you take. That which maketh the man. Incidentally (and thankfully) I wasnt in the least bit confused when in school about which stream to follow and which college to end up in. Science seemed the natural way (now I wonder why). IIT seemed the next logical step (this is one decision I am happy about :D ). But now that I discover all the choices that were there, I am slightly disappointed at my ignorance. Not that it would have affected where I am, but then disappointed anyways. Nowadays I am constantly being bombarded by the red pill and the blue pill phenamenon (refer Matrix ob ;) ). I have to make a conscious choice between t

Of Moviethons and a beach trip

(Sleisha long post ~Not bofish but long nonetheless) Practically life has hit a new nadir with levels of joblessness reaching unsurmountable depths. Life can now be sustained with just movies, football and quake.And when I say movies, I mean a lot. In fact enough to write a post about. Alas I have more.;).In brief: Movies, Movies everywhere (and not all we should see) Friday: Ray - Amazing movie.Take a bow Jamie Foxx. Might I add, excellent company for the movie :). Finding Neverland - Double in Satyam after a long time.Dasan and I wanted to see it so badly... (in spite of the fact that he looked so crashy). A brilliant movie. I thought it was awesome. The end actually gave me goose bumps (in a good way). Saturday: Meet the Fockers - I was thinking of watching this in Satyam until I realised everyone, I mean EVERYONE, had already seen it. And yes I am now fockerised. Somehow feel the first one was funnier? Curse of the sequels? Wet Hot American Summer - Dasan's mistak


Big Fish was a nice movie.The protagonist in the movie is known for telling tall tales which finally turn out to be true.Nice movie.Somewhat related to what I have in mind... Ive come to realise that I tend to exaggerate when I speak.Sometimes I tend to stretch stories a bit just to make things interesting. I guess most of my friends know that (if they don't , sheesh). And the thing is, most of the times I think its involuntary. And thus my rather well-thought-out conclusion : Its a family curse. My family sure does exaggerate a lot. "Once so-and-so got a cold and ate something and he remained afflicted for 5 years " or "So-and-so eats 20 chappatis daily" or "X never wastes any time because he has to study; he is even fed food so that he doesnt waste time eating "...and so on.(The last one is debatably true. X is an obivous family member ;) ). I actually dont mind stretching the truth so as to spice things up. As long as nothing ill comes out of it.

Is it just me?

Is it just me or is my life getting wierd all of a sudden? Wierd in a nice way. Certain enigmatic events which trigger various thoughts and views on the confusing sojourn that is life... So we are sitting in the impressive ground that is Sangam audiencing a 9-a-side cricket side and junta are exercising their unwritten law of using expletives against ,usually, the opponent team in titanic amounts.And in all languages known to man.Take our man L2 for instance. He was cursing everyone, especially the wicketkeeper of the Msc team, in hindi, english, tamil and gult. He could have even tried mallu except for lack of someone well versed in the curse words of mallu. There were even some Saras junta who being the epitome of joblessness that fourth years are, came out to generally shout various highly descriptive 'colourful' words , even combining words of 2 languages at one point. So as all this was going on, suddenly someone in the opposing team decides they have had enough and start

A wish upon a shooting star

Have you ever just seen the stars? Not a momentary glance.I mean seen them. In all their glory. The twinkling brilliant points in the endless bluish-black night sky. And the clouds meandering through resulting in a heavenly game of hide-and-seek. Lying on your back, looking up at the sky, friends by your side, star gazing.I tell you, you dont need no booze to get high. The very sight of the star-studded night can do that.Believe you me. And as we lay on the top of the mess, between the 3rd and 4th wings, we started describing what we could make out of the ambling clouds. There were dragons, elephants and fighting men amongst other things. Sketches on the vast expanse of space. And time passed by ... Suddenly we saw what we thought was either a meteorite or a falling satellite. Being the optimistic souls that we are, we decided to consider the third option ie it was a shooting star.(It was going too fast to be one but hey who's stopping us from imagining what we want to imagine?)

And life goes on...

Paraphrasing the week gone by... Monday : College. I attend every class and I finish an assignment in 15 minutes. Election fever begins to permeate the air as candidates turn in their manifestos. Played footer after forever. Helped KG around Namrad. (Vote for the K and the G :D ). An interesting and mammoth chat-session in Thota's room til 3 am spanning myriad topics... Tuesday : Make a serious decision never to touch booze again. Responses of people to the above news include "Nice try", *scoff* , all forms of irritating laughter and any other synonymous actions which made me feel highly demoralised. Finally convinced people I meant it. Some people still laughed. Later decided to see, with high expectations , Fight Club which didnt fail to disappoint. Another long talk in the new common room of 4th wing, #249 as we exchange views on the ongoing "cleanest-elections-ever" and music and everything under the sun. Kicked the football around at ~2 in the quadran