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No update in 10 days! Actually even more than that. The fans and followers of Helmet wait feverishly for their idol to pen yet another of his posts. They yearn for his post, be it on the wise teachings of Confucius, the triviality of Fermat's little theorem or just his eventful dynamic colourful daily schedule. Some of them are even staging a protest in the far away land of Timbuktoo requesting the talenter blogger to write again. Readers go on indefinite fasts and beautifical nymphlike aficianidos run nude through the streets of London ot tell the world of this crisis as they can no longer let the blog remain unrefreshed... *Poof* Dream gone. I really don't have any reason for not writing a post. The fact that I have absolutely confidently completely zero, zilch, nada, zuck work is somewhat like a highly understated understatement. Like calling computer science courses in the 4th year, uninspiring, boring, tedious and soporific. Like calling a monkey an irritating, irksome

Yada Yada Yada Blah Blah Blah

Me, CC and Prof Continuing from my last post, this is the conversation which ensued when I actually met the prof. Neither me nor CC had too much fundaes on the portions we were supposed to cover in the self study course but assuming the prof would have forgotten what he gave to us last semester we decided to say we finished 2-3 chapters. Me: We have done first 2 chapters and are doing the third CC : ...ya... Prof: So you have done that proof that n/2 something of a Byzantine something results in failure using that two triangle proof? CC: *silence* (with a face that resembled the :O) Me: hmm...yes CC: NO! Me: ok...No Tam Gumbal For some time now the tam gumbal conversations are taking a turn for the worse... A short form for every possible known word/words/sentence... The following imaginary sitution between a tam gumbal guy and an ignoramous will justify my claims... Tam Gumbal Guy: Hi da Ignoramous: Hey... how are you? TGG: k u Ig: Hmm... fine. Can't you type proper english?