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Where were you when we were getting high?

No there is nothing in this post about anyone getting high.It is just that it is rather high time that Monsieur Helmet updated his blog. There have some interesting developments in the life of this protogonist, some of them involving this very blog. But for reasons perhaps beyond the intellectual capacity of normal mortals and/or other personal reasons these remain mere references, nothing more. Alas, this blogger has also been stricken with an acute case of blogblockitis and the cure for the same is usually but a banally morbid post about the everyday rituals encompassing trivialities like sleeping, eating and brushing one's teeth. But nay, I decided to take the path less travelled and rather write about something else. Not about quake (/etc/passwd rocks :D /etc rulz :D ), not about juggling (you have learnt well young dasan), not about poker (no comments). One who is jobless enough to be frequenting my blog knows well of my rather trustworthy vehicle. My blue flatron bicycle. O

Anger Management

Just the other day I was quite taken aback by the sudden outburst from one of my friends, EP, when he retaliated rather forcefully to a friendly kick to the posterior by yours truly. It was surprising to see someone behaving so normally to suddenly snap albeit for a fleeting moment and do something which is not characteristic of their nature. Lately I have been fighting with people a lot. Sometimes over trivial matters. Sometimes over nontrivial matters. And its frightening 'cause I seem to just lose it for a moment. Anger overwhelming you leads to a feeling of helplessness which is quite difficult to explain because although there probably is a reason which pissed you off, heart of hearts no one wants to be a person with a short fuse. Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. I read that somewhere... "...Anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering..." So well said by Yoda. The problem with anger that for that particular moment it


Things have been quite busy as the transformation from the TV-watching, icecream gorging, sudoko-crossie-sudoko solving me to the busy, something-to-do-every-minute, footer-playing quake-addicted Helmet got underway during the previous week which rather uncoincedentally saw the reopening (finally) of college after nearly 3 months. I should say I have had a fabulous vacation and seeing that it could perhaps be the last holidays period of such an extended nature, it was something I can always look back to. Right from the beginning as we toiled over unfinished assignments left over as a result of a suspicious mixture of ignorance, don't-care-attitude and lethargy through the oft-repeated yet rarely understated Trilogy internship upto the last few weeks of mellowing at home.Fab. And as college began on the unceremonial bunking of almost all classes by ironically the professors (I guess we must give them a chance for once the semester is in full flow, we all know who will be doing the