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So the month of May has passed and few events come to mind to relate ... First of all, my family has started communicating on the net,that is through mails and though the concept was inviting at first it is going to get irritating .I hope my silence will end that concept. Moving on to more important things, Allu, our cat of nearly 6 years , passed away today.She was supposedly attacked by 4 other cats and succumbed to injuries.However it is to be noted that Allu was indeed the most loyal of cats.She was pregnant a few times but only one of her kittens survived .She was a very friendly cat and though beset by an early partial loss of sight in both eyes, she was always playful and energetic.She always was a humans cat and resembled a dog in most aspects , be it in sitting with the family or guarding the gate.She will be greatly missed.She is survived by her brother Shambu and son Zebu.Her death comes as a shock to one an all.Uma is most clearly the most affected.May her soul rest i
Quite a wierd thing happened yday.Not wierd as in "yeew, gross" kinda wierd. More like "Oh my...this is stange". What was the wierd thing? Well...I started reading a book again. To most normal human beings, this would be quite a letdown.Wierd ,he says, Bah Humbug. Yet for a guy whose reading appetite is quite like the mating habits of a infrequent one-night-stander.Very infrequent.However crazy that simile may sound I think it is a most suitable and apt description of my reading habits. Most of the books I read when I realise I'm not reading enough. This notion comes and goes, and recently I had it once in the hostel and once yesterday.Thats all the books I ahve read this year.So you can understand how the very infrequently part fits.That book was 11 minutes by someone whose name I forget about a Brazilian girl who ends up in Switzerland as a nightclub;wait why am I doing this...Anyways this book is as crazy ,about some LOTR level storyline and a sorta moc
Before I forget, I am most probably not writing a blog about my trip, coz after much nocturnal analysis I realised all I was going to say is that I totally missed not being able to go up to girls I saw there and talking for the only reason being I was with family.Apart from that the trip was good but already I seem to be fascinating bout the trips I would go not exactly alone... And remember this...first time I ate nonveg that I know of- on board the flight whne I ate chicken inadvertently...God that thing stinks.(No offence to anyone). And most movies seen per unit time --- 4 in approximately 11 hrs. And...too many Ands...most shades bought per trip --- 1+1+3 (first one from home, next one alone and next 3 as a group for me,Anjana and Amma). Thats it? Yes ...And thats it...
Last night as I lay in bed, I thought to myself what to do... coz these days it takes me a while to sleep...I just lay in bed,thoughts aplenty, unable to reach that envied bliss of a state that is sleep.I go to sleep finally though and I sleep well , almost 9-10 hours. Back in college its more like 6-7 but then its fine anyways. A thought occured that I ought to blog my thoughts more, coz they seemed interesting. Atleast to me they do. Hence from now on, rather than blog day-to-day events, I am going to blog essays...but then knowing me, this wont happen. Yday wrote a mail to Sunset Lounge after a long time and sorta agreed to trip to Bang... dont know whether I will finally go or not. Chatted a brief while with Evgenia, and more interestingly with Murali, who is in Bang with Azule.(Internship) Have decided to start archiving messgaes in Yahoo again coz you never know when it can be an interesting one...Later then...
After some time..quite some time I have returned though but to write a few words. The trip to London/Switzerland was good though it was interesting is a debatable question.I hope to blog on the trip after reading Anjanas diary(with her permission ) this time.
Its going to be sometime till I blog again coz Ill be out of town for some time now( nearly 2 weeks).Off to Europe then... Hastalavista Everybody...
So, after much fight putting , I gave up on my attempt to include comments. So yesterday was quite a chat reunion for me.first Tara,then the 12b junta of B and madhu, then Bharat and finally Evgenia.Currrently Im chatting with Sathya and thats about all the information I can provide. Apart from this I saw Freaky Friday...yes yes enough freakiness on my part to see it ;though the female lead was quite the good looking one.Or perhaps im not seeing enough movies...Or perhaps...I may just have to overturn my decision about that Indian wife...(reminds himself about that dream he once had)...lets see how life turns out... At the moment Im quite hellbent on finishing my studies in India itself;but then nobody is prepared to believe me...that disbelief might itself be paradoxically , actually ironically, cause me to revert my decision. One more important thing, I finally won a Civ 3 game though it was a Diplomatc victory and I was dubbed Gandhi the was a relief to finis
Just to see if my changes have been incorprated(spelling must improve coz I cant spell while typing)
Great changes to Will take some time to o through all of the available features and using the neccessary ones. Will blog after some more feature surfing
So I see its been a while since my last blog (unike in DCF where its dificult to see ur last blog, in my comp I can see the last 5).Be bak in a moment,chattin with Amit. So anyways, big time addiction to Civilisation 3;but then I did it was moer of a complex to be good at the game coz the fist 2 times I played I really sucked.Be back in a sec;so as I was saying I suppose thats a quality of any human being-he has to be good in anything he tries;or is it just me? So its 2 days left til we leave fr London-Switzerland trip and after a long time ,I'm actually quite excited bout a trip... til later bis bald
As I sitn my DCF,thoughts racing in the everactive mind of mine, one thing strikes me odd in the whole setup(that apart from the overusage of the word incest;which I am slowly beginning to detest and abhor and remind me not to talk like a I-know-English-so-ill-use-it-dumbfuck) is that somehow or the other I tend to get bored... but as Ive told Tota(Rahul da) and probably many others this is the kind of boredom which I yearn for ,the best bliss bettering even ignorance(which I feel is a poor proverb btw...though thinking bout it sometimes it is ture(wrt Ignorance is bliss)) Anyways I contacted Adrian Kugel for some doubts and he seems a nice guy...I have baited the last mail telling him hes a God..lets see his response... Cant wait to start doing nothing Loving the song being played here(faintly in the background one can hear Pehla Nasha). Suddenly can feel enthu surging in the body to do changes to site. btw today was also the day my cycle lost its stand...please ask...wont
In continuation of yesterdays post,I am feeling more and more like I want to post But as I near the posting time I somehow tend to pack it....just goes to prove my belief in my maxim-Why put off something til tommorrow when you can put it off til the day after...( ah the memories) Anyways, I got hajjar wet yesterday and today as I roamed the insti(and outside) with no protection ) in the rain.Got a treat in Shakes for al LitSoc winners...Was a great experience....especially the getting wet part.....(drenched I mean totally totally wet). And today was c slot submission in which our program did not work but stil we got 19/20.And also I generally took part in uva competition and did 3 problems...Woohoo...
Can you believe it...the last time I wrote was April 17...that could only mean one thing...I am becoming hajjar giveup... Anyways, a very very quick recap of the things that took place...actually I would rather want a big recap but for lack of time and memory(on my part,especially the latter), I am trying to be concise. My endsems began on 26th and has been a formal rape and pain in the ass...Apart from this ,the time has also been a time to regret things I have and havenot done.This happened just this weekend but thats how it is for human beings.We remember only the latest events in our life and tend to forget things;be it small yet memorable things; Coincidentally thats one of my biggest regrets,not having writtena journal/diary or atleast a blog of my life.I have but a year of my life on paper which is the time i was in eight(which makes excellent reading may I add).But I am rather envious of my sister who has been far more consistent...(I also regret reading a part of h