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Ghosts !?!

It was a normal enough saturday. Weekends for a Trilogy intern usually means something cool to do and today wasnt an exception. In fact today was the much-hyped Mentor-Interns football match. (By much-hyped I mean known to all mentors and interns and the HR incharges; Clearly I need to find myself a better PR guy :P) . Us interns were confident of a victory and were much encouraged by the customised football jerseys we had designed for ourselves with a totally awesome punchline " Thou shall kick butt ". We were even more 'kicked' when we heard that atleast three mentors will not be able to make it and like true sportsmen we would play with the three man advantage and easily win the match. Well, thats what we thought... In some desolate footer ground away from civilization the match was to begin. Many strategies were suggested until finally one of us decided "Just play somewhere". Brilliant. Ancelloti will die and turn in his grave. In any case that what wa

A Saint and his Bubblygoofing Friends in Hyderabad

Quite difficult to imagine that it could actually happen. A meeting of the 6, the illustrious sextet, referred to by the masses as the 4th wing gumbal. Needless to say it turns out it did happen and even more needless to say, it was a blast! The meeting was chalked up and tickets were booked. Plans were made and remade. Certain wellwishers tried to convince yours truly to even indulge in such blasphemous activities as consumption of alcohol. But a Saint never gives in to temptation (unless he wants to , of course. But He didnt). Who the fuck is the Saint? Please no obscenities. Not good for your karma and nirvana and stuff like that. By the way, the Saint : its me. Sanjeev Sanjeev Vaidyanathan Sanjeev Helmet Vaidyanathan Sanjeev Helmet Pirlo Vaidyanathan Saint Sanjeev Helmet Pirlo Vaidyanathan That's me. Right after the rain dance of but a week ago, which would by itself would make an entertaining post , what with so much water and booze and food and dance and babes ;). I dont

So difficult

Why is it so difficult? What is this unqualified 'it' you ask?Anything and everything.. Why is it so difficult to feel so alone with so many people around you? Why is it as difficult to have your privacy ostensibly trespassed by strangers? Why is it so difficult to convince others that you are correct? Why is it as difficult to let others convince you that you are wrong? Why is it so difficult to spend a continuous hour looking at the star studded sky? Why is it as difficult to spend a continuous hour trying to concentrate on your work? Why is it so difficult to make a resolution that you can keep? Why is it MORE difficult to keep a resolution that you make? Why is it so difficult not to nod at someone who is making a presentation and just asked a rhetorical questions? Why is it as difficult to contain your laughter at the way the same person is presenting his work? Why is it so difficult to say hi to someone you dont know or havent met in a long while? Why is it

Just Chill Chill Just Chill

Guess some hindi songs are still bearable. Some are quite good infact, for example the song "Dus Bahene" and the aforementioned song with the same name as the topic. Thankfully for you,me and all the people who I cant describe in better words, this post is not about songs. Its about... (drumrolls) (sufficient throat clearing) Thota and me Whoever said "Third time's the charm" clearly didnt know that Thota and I exist. Act 1 Scene 1 (I always wanted to do this, but heck who has the patience) A crowded shopping mall appropriately called Forum. This place is one amazing place for anything you want to do : eat, shop, see movies and umm, anything else you consider worthy spending your time on. Well needless to say it was been the site of many a rendezvous, already, in the short time I've been here. The incident in question was the second or third time for me there. I was supposed to meet up with Thota to watch some movie which eventually we didnt go to.

What maketh a man?

Reading maketh a full man and writing an exact man. So said someone. But thats not what was thinking about. Quite different in fact. What maketh a man? Is it the man or the men around him? Sounds rather trivial... clearly its the man you say. But surely, as it did it with me after I first reflected on this rather philosophical question, one would be rather unsure. The same feeling as you get when you look at a true/false question whose contents you're vaguely familiar with and you're inclined towards one of the choices but not confident enough. Thank you PH101,PH102 and PH103 for the apt parallels you have provided. So, for ye in support of the Man and pooh-pooh my ostensibly weak attempt claiming that it is but the man who makes the men around him, I say cease and desist, O ignorant one. For do you not see the recursive way that the human soceity works. Do you not see that which is so blatantly obvious to one even as naive to the workings of Man as myself that most of the ti