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Machan...give up much time since I have last blogged...I can hardly believe my own eyes when I saw that its been 2 weeks since I last wrote... Damn... Anyways...quick recap... So about that booze party, I did go forward and try it and had 3 pegs...(sounding so professional);junta claim I was high and all, but I think more or less I was under control. Apart from that recent events include 1)Sunday 11-Hostel nite:(theme -70's)-okay types.Highlight was my performance as a female and also the inexperience in handling boobs which led to funny scenes.(I was literally holding it up on stage with my hands).One guy,think twas Rami who said that one point of time I had let go of it and I looked pregnant...;) 2)Wednesday -LitSoc crossie--- SECOND...i know i boast too much but then it is an accomplishment 3)Thursday - DCF UPS cups and no DCF for atleast a week .Nari assignment postponed til 3 May... Other notable events include 3-a-side Baski cuppigs,Zulu
There is a lingering doubt in my mind... While giving a treat to my 6th wing seniors,they have asked me to join in on...and in the moment I said ok.But now I am not so sure coz of mainly 2 things-- 1)I have to go home tmrow and hence slesha risky 2)Bhindi and Dhanno said no Now I am in 2 minds-- whether to go ahead or not.Basically my only concern is I want to try it somne day or the other and I suppose it is now as good as ever.(Pardon my english, I am slightly unsure of whats going on). anyways all for the better...hope to blog on a better frame of mind next time around... last opinion b4 i end---I most probably will do it....