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Yes the fact that the title of this post is Title is actually a bit of humour.And for want of a better title. Situation:Helmet has been thinking for some time. He usually thinks about nothing in particular but his train of thoughts usually end up with something (aha). And what follows is the stuff you read in his posts. Wait, why this explanation? Because he thinks he has nothing to write about.Hmmm.... There are some people who are so predictable.They never surprise you.Then there are some people who surprise you sometimes.They behave in a strange way, good or bad which you find atypical of them.And then there are some people who surprise you always... Predictable people I know in large numbers. The kind of people who arent necessarily not interesting (double negation funda; reread) , but just that you can count on them doing something with a really high probability.Good people to have as lab partners… The people who surprise you always are a select breed. Brief

Ergo Ego

This post is being written rather hastily due to one specific reason. I shall reveal the same shortly. Sometimes when I sit in class I come up with rather amusing questions.Like say, how much time would it take to rocket jump from the bottom of the LHC to the 2nd floor or why some people write the letter 'o' clockwise while others go counterclockwise or is there any optimal solution to the tic-tac-toe problem. But once in a way, I also come up with a profound question.One which is worthy of much reflection and discussion. So a few days back, I was sitting in class, when I asked myself "How did ego originate?". The concept of doing something to satisfy one's ego is quite common . But was is the basis for this? Why does man need an ego? What does ego do to elevate a person? Corrollarily, how does one know what "satisfies" one's ego and what "dissatisfies" it? For the record, I was in no altered state while thinking the above. Nor am I an i

Slip Slidin' Away

There are times in your life when you wake up , still lieing down on the bed, and think about things. Things that have been ,things that are to come. The days gone by and the days to come. So today I woke up in such a state.And I thought to myself "Shit,life is awesome." At almost the same moment a thought struck me. "When was it that I thought Ill start studying? Hmm 18th? Thats ...ahhh..2 days AGO? .....And wasnt there some assignment Shyamnath has been paining me about? " I almost jump out of bed. The truth is I am very prone to such psyche-attacks. Though they last but a hour at most (after which Im back to doing something else), I start planning vigorously .What to do , when to do, how to do. Needless to say, nothing falls in place.But the planning keeps me more at peace and sane.More or less. So more about my nefarious activities since Friday. Remarkably , I attended all classes on Friday including the Pass/Fail course which I hadnt attended for a week. (The

This is me now, that is me then

I always thought my english was decent.Arre what the hell, I always thought my english was good.Pseud.:P.I know using large words often at wrong times to convey the wrong meaning is hardly impressive but then I just always thought.But times are fast changing and with it so is my control over the language. Take for instance a conversation with Zulu.Somewhere down the line I make the arbit statement , "Ya da he is a black horse".!!!!.Worsht.Zulu smiles and replies "Dark horse".I look at him and realise the unbelievable words which had emerged from my mouth. And I knew I had reached the nadir of my english-speaking-life when I sat down to write an IP.Fete IP.Narmad junta can later go and check this one out.:P.BAsically there was a line I was trying to complete, something about not having enough time.So it went something like "... but I think we are cutting it ...".I bulbed.I forgot the usage "cutting it fine".I thought of all the adjecties that

Late nights

My friend Neo recently wrote a nice post on the beauty of the night.I have to agree.Maybe I ain't as nocturnal as say Neo or Thota but I am atleast sleisha nocturnal.And the night is beautiful.Serene and thought-inspiring.Inspiring enough to write a post anyways. All non quake junta may skip upto the next italics comment.The following paras deal with quake fundaes and unless you're so jobless that you'd read anything to pass your time or you're so impressed by my writing that you're you'll enjoy it (a guy can try can't he :P) or maybe both, I suggest you do the sensible thing and pack it. So Helmet had a sudden enthu to prove a point to all his fellow quakers.It is a well-known fact that yours truly isnt a quake stud or anywhere near that for that matter.But he tried anyways.Defrag - sjt2. Something Im sure I would have not been able to do last sem.And after 2 hours of fight from 2-4 on friday, he did it.And that too in 7.7 seconds.Machi so happy was I.I

Of Punctures and why I love them

Im talking about small holes in tyres caused due to thorns ,pieces of glass or anything else capable of making small holes in tyres.And in IIT there are a lot of such things ergo a lot of punctures.But as any optimist sees the cup half full, I see the puncture as an oppurtunity for a delightful experience. Crazy fool.Obsessed with punctures.Wants his cycle to be punctured.His brain must be that. Ok Ok.Gimme a chance to explain.It'll be good.I promise.I hope... So my cycle has been very good to me.Takes me wherever I want to go.I mean no major design flaws.Reasonably comfortable.And it has this really pseud tends to get punctured once in 2 months.Consistently.Mostly the back wheel but this time its the front one.And it remains unused for some 1-2 weeks til its owner aka yours truly decides it time to fix it. So whenever my cycle decides to take a rest, its time to walk to class.A time to enjoy the scenery as you exercise the legs in those delightful trips t

With friends like this...

Forget the title for some time, back to that soon enough.First things first. There are just some days which seem to vanish into thin air: there one moment gone the next.Sunday was like that. [Thinks hard to realise what he actually did that day] Ok so in the morning I saw this totally surrealist movie named Mulholland Drive.I thought the name struck a chord when I first saw it but apparently nothing could have prepared me for the actual movie.Man, I was waiting for it to explain something.Anything.But I was left bulbing even at the very end.Had to google it to understand some parts; gave up on fully understanding it.Also learnt that it has same director as another equally enigmatic and crazy movie, the Lost Highway. Recommended for all pseud junta who want to show off that they have seen the most ununderstandable movie ever.(Even worse than Magnolia) Later on the day I played some bridge to brush up on old fundaes seeing that interhostels is coming up.(Supposed to be today ;thank

Smorgasbord of thoughts

Sometimes when I have nothing to do I begin to just think.You know, just think.About anything.From there on thoughts drift.From one topic to another I begin to reflect and dream about various things. Take for instance poetry.After seeing Dead Poets Society (old movie : good movie) I decided I shall start reading more poetry.I kept it up for max 2 days. (By now someone who knows me well should have guessed that).But that isnt the point.Helmet realised he has written poems of his own.In the past.On his comp.Why? I seriously don't know.When? Again, ich weiss nicht.How? If they are accepted as poems once again I cannot see how. So he talks so much being able to write poems.Maybe all he wrote was The cat sat on a mat eating a rat . All hooey-pooey if you ask me. Fear not I shall reveal these pieces of crap to you: Untitled Poem #1 I was walking down the road Without a care in the world When a man walked up to me And to me my face he told "Life is Wonderful,

O Captain! My Captain!

Highly useless title for this post.Anyways, this post is dedicated to a captain-like figure , we shall call him Tyro (the T pronounced as a D).This post is unique because it has been penned by a concerned collegegoer who after attending Mr Tyro's (a bigshot in his college) meeting today uses my blog to convey his message to the respected man.Any information read here may not be used in any court of law or for equivalent judicial purposes. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Respected Tyro, I am amazed.At your naiveness Sire, at your naiveness.To think that the citizens of IIT are as opposed to vices as you perceive, seems a remarkable achievement.And I am amazed.By your relentlessness.To make a system as complicated and established as the one here a more idyllic place.And finally I am amazed by your ideas.Your ideas while sounding very interesting and genuine lack a certain thing.That is the truth. Lets start with the teacher-student underst