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Magnificent are the thundering antlers of the mysterious stag Oats and barley, golden fields, invigorating too Rare be such beauty, admire, that man dares to Ere you speak, take time to read every letter, every word Lest jest sometimes makes peacocks of a macaw Even maelstrom or tempest occasionally looks lo Fruits no longer edible directly; what are they best for To eat or excite, to feel or delight?! ok “Leave! Now! “, I bellowed at the gorgeous blonde in front of me, as I forced her into a taxi. She looked at me with large innocent brown eyes, searching for some semblance of pardon, love or even hope. She had been forgiven. I think. But I had never loved her. I think. And there was no hope for her. I think. “Your mouth speaks a language unintelligible to your heart. You don’t actually want me to leave, do you?” she questioned, raising her eyebrows and smirking simultaneously. I sneered. “I don’t care for you; I never did. I just used you. Like everyone else”, I lied. She could


Won't you forget about me? For the ignorant, that's from the soundtrack of an amusing movie I happened to see last night. Breakfast Club . Lovely movie. Like Syriana, which also I watched (albeit for the second time) yesterday. I had planned to get my final report done or the No Dues process started. Safe to say neither task got done and hence procrastinated to today. So much of work to do, and I actually feel sleepy and bored. Sleepy but not sleepworthy sleepy. Its complicated. "I knew that I wanted to do my best. In the extreme weather conditions, I kept my nerves to get the quota. " Thus spake Rathore, the double trapper. Unfortunately, I happened to just read the last part and assume he too is voicing his opinion on the current reservation typhoon hitting our country. Baboons we have in New Delhi running the operations. Thank God for some intelligent souls like Narayana Murthy . I am strongly against the reservation system using castes. I am strongly for re

C'est la vie

I was sitting in my home listening to CDs of my father's college reunion music, so basically the 70s. I was amazed. For the songs weren't obscure esoteric songs long forgotten by time. Nay. They were in fact the very songs I have been listening to these 4 years at IIT. Come Together (Beatles), Have You Ever Seen The Rain (CCR), Smoke Over Water (Deep Purple), Imagine (John Lennon), Annie's Song (John Denver) and other such wonderous songs. Again, and again. Has music not transgressed the Rocking Seventies? Sure, there have been other bands (Read Cold Play) who have made their mark since three decades ago but nothing to the tune of the classics. I suppose, for me, ever since I was introduced to Simon & Garfunkel, ever so long ago, there was no looking back. Or maybe, this is more an endemic thing. To the insti. For once I was asked a question pertaining to my musical tastes. I was asked as well as B (Cummander B). Both of us had answers which revolved around bands at