Won't you forget about me? For the ignorant, that's from the soundtrack of an amusing movie I happened to see last night. Breakfast Club. Lovely movie. Like Syriana, which also I watched (albeit for the second time) yesterday.

I had planned to get my final report done or the No Dues process started. Safe to say neither task got done and hence procrastinated to today. So much of work to do, and I actually feel sleepy and bored. Sleepy but not sleepworthy sleepy. Its complicated.

"I knew that I wanted to do my best. In the extreme weather conditions, I kept my nerves to get the quota. " Thus spake Rathore, the double trapper. Unfortunately, I happened to just read the last part and assume he too is voicing his opinion on the current reservation typhoon hitting our country. Baboons we have in New Delhi running the operations. Thank God for some intelligent souls like Narayana Murthy.

I am strongly against the reservation system using castes. I am strongly for reservation based on economic status. Apparently there are things called creamy layer limitations that ought to be applied. Jargon picked up from Mom. Much apologies.

Talking about jargon, I was asked to read this story from a book whose name went something like "Like Father, Like Son" or something. The actual name refuses to remember itself. Anyways, from this collection of short stories, there is one in which a father character insists on entertaining himself by only involving in conversations using obscure and rather clumsy words. Like gloaming. And felicitations. And panoply. And he does so only when with his family because he lives an otherwise insipid life treating sore bones. Clearly, some draw a parallel between me and him. Hmph.

In the midst of serious GMAT preparation (read 3 days... :P), I chanced upon a brilliant thought. Heard of the game Cows and Bulls? If you haven't you should google it or look it up in Wikipedia. Which parallel universe are you from!!?! I was thinking about the game, when I realised how (and why) Cows stand for what they stand for (insecurity, unreliability and uncertainty) vs what Bulls stand for (definiteness, exactness and confidence, may be even certitude). Not getting the bigger picture? Female vs Male? Yes? No? Whatever.

Unless you are blind, or rather not believe in visual proof, or both (or perhaps you are a bat?), you might have realised that I am using links. Woohoo. No reason. Just looks nice.

That reminds me. (How?) My Viva got done sometime last week. A trivial affair it turned out to be. Apart from a couple of laughs. Like the time when one guy making a simulation of robotic learning made use of sonars and was asked why the physical representation wasn't a radar. Or how one guy talked a la Politician garnering votes for his party ishtyle. Yes yes, all very situational comedy. Pity.

So much to do today. I should be sleeping and resting for the big day of No Duesing. Tsk tsk.


tangled said…
more esoteric by the day :)
Anonymous said…
Cow, Bull .... Bullshit ???
Anonymous said…
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