First day. Decided to watch the likes of Fart Box, KD and Nitya play football in the quadrangle. Sat down. A quarter hour later, the seniors join me for what was then going to be my first introduction session. Fortunately or otherwise, an addled Approx, also enters the discussion of his own free will. Of course, back then he didn’t know that he would be given such a name. I was given a short lived nick name which is better left to the imagination.

Night and room number 268 has all its three residents settling in for their first night in the institute when an abrupt knock disturbs them. Opening the door, reveals none other than Torso, also not yet privy to his nick. Torso pleads to spend the night in our room since none of his roommates had turned up. We concede to his request. Torso, as infamous as he is now, spends his first ever night, sleeping on two tables.

Some nights later, in the company of many esteemed seniors, am in the 5th wing. Many things transpire. Helmet is born. Christened Helmet Top, it reduces to a much more respectable first name alone in due course of time.

Helmet learns about the practice of appreciating one’s achievements or activities through the process of connecting one’s behind and another’s foot.

Muddu is enlightened to the ways of the world, by his roommate Ramani.

OS is banned from the 7th wing and whenever this prohibition is broken, Pimp is chastised with numerous kicks to his posterior.

PD humours the wing with his unique knowledge which is quickly dubbed the Swamy Rapeananda series. Even seniors are not spared as Santa soon learns how to do things he never would have even imagined. All from PD.

PD vs OS. Man.

Satya and KS. What a lovely couple. Romantic moonlit walks. Endless conversations. Dropping CGPAs.

Muddu gets psyched by our wing or attracted to the inherent geekiness of the 8th wing. Gets adopted above and is banished from below.

Rami, the most eligible bachelor of our hostel. Only computer of the wing. Mortal Kombat.

CC’s obsession with the CC. Then his subsequent carroms fetish.

Nana and Pimp. The love story of the wing.

Approx’s weeklong nightout for every set of quizzes. His subsequent branch change from Aerospace to Mechanical.

Nana crashing in his room and not waking up to repeated knocking and much noise. Finally awakened by splashing water through holes in the wall.

My first cell phone. Previously had to walk to the PCO booth in Gurunath to make calls and later to the hostel entrance to answer calls from home. Thank God for cell phones.

Muddu’s call from “Sushil”. His long 4 minute telephonic meeting and then his recounting the same to me. His couple of minutes before realizing I was “Sushil”.

Bulb’s call from Workshop claiming his book had gone missing and another copy was needed to put a grade. Bulb almost got started on the job. Approx informs Bulb in time.

NSO Basketball! Those fun morning sessions to which I attribute much of my weight loss.

Bunking my first Shaastra. Goes neglected for the next couple of years.

Torso’s birthday and his cake. The blood clot that ensued after the many greetings we showered on him.

Mess food! To which I attribute the remaining part of the weight loss. But, herein begins my passion for eating multiple ice creams daily.

Night canteen! Yummy! Damn the Dean for taking away all that is fun.

The time when all my possessions were packed into my suitcase and the lock changed. The whole wing knew except me. And I thought Chunni was trying to help me open the lock. Realized later he knew to pick locks well.

Gult songs from Lingo’s stereo. He was my roommate. Subconsciously kindled my desire and drive to learn the language.

Trip to Bombay for Aditya Birla Finals. Movie Twister with TenG. Spent the night together. :P.

My first Saarang as Catering volunteer. Everyone who comes to Saarang needs to eat. Late night maggi for free. Sleep at 5 and wake up at 7.

** (Late recollection) Hardy being introed by Cyber, the swimmer and volley player. Cyber showing pictures to Hardy and Hardy getting disgusted and walking away. Cyber is dumbstruck and literally begs Hardy not to complain (with folded hands). Hardy nods as is natural of him. And obviously, it was just before the situation that he was nicked Hardy.

One of the only three times I have gone to the Institute library. Went to get my duplicate ID card having lost the original.

Vamshi and Badri. The first Crossie couple.

Kabi who enters our wing, leaving the sheltered 8th wing, and gets assaulted in the name of all that is holy and just. Kabi enjoys the hospitality of a hospital.

KVK, Nitya and their wing.

My first football game. My inability to do anything but scoop the ball. Relentless enthusiasm.

Mallu and his strong, strong legs. And his liking of Torso.

My sprain after stepping on a basketball. Eventually hurting my ankle even further after I kick the ball with the injured leg.

Eric. My first Saarang coordinator! Along with Frenchie and DDT from Godav. Frenchie’s bike and his girl. Their promise of a party.

Sparams! 111. Fundaes God.

Pollock! 249. First known literary stud.

F_ckita and Manu and the rest of that 1st wing. Baby, also known as, Mad Eminem later on when the quaking was in full spree. Ramsubs and his quirky ways.

Ass Ravi and his room. His wisdom. His computer. His memory. His computer’s memory.

Bluff!!! Amazing cards game. Especially when more than 10 people play it at the same time.

Great guys. Great seniors. Great friends. Great memories.

First year!!! Awesome time.


senti said…
lovely post!some of the best memories for anybody to take from IIT.
Anonymous said…
No comments!
Anonymous said…
blessed da, you are!! many memories, so many friends! all i remember of first year is basava, motu, CC, the carrom room, 7th wing junta, sushil incident, torso's 7/40 in phy2, kabi bumps and the hostel night toasts. anyway compensating 8th sem are going on :). enjoy!
sriganesh said…
Every line of your post got me thinking about an equivalent in my first year. Nice post....
sunith reddy said…
seriously with the 8th sem coming to an end..nostalgia does kick in big time!!!!
Anonymous said…
awesome blog da... there are just somethigns i can think of that you may have forgotten c if u can come up with a second follow up blog
u forgot sherry and the third wing paining vishal
then vishal pukeing and packing mess
srinivas mohan and his desponess
ramani and his eccentricity
PD and adarsh in the same room
PD and his lakshmi bala fetish
dog with his ever smiling face
satya and his fundaes abt girls
bulb being in 7 and a quarter wing
we trying to piss on u r bed
the time i cried coz gauta,m and approx did not let me muc
Nilambar said…
dude u forget very little!! ... great documentation :) ... and yea ... take torso's help if u wanna remember the shady stuff :)
abi said…
I am kicking myself for not having written a journal of these 4 years in IIT. Very few things, I remember. Poh! Nice that you remember so much!
San said…
@senti: Thanks da! They sure are :)

@anon: What the!?!

@cc: As you told me today, you too will have memories albeit your version of the entire story! And yeah, me totally forgot hostel night toasts! lol... and sood 8th sem, agreed ;)

@goda: I am sure Jam had many more incidents :P

@sunith: nostalgia is gonna set in big time after hostel night man!

@torso: wow... too much da! lol!

@chunni: lol, agreed. But first year at Saras is something hard to forget... >:D<

@kabi: not true... put your mind to it... I'm sure you'll remember more than just the hospi bed :)) though seriously that was unforgettable! (esp Torso getting applauded by wardy part)
Blunt said…
Sexy post man!! Really good...loved it
satya said…
what can i say?
i am not credited with a good memory by friends - but I know what I went thro the first year ..

yes, moonlight .. err .. walk - and dropping CGs -
I will never forget the four years ..

my memoirs coming up!!!!
again inspired by thou ...
Anonymous said…
Simply pseud :)
San said…
@blunt: Thanks man... am sure you had similar memories ;)

@babe: can't wait to hear the "true stories".... and wtf did you mean by "moonlit, err, walks"?

@hardy: totally! pseud time we had!!
Gayatri said…
nice stuff.. though i couldn't understand too much about the incidents described.. so can we expect one such post for 2nd, 3rd and 4th years??
pisku said…
Ah!! I totally connect to this post. Exactly what I felt last year. Guess u've read my series on this too.. Go on dude..I'm waiting for more.
vineet punnoose said…
nice post da...i actually got senti reading it
Anonymous said…
finally read it. great work da, dint remember so much, guess i shud sit back and think too
Anonymous said…
You forgot one thing: You got humped by a drunk torso once when he mistook you to be a whore
Anonymous said…
Where did you find it? Interesting read »
victor louis said…
Yet another Saraang beckons with the old title and new expectations. (hope I can see new pretty girls this year). Day zero is completely boring .even the hot sun had a small nap during the post lunch session (me toooooooo).
But as usual the subsequent days didn’t let the audience down and the event is extravagantly fanciful.
For those who missed it catch the entire funny episode of the Saarang in
victor louis said…
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