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A week !?! *whoosh*

I pride myself in maintaining a blog which more or less is updated enough number of times albeit the posts bordering on a triple point of insanity, stupidity and thankfully some mediocrity (the only sane part).Alas I realise now that the ironically , during the holidays I am unable to keep up with myself.The pain , The pain of it all... On a less theatrical note I am unable to actually give a reason for not updating my blog.I have been online atleast once in two days though it is usually to check the 50 odd mails of sheer idiocy and spamming which the tamgumbal churns out .Very enjoyable affair especially mail converasations such as Kabi : dont spam da Kabi : please dont spam da Satya : you stop da Me : Shut up Satya Arunachalam : Ya Satya shut up Kabi : Junta dont spam Ramk : Dei ovara irruke Me : ok Hardy : ok Arunachalam : ok Satya : Dont pain da Me : ok Hardy : ok Arunachalam : ok ... ad nauseum Its fun and it requires no activity from the brain...apart from

To Meg With Love

From forever there has been one actress on whom Ive had a crush.Its not as much a crush as a feeling of warmth on seeing the person albeit only on screen.A feeling of ah-there-she-is-,-there-she-is.That person is the beautiful Meg Ryan.Ok so she may not be the sexy babe or the hot chick, but Meg is what I would term unbelievably attractive.And I know some of my friends agree with me... And during the semester which faded away into the abyss but 2 weeks ago, I had gotten hold of a Meg classic, The City Of Angels.Alas I was half way through the movie when I realised the file was corrupt and it just stopped playing.I was distraught and tried in vain to get the movie somewhere else. Finally I got to see the film the day before yesterday.the movie was good though not great.But Meg was fabulous.And I am finally happy. ------------------------------- (Rereads the above lines) (Struck by terror, sheer terror) Damn I sound like a hopeless romantic.(!).But it is Meg Ryan.., --

Nothing in particular

Its been a long time since I just wrote a post about nothing in particular.A post which comes from the mind, the heart and your soul, from the sheer nonsense that your existence thrives on and from the inexplicable neural signals which permeate your brain giving rise to the random thoughts and feelings that make you who you are... What about poker? Having watched a few "Poker Tour Finals" on tv (shows my level of joblessness) I somehow have come to like this game a lot.Unlike many other games and sports I think poker is also based not only on skill and practice (believe me it is still based on the former two) but also on the enigmatic thing called Luck.Lady Luck.The one thing scientists prefer to count as beyond their realm and mathematicians can but put a bound on.Thats the one thing nobody in this planet has successfully been able to control or even explain to a degree of satisfaction.And yet luck ,be it good or bad, seems to be behind some of the greatest things in the

And then there were none

(Act 1 scene 1) Many many years ago there was a IITian.He was on the threshold of a new semester, the fifth semester.A dreaded semester he was told.A semester filled with dark and deadly courses all of which had potentially fatal tasks which were innocently termed "assignments".Alas someone forgot to remind the protogonist of this blog that assignments are best nipped in the bud.He chose to let them grow... ... (Act 999 Scene 1) We join the hero feverishly working away on his beastly assignments.As he looked around the aircondtioned dungeon where the apparatus to perform the tasks were found, aka DCF, he realised he was alone.Alone in the cold and poorly lit room.(The room wasnt poorly lit ;but saying it was brightly lit doesnt suit too well with the situation).Sadly it wasnt that the other valiant characters of his branch had finished their work; they just found it simpler to work in their abodes. (Act ? Scene ?) Enough of this childish crap.What I am trying to

Finally the terror spell ends

The terror of fifth semester is now behind me.Atleast mostly.When God created the Comp Sc department he made it too peaceful.Having realised his own folly, he added a simple yet painful component since he wanted to make life a little less peaceful for these deserving souls.Alas he added the assignments. ASSignments.And how many ... Without realising the true difficulty of the situation or perhaps realising it and deciding that procastination is the only solution, all the Herculeans Tasks were rescheduled for after the exams.Ergo the deadlines are next week(2 days is the earliest one).The assignments are to be begun... Waving a hand or wishing the work away doesnt help, but for today I decided to ostracise myself from the plethora of progrmming which lays in front of me.Perhaps tommorrow I may rue this decision but then today I want to just peace out.So far peace out => Quake, movies, Quake, doing nothing, Quake ,etc. Before I forget , there is one thing I wanted to blog about

No titles today

Is there noone to comfort me in my hour of need? Physics the bane of the world proved itself indeed, The pain and the torture are multiplied 10 times over, Like the agony of getting dumped by your lover. Alas for the AI folk, they have to start mugging as if this was all a joke, But for the rest of us given up souls We have to find some place to dig our holes. I see no light at the end of the path, I shall stop before there's too much fart But then the final deathblow remains, When we look for the grades next to our names No other time has an alphabet been so important, But then I ask, is it really that significant, For life goes on ,relentless and eternal So we must put this behind us and say "Arre, chal..."