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50% done ...actually more than that

Ok so I said I wouldnt use titles.I just felt a title would be appropriate today. Now that 4/6 of my exams are through, I feel more relaxed.Tis another fact that I havent done my end sems even close to how I wanted to do, but then whats done is done. On a sudden whim I went home friday and thats probably the reason why I couldnt blog during the weekend.I was Sunday but the C slot portions was so intimidating that I restrained from blogging.Not that anything much happened.B slot, ANN and C slot have all reared their ugly heads and have been fought off in a less than impressive fashion.Physics the bane of the world and OR the unpredictable remain to be vanquished. Sanjeev the Noble and his partner-in-mind Helmet the Pseud shall rise to the challenge once again.But only after Helmet the Pseud enjoys some free time and Sanjeev the Noble relaxes in blissful glory. The irony in the story is , the real work begins only after the endsems finish coz the assignments which our branch

I said no titles

Whats wrong with me??? I have an insatiable urge to blog at the most unusual times .For example when I have a rape level exam tommorrow studying for which is as useless as ... as useless as... the most useless thing (I am not as creative as I thought :( ).Anyways I just was thinking about my current obsessions with some Tamil songs. Currently I listen to only 2 songs (atleast for 2 days now).As in only the same two songs played over and over.Why? Thats my question too.Basically I think that last year I got to listen to zuck Tam music .Make that zuck music.Coz back then I didnt use my comp as an enterntainment device (I didnt use my laptop much) and my music sources (FM,MTV,etc) were being rudely ignored for lack of time mostly. Anyways so all that music drought has made me get addicted to whichever song I hear.Thats strange coz the reason I used to love FM was the variety and that the same song didnt repeat much.Well as they say, things change...people change. The songs I am n
I didnt want to add a title for this post.First of all, I shouldnt be blogging.I have soo much work.Mugging basically.The quintessential bane of an IITians perfect life.Alas it isalso the barrier between me and my one month of R&R.Though what can be more R&R than normal hostel life you ask... Why is there no title for this blog, you ask? Well basically, I was going through my old posts (really fun thing to do) when I realised my current posts dont have the same feeling about them as the ones of the past.Those are more "today I did this.yesterday somebody did that.Pseud.Give up" and the like.Somehow I think I was able to express myself more then when I blogged sparsely. Anywho(what the fuck is this word and how this enter my vocab?), today I woke up strangly confused at around 6:50 to realise it was only 6:50.I had slept at around 2 after trying to finish some A slot portions.All I did today was sit in my room and study Networks and occasionally check mail and pl

Calm down ....

I was very angry today when I came back to my room from home.Pained with life and especially with my "friend" Rajsekar who called me and said something to do in some assignment.But I cant blame him.I hadnt done anything for it anyways.And the truth was I more pained with myself than anyone else.I hadnt done anything useful at home.Nor did I ever wish to.Home was like a place away from all the mugging, from all the psyching, from all the distractions(wait I am highly distracted at home by the tv but here I am distracted by everything else) and finally home is a place where you can do nothing and still feel no guilt about it. So much said Im slightly happy to be in hostel.Not that I have done anything great here since I came.Not much progress viz-a-vis the assignment.Nothing mugged.Not at home.Very depressed(sleisha depressed atleast). Anyways the point is I saw this site and everything was better (atleast momentarily): God Hope u like it...

A limerick of mine

Me am very happy to come second in Creative Writing.The piece wasnt titled when I sent it, I wonder why not.So here's the (Basically the first stanza was given and we were asked to continue) Titleless Limerick (Much applause appreciated) Adi-dasa the ever-ambitious sadhoo Burnt his feet walking the fire-bed through So the next time, he ran on the coals With hidden padding on his soles And invented the first ever sports shoe. His friend who he called Ri-Bok Who was once in a state of shock Since he was very cold Some clothes he rolled And wore them to create the world's first sock. There was yet another creative dude Nikey, though many considered him rude He overdid things a bit His motto Just Do It He even ran the streets in the nude. The three were very close friends The pioneers of many many trends They cheated a lot Bought things which were "hot" And claimed the means were justified by the ends. Once there was a bitter dispute

Peacefuller than thou

I know I was all freaked out Sunday.I was like totally psyched by the stuff to do and the stuff to learn.I was taken in by the enormity and confusion of the complication of life and I was unable to calm myself.However all that changed the same evening.Yeah, me was totally back to good-old-take-life-totally-totally-easy me.In fact I stayed up late into the night playing quake ,say something like 3ish.It was awesome though me couldnt play as good as junta.Awesome nonetheless. There is nothing much happening in life these days.that kinda troubles me.Usually I have something to think about and analyse (and basically waste a lot of time by just thinking about it).But now only the assignments and fast approaching exams remain.And there is not much to think about.It just means its time to start dusting those books clean,opening them and study.After all after two weeks of exams we have a month off!!!A month to do nothing! Which is pretty much normal college life except you're doing noth

Sorry, my dear Sanjeev,Sorry.

I was quite happy with life yesterday.Satisfied with everything.Loved the slow yet not-too-slow pace at which life was going .Loved that I could do my assignment knowing I had couple days more.Greatly enjoyed the ride to the beach at ~12 with Vipin,Metro and Thota as well as the impromptu football which ensued.We actually left only when a sleepy policeguy told us to leave.Well anyways that was yesterday. I got up today when an ant bit me.And it wasnt a peaceful waking.More of a jerky one.The ones which you dont like.The ones which I despise.And as I lay in bed, unable to have breakfast coz it was too late by then , I realised that the semester was ending.Ergo lurking somewhere round the corner, endsems.Also submissions of N assignments.And I was psyched.Dont know why.But I was so psyched.So I ran to DCF to get some work done.(I usually go to DCF when I want some change in atmosphere from the room and today the room made me feel down).I did get some work done.Hopefully the assignment

Busy Busy Busy

Nowadays life is getting strenuous.I mean if i dont have time to blog that must mean Im so BUSY!!! So the real and main reason for my busyness (I always wondered whether this is a word;apparently there is) is this B slot assignment.Sometimes you feel you can submit some unfinished crap just to be done with the whole thing.I mean already a month delayed and now the pain languishes on for atleast two or three days more.Which we could use to complete the assignment or use to gen complain that theres not enough time.There's never enough time is there? On a less procrastination level, Deepavali just got over yesterday and it was great.I was waiting to go home Wednesday and burst some crackers.And that I did.I felt so destressed while bursting crackers.I think that a million years ago when they started this practice of bursting crackers it was meant as a means to channel all your anger on a piece of paper and whatever chemicals they use in those crackers.Its only a theory (the oth

Something popped into my head

Usually when I'm doing anything some song or the other pops into my head.And usually I can remember the song,or atleast most of it, and try to sing along. But sometimes I remember only a few words and have to google to find the song.Or if I remember only the tune I should have to hope to chance upon it one fine day. Thankfully today the song which came into my head was one whose tune and halfbaked lyrics I remembered.It goes something like this: ... To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn) There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn) And a time for every purpose, under Heaven A time to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap A time to kill, a time to heal A time to laugh, a time to weep To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn) There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn) And a time for every purpose, under Heaven A time to build up, a time to break down A time to dance, a time to mourn A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together To Everything (Turn, Turn,

Peace of mind

Sometimes when a great load has been lifted off your back you feel so happy, nay, peaceful that you are ready to do anything to prove it.Say for example you have been studying for an exam for hajjar days and you finally write it (decently) like our JEE or even take some crap endsem of a course whose quizzes you got raped in or maybe even a dramatics event you did.:D.A huge onus off my back and boy do I feel relieved... I thought we might screw up in dramatics.A comedy one act 2(ok so 3) character play of around half an hour was hardly a comforting thought especially when the image of Alak's dramatics' grandiose remains fresh in your mind.However all things aside I think we did rather well today.Good audience response during and after the event and best of all no screwups.Well if screwup is when you bulb, then we actually did have some though Naresh and me managed and turned some of them to our favour.(I never knew adlibbing could be so much fun!). At the end of the day only

A normal post

When I started to blog, I was writing about my life.My thoughts and my days.Things that I would enjoy reading on a later date. However I find myself more and more drifting towards essays and the like.Not that I didnt think about doing them when I started but its now a case of latter within the former whereas I preferred and realise that I do still prefer to write more about my thoughts rather than arbit essays. So this post henceforths me will try to write what comes to my mind. (*A brief thinking afterward*) Nowadays I find myself spending a lot of time doing nothing.Not exactly nothing;I dont just sit down and stare at the ceiling(that could be fun....); No I dont do that.I arbitly surf the net ,surf orkut (:D), see hajjar movies (Classics,comedys,anything da),see old television series(like Wonder Years and Friends),write a lot of mails and play quake.By the way , I aint complaining.Im very happy.Im beyond happy.For you see I think this is the ultimate life.(Apart from the assign

Time to kill?

Just saw the movie EuroTrip which was awesome.I was encouraged to see the film by 3rd wing junta who have now adopted the song Scotty doesnt Know as their official wing song.Or so it seems. I must sleep fast but I just wanted to do this.Heres to Baba and all those crazy 3rd wing junta(aka Cartoon Network) /*Some lyrics could offend children and others.Please refrain from reading my blog if you belong to either category*/ /*Well unless you think Im God and could do no wrong*/ /*I know ,I know ,Im going to sleep.*/ -------------------------------------- Hey!!!!!! Scotty doesn't know, That Fionna and me, Do it in my van every Sunday. She tells him shes in church, But she doesn't go, Still shes on her knees, and... Scotty doens't know, oh. Scotty doesn't know-oh. So don't tell Scotty! Scotty doesn't know, Scotty doesn't know. SO DON'T TELL SCOTTY! Fionna says shes out shopping, But shes under me and I'm not stopping. C