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My Day so far The recent trend of using my mail continues... ------------- day so far has been by far the most painful... I came into office rather early but I knew not it would be a bad omen.... As I entered the normal place I sit, with all gaim,my program files, my proxy and my C++ compiler , I was told that I had to shift places for no reason.I suppose they want group members to work together so thats why shift was made.(no I am not grp member of any grp;the other guy coming to my place is). So now Im ata Windows 200 machine with no proxy,no gaim,no program files and lastly and worst of compiler....SO I get desperate and remember that I have some files in the old machine that I need to continue my work.So under that pretext I copy those files and every other necceessary file from gaim to Visual C++ into a shared folder while the guy behind me scratches his head in disbelief coz I told him I just have to copy some files(final size 200MB or so).Now
Slow moving Not much happened today.Yesterday I saw my quota of movie which was SWAT and found it not so bad as Murali had said.He overacts most of the time so I suppose it was my mistake to take his word in the first place.Its more of a difference in opinion between me and him about films... It rained for a bit yesterday and water somehow entered the room through some AC hole;freaked amma out(inevitable).Cable out downstairs.In this day and age such fragile cable connections is a nightmare.Irony is the ever-not-working upstairs cable is ok... Talked with Madhusudhan for a half hour.Planning a 12b reunion this sunday.Madhu insisted that we have only guys and I suppose it makes sense.Tentative place/time= Bessy beach,sunday 1:30.Lets hope we have something to look forward to this weekend... Did some UVA today and finally went and asked for some other work.Reassigned to do documentation of that website thing.Not so bad actually.=>More time for programming... Chatted with H
My mail My activities for the weekend: Saturday:Drove to IIT.Spent valuable time in DCF coding a problem which eventually turned out to be WA.Then contest started and CC and I teamed up to do a paltry 3 sums(good for amateurs?).Then left at ~5:30 coz I couldnt do anything else. Went home and saw movie Dumb and Dumberer(I know majar arbit).Then slept... Sunday:Got up at 9.Remembered I had a tenth standard reunion at ~12:30.I was the first one three at 12:45.Eventually 18 of them turned up and we had a hajar pseud time .This all took place in Isphani.We got to see old 10th standard photographs.Many people hadnt changed but some had(and how!!!).After that most of us went to Marina beach and just hung out .We decided to leave coz it was about to rain and anyways everyone had something or the other to do.After that , came home and saw First 50 dates(another majjar arbit film;Im on a film spree.Only current movie not seen is Troy.).Listened to music and slept. Monda
No work,football ,movies and subtitles Second time with same blog.Hopefully not a trendsetter... No work til 15 mins ago.Typing fast coz bored to blog same thing again. Euro 2004, Englan out.Backam cant hit a penalty if his life depended on it.Reminded me of Balls missing and Praveen cribbing. Van Helsing was good but subtitles like "Murder her " when the guy says Murderer, spoiled the fun a bit. info putsits... Bye
Sleepy So this is quite an awkward time to blog but Im so bored.Gen tam junta have gone to mug/work. I actually got most of my work done and am contemplating whether or not to go see Mr Ashok.I cant see the harm in that but I dont somehow want to ask.Though it will give me a chance to see the only babe of TCS...give up... Anyways no movie yesterday ;didnt see Van Helsing plan to do so today. The reunion is almost achieved and seems a large 20 are invited.Radhika pained me by saying hardly anyonell come but she also added the curiousity may cause them to come.Thats why she was coming.Thats why Im going... Nothing else;CC is a bastard and I hope he gets punished for it... Gaim seems to be unable to log into yahoo so its back to Ymessenger for now...thats it Im actually sleepy from all the boredom.Planning to change blogwebsite... (Yawn!!!)
Uneventful I havent much to blog today though I had my first "meeting" which turned out to be a warning to stop browsing/chatting/etc time wasting.Didnt deter me one bit... The plans for the reunion going well, though location changed to Isphani and time to 1pm,sunday...I think the thing will indeed take place...Read some parts of my old diary again.Enthused me to continue blogging... Still programming and doing some testcase writing.Decided to do menaingful testcases for some time.Back to whatever I do best...uhmmmmmm...not that da...ok,back to whatever I was doing... Not stopping short becoz of warning but coz of boredom...(ok sleisha coz of warning;dont want2 be thrown out) Before I forget saw Confessions of a Dangerous Mind -Chuck Barris based story.Kinda liked it ... probably coz I knew it was based on reallife to some extent...otherwise it wasnt too good and all...And I have to mention A Beautiful Mind is best movie of all time.
Reunion on the cards So I do have a lot more to blog about today ... First things first things that happened today of any consequence=0; Things that I heard about today of some significance not happening today=1; Number of consecutive uneventful days I have driven=5; Number of UVA problems I did yesterday during "work"=10 !!!!!; Number of 10 A reunions I have started organising =1;(didnt know any other way to put it) That got boring so Im going back to full para mode...before which Hell Boy,Agent Cody Banks, Dev ,Johnny English :list of movies from Saturday til date I have seen. Too many movies this summer... Ok so the thing of signifiacnce I mentioned above is that Kabi has stopped blogging publically and decided to go anon, which is good for him coz I also wish to do anon, the only difference here being whilest in Kabis case noone knows his identity in my case Kabi knows my identity noone else(I hope).So Kabi if you ever read this keep it to yourself and
The day started was the 4th consecutive day involving an eventless drive... Dammas birthday(star) ;so we went (as in amma, appa and me) to Pattis house and Appa read her a poem he had wriiten...she was very impressed. Talking of Appa, a IIMC yearbook was 'found' and some notable comments of Appa include: ...John Travolta... ...danced and sang his way through college... ...Nandinee Sen (I forgot the build up to this one)... ...sick jokes... Thats all I remember...though I couldnt find the Sen character...must be a junior.:D. My blog ends here...but I fear an emminent attack or so an Oracle(Satya dumbf*ck) prophecised...Bah Humbug... (the murali plan phase 2 begins)
After a long time I am able to blog from home from My Laptop since for some time now it was under the Sasser worm it seems...alls well tht ends well...
Two days missing I have no reason for not blogging for 2 days except I forgot;which is a rather good excuse coz its one of my true excuses, not many fall under tht category(other examples....ummmm....ummmm...none) Anyways nothing much happened; though I did chat with Neha,Sathya and Aruna after a long time , all of them yesterday.And I went to this reception yday with high hopes , though I did see this good looking one, I guess I wasnt there a long enough time but more importantly I was there with parents...not that I have ever been to a reception without parents .(what fart max) Also I saw two more movies one on Thursday and another yesterday namely Regarding Henry(a 1991 release) and Chicago , a more recent musical.Life at the moment seems to be revolving around movies, programming and hopes to be normal someday ;). That said, I was going to write an article about why guys and girls are difficult to understand.Hardly a paragon of the subject but I will write this articl
Pain Satya Day So basically,Sanjeev and I tried to write a mail to pain Satya . However in the process we seem to pain everyone else also(except us ie).Here is a story , a spoof of Matrix, set in IIT... (To all but Satya: PLZ dont get pained, its for fun) (Satya:get Pained) so IIT M is actually a matrix type place, where APJ and Kumar are the ones to save it.Actually they are the twos... Murali is Agent Vomit(based on Agent Smith) and Satya is , well, the female Key Maker... PK is morpheus, a dope God of no use except giving arbit advice and mugging.(and sending forwards) so basically APJ and Kumar battle Agent Vomits people(that is Murali) using elec fundaes,RG fundaes and gay fundaes.Then they rescue the female key maker,Satya who gets instantly attracted to both the twos.(after 10 months they become 5, but thats a diff story). so after they become 3 they decide to fight Murali to save Gurunath(the last human settlement).but Murali doesnt like the RG of 3 vs
Title looks Good Anyway decided to include titles to each day.Not enough time to think of one now, since having been here atelast an hour , I am yet to begin doing any work.Finally submitted the steps program though it was against my better judgement but finally understood why deleting part of the code made the program work(!!!). The drive to work was totally uneventful and even the Gods pitied me today I guess... Apart from that I should include some facts: Number of evening hours I spent at home yesterday and the day before awake: 5+5=10(max) Number of movies I have seen in the evenings of these days: 3 (Seabiscuit,BulletproofMonk(2nd time),HellBoy) I forgot the day b4 the day b4 yday I saw Haunted Im on a movie roll...its awesome. Murali was spammed into mailing and he also chatted some 3 lines(in French) and went away... he has to still recover from the bp1 loss...(mourn in silence) Tam junta is mailing hajjar nowadays...lets hope tht continues becoz Any single eligible stright guy will understand why he is so (not sure it explains the straight part) after reading the above link. Thanks to Raghu, the eternal jollu party...
Im sorta feeling bummed for some reasons...I was so excited to blog something today but I sorta am feeling sleisha depressed now...probably becoz of many things like some people are not online ever,kabi is higher than me in the rods ranklist and I havent started working. The thing I was going to blog about: The number of indicators I broke while driving:1,number of working indicators on my car:1 The percentage of time I spent in traffic in first gear :99%,percentage in 4thgear:0 The number of times I got stopped by a policeman:1(!),reason:didnt stop immediately when he asked me to. My greatest desire after todays drive from home: to run over 2 or 3 motorcycles That said I feel better and ready to start chatting with friends again...
Today is the day , apart from others , that kabi too started blogging...cheers to u. He also submitted my rods to u. Blogging from home is so painful , with the mosquitoes and the mother and the father and the sister(usually but not today). later then.
Well things happened today and I prefer to blog in a more interesting albeit borrowed style... Number of people I hit while driving today:1 ,Number Ive hit so far :1, TIme I took to figure 0 is not negative : long long ago, Number of submissions it took to drive that into me again : atleast 10, Number of messengers I had used until now :4(includes trillion),From today :5(GAIM!!!) Number of lines of work Ive done: 4, Time Ive been here :atleast 1.5 hours Enough said, Im going back to work. Special mention of thankx to Blogger for gmail account...;)
I just created a new gmail account coz Arun asked me to...Before I forget, id is why I used the capital letter... Password is a normal password (actually same password that I use for blogger...);Nothing else I have to do some.Though before that I will go to uva website... Satya will be writing about his party at a 7 start hotel and then nightclub...lets see how much is real and how much is reel... Saw HUmTum and loved it...Now to find my Ria....(gazes into space) Later then.
I would have probably surely without a doubt blogged yesterday coz I was at IIT yesterday to try some problems.Note that I use the word would...The day began normally , nothing much happened.Aditya came (first time since school reopend for him) and then I saw Big FIsh, which btw is not such a bad film.Then I made it to TCS lab where I submitted a few problems after which the proxy server was shut down presumably due to AC problems....pain da.Couldnt do no UVA, no comptt,kabi couldnt do TopCoder and finally I ended up playing chess,nibbles , seeing arbit music videos and explaining fundae to junta.(junta here refer to CC,minor Kabi and Raza). Highlights of yesyerday night...which btw I put night home today and slept for 3 no 4 hours I think...awesome experience...back to what I was talking about- We played 4 player gnibbles which was awesome.Mindnumbing game.... We gen talked about stuff,when CC asked what was G-string and then Gspot;:O...I had to explain being the stud I
One of those days when you get up at tell yourself this is the day I write a blog...and behold I actually do that today.Apart from other things let me do a quick recap of important things I have done... 1)Playing a cool game of Civ 3 at Warlord level...I can probably win this one... 2)Submitted that dollars(147) and a similar problem;finally understood dp in that program. Gee thats all I did since the last time I blogged, which aint much.Ah yes saw Daddy Daycare which was relaxing.A no-thinker and not bad too.Have Cape Fear and Big Fish to see still... Weathers particularly awesome from yesterday evening ;a cloudy sky with a hint of rain and the quintessential appearing and disappearing and reappearing drizzle to top it all off...Its strange how awesome weather for some can be aweful weather for others...For example I could never like bright sunny weather unless its like 5'C or something like that.Dont get me wrong its not that I dont appreciate the merits of "excellen from the time I starte "wroking" I have done nothing but chatting,problem solving and more chatting.... Listen to this: Chat sessions with satya,kabi and amayika!!!And with Turkey also but that is a regular thing now... Shifted to another machine and this one is XP witj msn I will work better...;). Best of all...nothing else actually IM just totally hyped thats all...
One of the better forward I received...gotta read this /*starts here*/ This explains a lot but doesnt quite explain ppl like Satyanarayanan( this is in reference to first year activities) Sanjeev Subject: FW: Travails of Single South Indians or "Why we don't get any...' This article is posted by an IIM A Student. Yet another action packed weekend in Mumbai, full of fun,frolic and introspection. I have learnt many things. For example having money when none of your friends have any is as good as not having any. And after spending much time in movie theatres, cafes and restaurants I have gathered many insights into the endless monotony that is the love life of south Indian men. What I have unearthed is most disheartening. Disheartening because comprehension of these truths will not change our status anytime soon. However there is also cause for joy. We never stood a chance anyway. What loads the dice against virile, gallant, well educ
I almost forgot, today was the first day when I used the treadmill we recently bought.Ran for 2kms ;actually more like @10 for 10mins and then slow walking. Totally forgot that we also have a new car,Flair , I think.We sold the Zen though. yes no more forgotten stuff, I think.
I am so pissed right now.Not because of any day-to-day life thing but now its because nobody ever leaves a comment in my blog.And it doesnt help that I have no blog friends. Though the reason no one comments maybe singularly because noone reads my blog.That in fact was the reason I chose the virtual world over the biblio world.That is supposed to make me feel better but I dont feel different.Also I have 0 profile views but then again, same reason... Anyways, back to life, chatted with Arunachalam who is in Bosto now doing something in MIT.Joined tam_gumbal group of IIT tam junta, chatted with Murali and Bharat also.Bharat told me the hectic day with some bank selling itself and something about a hostile takeover and that the whole thing should be secret;...ummmm, notbody is reading this anyways;so youre secrets safe with me.I also read an extensive Civ 3 startegy which gave me some help.VizaViz work,I was also told to write something about the software Ive been working on and clearl
Last time I blogged was Friday and the weekend has been fun and busy.Not that busy but definitely fun. Harry potter 3 tickets were available to my father(4 in number)and I decided to take Mayur,Shiva and Nakul along.First tried Sushils number after hearing Arjun has gone to US...not sure about all details but I think its only for a vacation.Conversation that ensued(after dialing Sushils number) Me:Hello, Can I speak to Sushil please? Unknown Stranger: SUSHIL? Hes in Vellore!!! Me:Oh sorry then.Hes not back yet? U S:NOOO...(cuts phone) (Next Shiva calls up since both of us decided to check and forgot to assign work to either) Shiva:Hello,Can I speak to Sushil? U S: Are you MAD? Sushil is not here. Shiva:Oh, When is he expected? U S:He is never expected... Shiva:Who may I know Im speaking to? U S:His grand Aunt...(cuts) (Mayur almost phoned the same day but decided against gving the gAunt a heart attack...;) ) So also I spoke to Raghu and Bharat that day, coz th
I did so much work today that it sort of compensates all the work that I havent done the past 3 days.And todays things-that-I-did: 1)Solved atleast 2 UVA problems.Though I aint satisfied till I code and submit and see th AC 2)Got some form of a working AIM though its a 95 version and I have no confidence that its working,I am chatting with Ghislain though.So,well see. I dont want to write too much now.Want to see if I can get my buddy list working.(Nice try) Will try to essay an essay later...
Nakuls poem: The morning dew A tangle of thoughts Waves of despair prominent A dim light of hope Engulfed by the vacuum of darkness The stench of mustiness inhaled Debilitating the relenting spirit Transient queries aroused with uncertainty “To be or not to be?” The hope of dawn breaks With it, the uncertainty. Light shimmered through the glaze (A new beginning?) The mind now at ease, Enclosed by the air of comfort. The stench replaced by the freshness, That of the morning dew… Pharaoh Uhhum, mine: The morning duo A tangle of bodies The perspiration prominent Only a dim ray of light In a vaccuum of darkness They continue relentlessly In and out, In and out Uncertainity is no more of 'to do or not to do' Then the morning breaks with it her (well u know what) Light enters through the motel window Finally an end? The bodies stop moving Though still tangled A new day dawns with it a new morning du
Well I have to say, today has been my busiest chatting experience and that too I have only Yahoo Messenger.So far Ive chatted with Murali,Shiva ,Radhika and Nakul. Enough with the daily news,though it is funny to note this: sancool_120219 (3:21:02 PM): read my 'hot' mail nakul_kaiser (3:21:31 PM): ye ye sancool_120219 (3:21:36 PM): so? nakul_kaiser (3:21:45 PM): i had n erection too And this for a lousy poem I sorta used to make mockery of Nakuls poem.Ill put it up when I get the poem. YOu know theres one thing Ive been wanting to write for some time now and thats the way people feel about the past.By people I mean anyone with a capacity to remember the past.The series "The Wonder Years" was so good to me.So was Home Improvement for a totally different reason.But then Kevin-Winnie had one more thing--- and even Rahul remembered-- Made For Each Other no...mistake of a couple...Madhuvanti and Shrikar.That was probably the time when my liking f
Well, Im at work...hmmm' All Ive done so far is checked my mails ,chatted with murali(ie got ymessenger workin) and ate lunch.Hope to write a big blog today. Later then.
The name of the game is snaps and the category is ...whateva.Coz this game is being used by 2 celever guys , me and my cousin Aditya, to fool the ever so gullible members of my family and its hajjar fun,really. Particular things come to mind Slowly they do ** (2 snaps) ***** (5 snaps) Does this sound familiar PSEUD...machan...psud.hehehe Anyways, Allus death is being mourned by a silence on the topic and I feel sad at times thinking about the cat.Deaths seem to have an effect on people that makes them so afraid of their lives.Mortality seems to be questioned and the reason to life asked.Strange how insignificant ones life seems in the life of the world.That brings to mind the last chapter of LOTR where the future is discussed.The same effect isnt there in The Simoqin Prophecies, but its a good book. ANd btw, Those Harry Potter kids have grown up...especially Muralis online later then.