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From Windows with love I am blogging from a windows comp after a long time.(btw if you ind a 'f' missing here and there, its becoz the keyboard here is cuppax).You now would have probably guessed that Im at CC (rom the above info).Apparently the libraray is now housing it and hence my irst visit to the lib ater 2 sems. Ater losing my sandals once in CC, I have never gone there.Actually I was a requent visitor once beore I heard o DCF. I shall have to curtail myself from blogging any further since I am shitpained with this keyboard. Shall blog from DCF.
Im out of the car and the key is inside? I guess the topic speaks for itself.Thankfully there was a duplicate key at home.All was resolved. (I guess the rubberband of mine had expanded too much lately and had to break.) Another link... Bill Gates is smart !?!
I like rainy weather I hate myself. I just wrote my post and to test a stupid link I previewed it and lost the post. I wrote something about the rainy weather and how I like it.I cant rememeber what else I wrote, Ah yes I wrote about that link worlds costliest ad I suppose I wrote something about how I did nothing useful this ho9ls and how I never do anything useful in any hols.I learnt to whistle real loud though ,much to the annoyance of all around. I am just pissed off. Should I not be?
Lets see now   Last day !Last day! Lets jump in joy and celebrate... Actually the time in TCS wasnt so bad.I learnt a lot of new things albeit not through them, kept in touch with hellava lot of friends and even made new friends ( ;) ). All things must come to an end.(I always wondered why they say only all GOOD things must come to an end;why not bad things?).Must be some optimism crap.I am an optimistic guy only.Or maybe it is pessimistic crap? The above para was definitely crap. I have to get my letter of successful completion now.I may blog later from IIT or blog t'row. Lalalalala...(Yeah) "These are the best days of my life"---Bryan Adams in 1969(hopefully)
Coocookuchu Mrs Robinson   Yes very creative indeed.I wonder how they came up with the word...I mean as creative as I am( an clearly as humble as I am) , cannot think of any plausible origin for such a word.Maybe thats the sound a bird makes when strangled?Thats the best I can think of. With 2 days to go til this 'work' farce gets over, I can hardly do anything.I just sit all day and stare at the monitor.I hope with all my heart that I dont end up in such a job.(In case I do I will come back to delete this post) A week left for college to reopen.Itll be back to hostel then with mronings of college,interlaced with biunking to crash, aftis of freedom , interlaced with time to crash, evenings of footer ,not interlaced with anything and nights of carroms,tt,movies et al and finally an obscure movie whose name but a esoteric few know at round 12 with Tota.I cant wait to go back. Yesterday I saw this movie, Never Die Alone about some black drug dealer.I kinda liked t
3 days left   First of all, tell me something (this is for myself; anyone else reading this might just skip this para;nay, skip this blog coz unless you have time to kill , dont).Why do I always sit down to blog something, start to blog then forget what I was going to blog?.I guess we should have a syndrome named after me.Helmet-Blog syndrome.Almost everyone else has a syndrome named after them.I like my absentminded attitude though.Has helped me escape many problems in school. Selective Amnesia...lmfao. What to do today...a comment left by someone yesterday made me realise I havent heard Simon and Garfunkel in a long while.Mrs Robinson, start singing in my head...:P.(OMG it really started). Finally as the heading says, 3 days to go...then back to college.Hostel.Woohoo. Ok I rememberred what I was going to blog about.India won a game yesterday vs SriLanka.(sans Murali and Vaas) albeit a 'humdinger'.What a strange word.Anyways, it was been a loooooong time since I en
Blogging is fun    SO why does one blog?Is it for ones own satisfaction?MAybe to cherish memories?Maybe so that they think they are just pseud?Or maybe because they have nothing else to do? I really dont know why I blog.Sometimes I think I blog so that I wont forget.But so far I cant think of anything important Ive ever blogged.Anyways. Shamanth...hiya!I felt too lazy to come to your blog and reply so if you ever read this ,hiya!Ill probably tell this in person before you read this. About a week left for college to reopen.Wonder if I had to do something now that I am Lit Sec?Wonder if I had to do something now that I am Scrabble coord?Wondering on. I got a new cell yday.Some pseud camera colour phone.Im takng on too much responsibility these days. I was wondering ,also, why I did UVA.I realised my mind loves the work.It hates normal mugging unless it involves creativity.I guess thats a reason why I satrted studying to get into IIt in the first place. I have decided
Cool My first attempt at copying html code...the comic is really nice too ;). Check out...this is funny    
Trying to blog from Sunday   Basically the comps in that TCS lab dont want me to blog I think.Every week ,after/during the nightout I try to blog in vain. Anyways this nightout we didnt play that much quake.I did some programming though and did some arbit sums which I thought I could never do.And then I did some arbit max sums which where just stupid. Apart from that I have been wondering about the subject of arranged marriages.This is because 1)I read in some film the hero believes only in arranged marriages when we all know that in every movie love /arranged marriage ratio= inf.2)Alamelu Patti was gen excited at some grooms data she saw in the classififed and junta were at work to find out more about the man. (for Nithya) Anyways this practice is clearly unique to our culture, to our religion.Maybe it is endemic to just our country.But it surprised me to realise that this practice is quite impressive.Any person will most probably get a spouse through this arrangement.
Colateral Damage   In an attempt to search for the mysterious blog of Kabi,I have wandered onto someone else's blog...Ill wait for confirmation from the guy before I officially say ...yes its him(<--?).No no its mostly the him.They put only boys in Narmad.Hoffenlich. Phew...Work huh?
I just realised I havent blogged today    So well nothing great to blog about.The Uva judge status site is cupping(first time Ive seen it cup so much).Tam gumbal reaches 2000 mails this month.lmfao. Then ... then(scratches head) Well, I started seeing this cuppax level movie 13 something 30 because cable was bulbing.But half an hour into the movie I wanted to see Getbackers and hurrah it was back.SO packed the movie and saw the show. Another thing.I always thing of the best things to blog when not blogging.Ergo I blog badly.(Good excuse?) Anyways today I was wondering why I wasnt the I-want-to-make-money-when-I-grow-up type.Money hasnt been the primary concern for me for a long time.Not that I dont want money.I seem to happy as it is.I guess I have got whatever I have needed(sleisha spoilt?).Could be advantageous or maybe not.Anyways I was just thinking. Anyways I am using Anyways too many times. LALAing is a favorite passtime of mine.It involves a chat screen,a di
Another Day in Paradise   Remind me to get my Eagles Cd from Torso...I love those songs. Chatting with Aruna after a while...Still a bitch.In a good way. Did I saw Im no longer a watch guy? Writing one line paras is not good. Which brings me to the conclusion
Before I forget   I saw New yesterday and I loved the film.The music is one of the best Ive heard but I didnt see it yesterday.Gen nice film. I chatted with Ed yesterday for some time actually.We gen discussed life and QUake 3 and Civ 3 and stuff.He is in Harvard. I chatted with Amayika today.:).Her college reopened and she said a brief hi before moving for lunch. I chatted with Bharat who said hell be here around last week of Aug.Cool na? Thats all I rememebr.I did square root.Happy me.
Good mood   Basically Im in a good mood today.Dont know why.The pains of yesterday CC's torture are washing off.Anyways. Tam gumbal are busy as ussual.Latest attractions inculde Latest cricket updates,oneletter mails and a thread to calculate fibonacci numbers manually(the last ones my idea). Cool link time! "Official" MIT lock picking site: Pickits I seem to be enjoying not wearing a watch.I used to be a watch guy.But now Im growing to be a nonwatch guy. I have so much work to do that I have decided I wont do everything.After all I have only 2 weeks left.Make that one and a half.I love my lazy-but-wont-change-it attitude. KaLaKateKar
Tv is addicting   There was once a point in my life when I thought I could never ever get over my addiction for the television.That all changed when I started my IIt preparations but even then I managed to get my daily dose of TV. It was when I joined college that the TV watching reached distressing levels.I went days sometimes weeks without television, especially in Saras.Thankfully in Narmad I still watched some tv albeit movies at 12 in the night.I didnt see those serials and comedies I used to see.No cartoons at all. So when I saw 4 hours of tv,ie cartoons yesterday, I was happy.I felt happy coz I was doing something I liked although I knew it was the most mindnumbing thing I could do.However short this addiction may last, I always will like this cartoon addiction of mine.   Now to saner stuff.I saw some arbit Johnsons Family vacation movie.Nice.   I wish I could play the guitar better.Chords are my undoing.They always were in the keyboard too but now I dont know any chord
Nightout #3 and stuff like that   So anyways, I tried so har to blog on Sunday itself.But the mozilla firefox failed to respond to my commands and got stuck on create post page.Anyways, after my third nightout this hols, my report: 1)Number of problems we sloved(even the 3 IIT machines :O )= 1 2)Percentage attempted=83-100%(not sure) 3)Time the contest lasted till: 4:30(from 10:30) 4)TIme we started playing quake: 1 or 2 5)Time we started seeing Fahrenheit 911: 4:00 6)Time it took for AVi to sleep: 5:00 7)Time I got disinterested in the film 5:30 8)Time it took to see last half hour: 5minutes   Apart from those titbits, I also reached 250 this weekend.Kabi and Raza reached 400.I know I wont continue this after college reopens, so its 2 weeks left.I chatted with Maylen after a long time.I also met Vipin in Gurunath that night;hes going home this week.Im ready for college to start.   (The blogger looks good here too.I suppose they have changed the look this weekend only.)
Finally After much fight puts blogger is responding to my request to write a new post.Until now the page came up but not the buttons. Anyways, Troy is a good movie yall.Watch it.Shrek 2 is also good.Watch it when youre bored though. Nothing new is happening.Just realised Maria Sharapova looks awesome.(kinda late realisation).What else? Kabi told me he used to create a new blog every time he wrote a post.He realised it now though. ;). Finished writing BigInt...not very excited about it though. Nightout today...woohoo... No mail flow in tamgumbal.Maybe we should all switch to the group blog idea.... "Is a quote a quote only if quoted"---Arguement between ED and Raza
Amazing The whole way this blogger looks here is amazing!!! Anyways I am in IIt today...doing nothing but wasting time.I got the registrars sign and now Im thinking of what to do.I just spammed group with n mails. I dont think I have anything else to say. Was Kabi the one who wrote that comment? I dont know?
What have I done til now Retrospection, the tool of the bored: 1)Axys CC lokking over 2)Axys CC testing 3)Brief introduction to Axys CC complete with pictures et al. 4)Brute force test cases for Axys CC 5)Win World View test cases(brute force) 6)Win World View documentation 7)Timesheet updting for one month 8)Testing of Floor Excel Macro Apart from this I have one HUGE thing to do:just been assigned.There goes my UVA dreams...
Pleasures of TV Yesterday I watched some 5 hours of cartoons on Animax.I was reminded of the days gone by when I used to see TV endlessly be it Star worldESPN,Star Sports,AXN,HBO,Star Movies,Cartoon Network or any other delightful channel.I miss those times.I call on to the Zen God of TV watching to spare me.A month from now I will return to hostel life where I have access but not so much time.It will be fun then too though.Nightouts with Tota seeing arbit movies in the common room. CC wasnt present yesterday ;wonder why? Tamgumbal has gone mad with mails.Good.Hari is painful to chatr with.Better.I used buddy pounce on Hari and Satya(and got some retaliation too).Best. Old music is awesome... Cold Play-Yellow,Bryan Adams-Everything I do,Zombie... songs I heard on bakward which reminded me of this.They arent too old but old ones are also my favorite.Really old.BAckwards is good. There was this article I read yesterday which said that the magnetic strength/field of the
I love mail Just a thought.If there were no mail concept,what would I have done?How long before I went mad?(this assuming no mail meant no chat idea also...its all interconnected da). Anyways I seem to be extending my lead over CC(230 to 200+13).I hope to do Infinite Race someday but Im actually know that one day Ill read this and say, I still havent done that.Thats life.I did one Hamiltonian problem yesterday after reading some fundae from LIu. Mails have been moving fast in tam gumbal...multitudes.New fundaes include msn chat wih hari and debugging haris programs(I dont know if they debugged). Saw kill bill 2...didnt like it as much as original.
Hit me like a whatever I remembered what I forgot to blog. Yesterday number of mails in tam_gumbal=150!!!!!!In one day!!!!!!!!!!It was an awesome day. Also Hari is getting to chat on msn.
I hate forgetting what I wanted to write So as the title says I distinctly remember that I am forgetting something I wanted to blog about.I have no idea what it could be. Nothing to do with UVA... Maybe its this: WHAT time? I remember just recently I was chatting with Damini and he IMs me asking," What time is it?".I go ," I dont know the time there.".He says,"NO, what time IS IT?".I think he is slightly drunk and reply nonetheless, "Its 11ish here.".Then he bursts out,"NO its Peanut Butter Jelly TIme!!!".(Phew) He wasnt drunk after all.It was quite funny at that time. (He later went on to explain brownies are tasty at 1 am in the night and how he made them) OK prework is over.
Nightout on Saturday, nothing useful on Sunday the nightout on saturday was awesome and I had hajjar fun.Didnt sleep through the night and Raza and Kabi sleisha dozed off in the end. Saw Bharats mvoie-stealing love and also Spiderman2.First one was short and funny and the second was well ok. Raza started blogging on saturday.I forgot other details about tht. I slept from 9-1:30pm on Sunday and then later I did nothing.Nothing I can rememeber. Quake is a wonderful game... I spoke to Vipin also since I went to Narmad and saw Ballu and he told me Vipin was there.I didnt meet him but talked to him on cell... Thats about it...
Night out #2 Day :July 13-14 Time :7pm-present time Activity:Quake and 10305(for some 5 minutes) Nobody is here except Abishek Kumarasubramanian(wriiten by Kabi) and Rajsekar(written by me). Bye
In DCF Nothing much is going on.I am in DCF and just finished writing Mail Pain part 4-Phoenix.I am heading for a new lease to fight boredom with this series.maybe I will publish them into a blog, a new one. I met Torso today whil driving to DCF.Sleishsa shocked him to see me driving around.He was driving a Boxer so I was also shocked. Madhu called up to say the 12b thing was sleisha doubtful after Mayur and Raghu got arreared.I kinda have to call up them without letting them know I know.Painful To get or not to get .A haircut that is.Decided against. I have to remember to write some of the older songs I love like Aerosmiths song and then others. "Metallica --- Nothing else Matters"
Nobody care what I See basically nobody around here gives a shit anymore what I do and I seem to be enjoying the isolation.More time to chat and mail and UVA... As far as chat is concerned most junta are busy though Satyas always there.Turkey in Boston is as useful as a chopstick with chappatis.He used to crash less last month.Maybe he is finally getting over the jetlag. Dip it low,take it up slow,... fucking thing is repeating in my head... My megaserial of a story has reached part 3 ... going well.Maybe I should become a nonsense story author... I will soon post that megaserial(or not) and maybe some of the best attempts by friends for TFS.(Thats what its called right) I reembered a quote today which I think I said when I am in that pseudointoxicated state(not drunk just loosu maru oru feeling which I experience sometimes after 11:30-12)--- "I am a lesbian in a mans body". I know I blabber high funda in the night.(refer tree-cycle funda someti
Pain Murali Day Aruna and I are releasing the rediffmails to the group as a part of Murali Pain Day.Hasnt been much appreciation yet but clearly junta dont check mail every 5 minutes like we do... I saw a movie called Mindhunters yday which was decent.It starred a guy called LL cool J whose name I have heard somewhere else.Not quite sure where.I think he is a singer but thats not it...
Tam_gumbal back going strong So after the return of our leader,Turkey(Aruna) we are in full flow again with hajjar messages moving ... My contribution is the mega serial which I will put up after it is done.Basically a nonsense story with characters resembling our junta. =rand (200,99) Type this in Microsoft word and see what happens...Cool Moon Landing hoax The hoax of the moonlanding for all who think otherwise...I still think it would have been stupid of the Americans to kake the video...but then we are talking about the people who elected Bush to power... I have to do some ceremonial work and I two tunes in my head now FurElise and Superstar... Ya thats time
Songs in my mind list Christina Milian - Dip it Low Leslie ,Amine - Sobri(French) Janet Jackson - Im gonna dance all night Jamelia - Superstar that punjabi song which I forgot name,singer that hindi and telugu song ,names I forgot Kalayil ezhundu kan muyuchal... (from New) some more songs which Ive heard and cant remmeber words and or tune but remember I liked that Britney Spears song,not Toxic Stings new song-Rise and Fall(I remember) Ok back to blank mind which cant think shit...thats why I should always be ready with an open New blog I think I should write...
French Music There is a new passion in my life...French music...especially this one song by Leslie-Amine, I forgot what its called...(tune is dada ta dada tadatada dadatadatada...) Trace.Tv is awesome with all the latest music albeit Hiphop (or as Shiva said Black rappers )being the main attraction.Inspires me to run 2kms daily... No movie yesterday though I talked with Madhu for a half hour and then Shiva...then went to sleep... Remember Punctuality is a virtue of the bored... Also remember if you are ever stuck in a car with no brakes like most heroines/heroes in movies are, just change gears without using the clutch...(I just realised that)
I know I know I shouldnt be blogging during "work time".Thats why I invented the concept of prework from the time I arrive to ~11 daily when I can do whatever.(Clearly even tht is not allowed). Anyways I crossed 200 in UVA today...:O.I know...calls for some major celebration.Shiva told me he is going to Bang.I still havent decided whether or not to go.Lately inflow into tamgumbal has dropped to low double digit numbers even maybe single digit but clearly not the enormous numbers that once were.Waiting for turkey to resurface... Satya seems to be enjoyinghis internship ;from the Leela Palace to whatever his model friend does...seems interesting living... Bored to even blog.I remembered I didnt add a title.Just assume something.
Wierd Dream So before I forgot the ten thousanf things in my mind, 1)Driving in the rain with the windows open is fun...but gets wet. 2)Seeing Terminal again does not change the ending.However with no movie to watch it is a good excuse. 3)I see no reason why anybody I know shouldnt read this fucking blog.Fuck Kabi and Shiva So on to my wierd dream which Im sure Ill forget in 5 minutes.My dream involoved me,my wife and my child in PSBB and I fought with my wife and then Ravan made a small appearnance as a hitman.WierdMax I solved Copperfield without much problems...makes me think I could be smart.Now to beat CC in his game theory problems... With all the threats to cool down my browsing I shall end now(for nothing else to write as of now)
My weekend : it was not exciting, duh! So Friday I dont quite remember what I did.After the last blog that is...Im not thinking very hard, but I cant remember. Saturday I made my way to IIT and almost packed by 1 only to remain since I knew I had nothing to do at home.Met Raza and CC and then Avi as I left later at 3.I had forgotten to eat lunch...Came home and saw Lakshya.Decided it was the worst movie Ive seen in ages.I didnt make it to the end.Canceled the 12b reunion.Will do it next week... Sunday I didnt even go to IIT.Played some Civ3 coz there was fucking nothing else to do.Saw Jore somewhere in between.Rate it better than Lakshya, and it was a nonthinking fun.Formula movie.Then saw Terminal, which was good but then I kinda didnt get the ending...I must be watching too many Indian movies coz I expected the hero and heroine coming together not the heroine remaining a whore...Thats Hollywood I guess Things to do today: 1)Write to abacus: some alumni fundaes.Just wro
Boring day at DCF Ich bin allein hier im DCF.Niemand ist hier.Avinash was in TCS but missing now.No UVA problem done and things are getting boring... I saw Along Came Polly and Godfather 2 yesterday.Along Came Polly was normal Ben Stiller.Actually not so good.Godfather 2 was also quite a disappointment.I kinda expected it to be more exciting.Godfather was far better...My fav actor Al Pacino did his role well though. I dunno whther I will be here long.Im feeling alone and bored.No mails also since its the weekend.Im chatting with raghu and hoping to do somehting about 12b reunion t'row. I feel a yawn coming on. A boring 100th post(I know time goes so fast)
Having a blast So todays family day here at office and nobody seems to be wokring.Perfect for me.So yesterday I went to school with Shiva,Rakesh and Joel.It was a nice time.I couldnt meet ant PSBBians for whatever reasons and Shiva didnt intorduce hos perfect pakka girl in 10th...pained.Anyways went to Spencers with Shiva b4 that which was also a fun experience but again no success... Nothing more...gave Evgenia an invite for gmail.Created anew gmail account.Chatted fart with Satya and wrote an amesome fart mail. Nothing more...for sure.
Just as a reminder for myself Password is one of the usual. I got some 30 mail conversations from tamgumbal Nothing else; chatting with Evie Will write about my day