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To believe or not to believe

MUST SEE THIS!!! px It seems rather sad when something like this happens; I don't know who to believe. Schapelle Corby ? By the video which you would have probably just seen you would not hesitate to agree with me that her innocence is obvious. Or perhaps you aren't like me , so easy and so gullible. The fact of the matter is one, I really think that 20 years of imprisonment is too much for someone who I believe to be innocent. I don't remember where I heard this (I think it was one of the episodes of JAG which ironically I neither watched much or liked much) : It is better to let 10 guilty men go free than put one innocent man in jail . Man/woman. Whatever. I can't begin to imagine how I'd feel if confronted with a similar situation. Unknown country. Gone on holiday! Unknown people, unknown language, ... my God, for the love of all that I find imperfect in my life, I would never exchange it for something like that. That s

Hey, I lost a week somewhere

So I was thinking about how wonderful it would be if life was but a Hollywood film and everyone had his heroine, all beautiful,smart, in a high-paying job, ready to risk everthing for the hero (who is you) and most importantly will end up with you whatever natural disaster, unnatural disaster, animal, monster, robot, Brad Pitt, through anything basically. Yes, that would be a good life. It would be... %Reality check% In the form of a somewhat recognisable voice from behind your chair, for all the above reflection was done in the privacy and the comfort of my chair , listening to the host of songs that the Considerate One, Goda charitably sent to the Unfortunate Ones (Thota and me) after much persuation... Mentor : Umm, can you write out a mail about what all you've done in the past two weeks. Me: oh. ok. (pause) Can I mention I was installing software? Mentor : (Slightly taken aback) Please dont. okay one line maybe. Me: hmm. ok. So then I realised, I have almost finished two

Reality continues to ruin my life

So one week into my brief sojourn in the City of Gardens and I somehow feel I am not living up to the totally wild ride as I expected of this stay. But actually I am not complaining. I've been having a good time. Catching up with friends new, old and ... umm... older. Seeing a plethora of movies new, old and ...ummm... older. (I promise you I had not thought of this uncanny coincidence till I wrote it) But somehow I think I am not completely satisfied. Although I've like already visited two rather popular "watering holes", which had rocking ambiences - one retro and the other rock, I somehow thought there would be ...ummm.. something more. The reason I'm umming a lot is that I really don't know how else to put it and/or I'm thinking and writing at the same time and trying to include my thinking process as well. Bear with me. Or don't. Actually please. Ok. So I read the book Moon and Sixpence and Im convinced now that Somerset Maugham is one of the

Its been a hard day's work :D

So here I am, three days in Bangalore. Well, not much has happened. Adjusting to life mainly. So any attempt by me to essay a post will probably encompass all that is quite banally normal. Though there still remains much curiosity even in the mundane when it is rightly described. That said, let me try to be a diligent servant of my senses as I address the situation at hand. The guesthouse. A cozy place in HSR Layout. I suppose when one lives in a squalid single IITian room for the most part of his semester, anything else seems palacial. The rooms are actually quite big for two people which is how we are sharing it at the moment. More to be said about the residents of the guesthouse soon.A welcome respite to my ennui is in the refreshing form of cable television with hbo,star movies,starsports,espn, et al. That too for a CAS-enforced outcast. The caretaker of this guesthouse, who manages the cooking and cleaning and laundry, is a typical tamilian character hailing from the city of Madu

Here comes the Sun...

Know the sun? That yellow ball of fire in the sky glowing all day and sleeping all night? That without which such significant processes like photosynthesis, vitamin-d generation, cloth-drying in most parts of the non-concrete-jungle world, solar cookers, solar heaters, solar eclipses and the like are but figments of a deluded mind. That which can drive a sane mind insane and an insane mind insaner. Oh so you don't know the sun? Just go outside for a couple of minutes. Look up. For a couple of seconds or more. Got blinded by some bright light? That's the sun. So anyways, Ra seems to be really angry these days. Or is it really happy? Whichever, he seems to be showing his love for Chennai. In multitudes. And it doesn't help the Rain God gives a rat's ass about Singara Chennai with visits more infrequent than me attending my pass-fail course. I thought I would write this post from a cozy terminal in the computer science DCF,which by the way is one best hidden places in

A tribute to a semester

Well what can I say. Its all over. The brilliant and awesome semester that I have so utterly enjoyed. Its all over. Perhaps its just me, but when every sem comes to an end, I tend to look back and say, "Man this semester was the best semester ever ." But I can hardly overemphasise the reality of the situation now. The 6th semester has been THE defining semester of my short 3 years in the hallowed halls of the prestigious instituition called IIT Madras. No wait, thats not it. The 6th semester has been THE defining period of time of a not-that-short 20 years of my very existence. At this point any person who just went "Thu" or "Machan too much da" or "Sleisha overaction macchi" or any other such clearly unneccessary deragatory comments can go f*ck a tree. The truth is the truth is the truth. Enough said about that. A Special mention: To all the wonderful and amazing seniors we've had who are passing out from the illustrious hostel Narmada. R