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The long rope that'll kill...

One of the favourite expressions of my 10th standard history teacher (who was extremely good might I add), was that given a long enough rope we as students are more likely to hang ourselves than use it properly than if we were given a short rope. However bad that sounds it is supposed to mean, given enough time (or actually more than enough time) we are more likely to waste it than put it to good use as compared to if we were given less time.Kappeesh? So that brings us to the present situation. The pressure of the end semester. Basically the exam which makes or breaks your grade. Every other form of evaluation other than an end semester is, if anything, but a trivial warm-up to this defining moment of truth. The reason we put up with boring profs and their boring lectures, the reason we 'attempt' meaningless assignments, the reason we spend a semester attending classes... ostensibly. So much said, we did have a long time to prepare for these herculean demonic tasks. Atleast 2

Gloomy? Me? Really? Oh...

Im hardly a person who gets bogged down by stuff. Im not the guy who generally complains about all the trivial pains in life. Not the crib"-about-everything-"god. Atleast I don't think so. All that said, I have been feeling rather sad lately.Sad. Hmm... Subdued? I think thats the better word for it. Hardly the same meaning but I think somehow I feel highly emotionless as well. (Strange circumstances to be inventing words...). Something about the last few days you ask? Well Sherlock, twas elementary... So without going much into ,oh wait, let me try that again. So without going AT ALL into the details, lets just say that the hostel nite was a disaster. :(. I rather it wasnt but whats over is over. I remember sitting on the 6th wing ledge, watching on as the roast was going on thinking about what had gone wrong. I don't remember too much about that night (blocked it subconsciously? chi , I shouldn't put so much pseud :P). Aah. Getting rather introspective are we

Confessions of a dangerous mind

Late in the night, after quite a serious conversation with one of my friends, unable to go to sleep I start thinking about something. Well, its something some of us (not including yours truly) perhaps think about enough times not to consider it important enough. So... How many true friends do we have? Strange question. I have never actually thought about this question. My life has always been divided into friends, thank-god-not-friends and soon-will-be-friends. No concept of true friends and untrue friends. Perhaps its time I did start to think about this. Start to realise which of my so called friendships are just ruses, hoaxes, untold hostilities even. Thats the problem with imagining things. Sometimes we go a little overboard. Overreact. And this sort of insecurity can be quite dangerous.Fortunately the sanity (or what remains rather) woke me up from such delusions. Delusions? Hopefully... But then my natural train of thoughts acting with the contemplation-inducing effects of in

Relative busyness and Hydrophilia

There are always two heads to a coin. Two views to an issue. Truth be told there are more than just two views but the build up is much better with two. Damn I lost the buildup. Grrr...Anyways there's the pessimists view and the optimists... My situation through the eyes of a pessimist would be something like "too much work, hopeless, suicidal" and the like.Ok perhaps that sounded very pessimistic and slightly drunk. But with so many nefariously small activities coupled with larger obligations of a secretarial post, one does feel as if he is balancing the Earth on his shoulders.Atlas-like. The one-who-seeth-the-cup-half-full will say I am leading a life of bliss. Utopian even. Theres seems to almost no work. With the new Lit Sec elected, all responsibilities seems to have disappeared (read redirected). A room in the 4th wing. Can life get any more peaceful? I mean really...this is crazy even for a Comp Sc stud...:P. But I guess the truth of the matter is Im just too la

And then it ended

Roughly a month ago, the protagonist of this most wonderful blog made a resolution never to touch any form of alcohol. Initially the resolution was meant to last forever but circumstances and scoffing friends and a hopeless will later the resolution ended up lasting only for a month. Which is to say yesterday was really fun ;). There was so much hype about Zaras. Supposed to be awesome and all...So obviously when we made a plan to go there on saturday we were all very excited. But then saturdays are supposed to be very busy and the plan was quite abruptly shifted to friday night. Truth be told almost all of us (today us refers to Dasan, Kamesh, Metro, Senti and me) were doing something or the other when the plan was chalked up. I had a 4-a-side footer match (hurrah for me I got a hattrick vs some freshie team who were playing for the first time). Senti was conducting the matches. Metro was off to Adyar to repair his cell and Dasan was ummm... out. So I hadnt even imagined that it coul