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Weekend Bliss

Usually weekends are a time to unwind.To sleep the extra hour in the morning with no guilt of missing a morning hour.To watch as many movies as you want. To play as much as you want.To finish as many assignments as you want.(none usually).And usually it means free time to blog.. The rainy weather that Chennai has been witnessing has been awesomely awesome.It rains and rains but almost always takes the cue perfectly when junta start playing footer.Alas that said it is really a pain in the ass when you have to wake up in the morning to go to class.The weather is tooo good to tell yourself its time to rise.And many breakfasts have gone absent thanks to them as well. The weekend has been rather uneventful.There was a programming contest in which usual junta took part.That was kinda nice.I tried to get some work done on my B slot assignment which I fear has grown stagnantly undone although it has to be submitted someday less than a week.Almost went for the OAT movie only to be sent ba

What more do I have to say?

I have long harboured an ultimate truth of life.I have been very safe by saying AN ultimate truth and not THE because there are ,I feel, many ultimate truths ,though finite, knowing all of which one can understand the ultimate question---the meaning of life.(I dont know what useful things I have learnt since coming to IIT but I sure as hell have learnt to put a lot of crap). As I was saying about this ultimate truth of life.It goes something like this.For every "good" thing that happens in your life there is an equivalent "bad" thing which happens.Note that I say good and bad in quotes for the reason that clearly these adjectives are far too relative not to be used without the quotes.And I know most of the critics would go phooey to my idea but its true.The reason that people dont notice this is that whenever something good happens we are likely to forget the bad things which preceded it though this could take some time and if the bad event were to follow the goo

Will someone chat with me?

Chatting is quite a fascinating thing when you think about it.I mean the concept that one need not be in front of the other person when communicating with him/her was a concept established ago by the postal service and later popularised by the telephone and then now quintessential cell phones. But chatting is different.Because you can chat with strangers.(You can speak to strangers on the phone too but mostly its only a voice telling you its the wrong number).Unlike posts or phones chatting does not require knowing somebody else's address or number as the case maybe.Enter a chat room and start chatting away...All those coy introverts have a split personality of a macho studs showing off about that time once that he had to choose between 10 females.(Or that one time in band camp...hehe).So anyways its a perfect place for people to lead double lives. But then ,some highly informed sources say, some people do use this service to chat with people they actually know.(like I do).T

A Rush of Blood to the Head

The situation was one which seemed to frequent the hero much too often.Smoke and dust permeated the air as he entered the land which the locals just called the Hall.Being an experienced traveller, this wasnt very distressing but like any other time that feeling at the pit of the stomach ( the one described with butterflies) was inevitable. As he pitched camp at the break of dawn he looked around at his fellow people.Many had been warned days like this would come but alas they heed not what they fear not.Rather thought they feared not.Thus when it was actually time they were underprepared except those few who have various forms of chronophobia and were forever paranoid about such times. But then it was now or never and the enemy had been sighted and the weapons raised.They knew they had but a few hours to show their defense and that that woud be enough to "impress" the higher powers to award them or punish them duly. Fight they did.And how.Bravely though many were wou
Who says theres nothing faster than light Technically there is nothing faster than light.Nothing can move as fast as those quantised photons hurriedly rushing out to newer frontiers perhaps freeing a darkened room from its lightless state or maybe overilluminating an already overilluminated room .Yes the brilliance of light is not to be underestimated nor understated. However with due credit to light, I must say I have found something which moves faster.Something I seem to be realising oh-so-better as a new day dawns.Isnt something usually measured as 'fast' but I am referring to its speed of disappearance.I speak of nothing else but time. Time, the measurement which decides when you wake up,when you sleep, when you eat, when you play ,when you work , when you blog,when you check mail,when you see a movie...The list is endless.But alas there are 2 faces to every coin.And as much as time can be useful in telling you what to do when, it does seemingly move too fast.Espe
I just had to put up this link Got this by mail.Might seem slightly late ( suspiciously close to the American elections for this to become popular): Pentagon Paradox :O Awesome video.
2 more days of Shaastra = Nothing Yet another Shaastra went by with nothing more than a irritating cold coming from it.I didnt expect much from it anyways.Though I did miss three breakfasts consecutively.I actually reached the mess yday and today only to be shown the hand (indicating no more food nothing else ,you perverted freaks).I did try my hand at CTF yday (with Kabi,Raza and JK) only to lose in the second round.:(.Next year da,Next year... I met up with old friends ,Rajesh Ramana,Bharadwaj,Shyam though apparently I missed Raghu and Bharat.Highlight of yesterday was this movie "The Chronicles of Riddick", apparently the sequel of yet another "awesome" movie Pitch Black.Though I have seen only parts of the latter I did get to see the whole of the former.Which according to some of my friends was best described in words which would make dead Tamil scholars to commit suicide all over again.It wasnt so bad if you ask me.Sleisha vague but i enjoyed it.:D. I
The first day of Shaastra Usually Shaastra,the "great" IITM techfest is spent either wasting time in my house watching television or wasting time doing nothing in the hostel.However this year was an exception... Woke at ~9:30 .A wonderful feeling is waking up late and realising you have nothing to do and then going back to sleep again.Miss that feeling coz I have all first hours.:(.Missed breakfast.Met Madhusudhan."Helped" in correction of SPC prelims.Also having had qualified first for the Programming Finals (first in the intra-IIT prelims), we bulbed in the finals.(Just when you think you have an upperhand in life, it reminds you "Nice Try" and kicks you in the ass...).Another 4 hours of my life lost forever... (Yawwn)Thats because of the post and the general state of mind. Went to Pizza Hut with Metro and Tota.Grubbed well.Came back to realise Narmad rocks in AoM!!! Basically 1-2 guarenteed for Narmad... Ok so I was jobless and searchin
Dont just Blog Sometimes I feel blog too much and sometimes I feel I dont blog enough.For example I just realised that the last time I blogged was Saturday and hence I needed to update.But then I click on New Post and the site comes up and all I can do is stare at the white background with so many buttons hoping something interesting will crop up somewhere in my head ready for blogging.But nay, it isnt so.I think its some form of Bloggers' Block. Then I thought to myself , as I try in vain to find something to blog, why dont I blog those very attempts/thoughts which lead to the conclusion that I am blogless.(Sounds paradoxical I know). And hence this post. So what were my attempts then...(starts thinking)...perhaps a post about old music as in OLD music.Music from a decade ago.How good music remains music irrespective of when it was originally played and how generations have come to love songs like November Rain,Nothing Else Matters,Mrs Robinson,etc.But then I have mad
Being Busy and will be Without much doubt I can say that the next week is going to a jampacked one for me.Heck today was fucking tiring.Actually I mean yesterday.Friday ie. I dont actually much of what happened in the morning.Classes I guess.Then a free afti went by which also I dont remember much of.Me and my selective amnesia.More like nonselective amnesia... Anyways I thought I would play a little quake before going to see some interwing hockey.Say 15 minutes?Max 30 minutes.Wrong.Thats where you come to appreciate the addictive capabilties of a game like quake.That too for a beginner like me.Cant imagine how superquakers can stop playing.I guess you get bored of winning all the time... So at the end of that session,ie two and a half hours later, I grubbed and went to the much publicised CS Club Gamenite.(Kudos Lala and other 4th year organisers).There was quake,AOM (mental note:which I must learn this winter),some UNO/bluff and some more quake .Overall a fun time. So