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All the World's a Stage One of the most heated arguments/conversations I have with my friends, esp when Im jobless and chatting to satiate my boredom, is the one about fate.Destiny.Are we as humans responsible for our future or is there some higher power controlling the strings?Unable to control our future can be both a frightening thought as well as comforting one.Frightening because nothing we do matters;comforting because,well, nothing we do matters.Does their exist anything called luck or chance or is every event predetermined be it two people falling in love or an athlete winning a medal or even a road accident?Was Shakespeare thinking of the same when he said All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. Gary Zukav flirted with this idea and then seemingly rubbished off the concept of destiny as he claimed Newtonian physics which fails to completely explain the workings of the Universe predicted the same to be a big machine with we but cogs in
Finally Finally Finally Our Comp SC DCF doesnt cup much.But when it does, it doesnt come back til much later. I hope that explanation suffices for my absence. I saw one hajjar pseud movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind". How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! ----------Alexander Pope I dont quite realise the import of those words.But Im quite sure theyre as pseud as they sound.Anyways, the movie stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet and dont jump to conclusions da.Seriously isnt no comedy.But I wouldnt go too far to call it romance .No action and all.Sleisha science fiction.Basically a cauldron of genres.I liked it da.See it. IIT G Online Contest-Techniche + (Kabi,Raza,Turkey,Avi,CC and I) + (Really stupid IIT G programmers who tried to cheat but got caught) = 2nd place ergo 6000Rs for the six of us !!!Cashits da!
Rain Rain come again It was around 3 in the morning.I felt something .Something cold on my body.It was nice. Alas not what you junta were expecting.No such luck yet. It was mazhai saral.(The title gave it away I guess).How do you say saral in English?Anyways , Raindrops falling fast and furiously outside.Thunder and Lightning .(ostensibly though I didnt hear or see ;just added that for effect).What a beautiful start for a Saturday.If only it had been more like 8 instead or 3.Crashed after closing windows. I saw Pulp Fiction today.Supposed to see it yesterday night.I was so tired after Freshie Night(cuppax as usual;should have listened to Satyam) that I was literally crashing as I watched the film last night.So decided to see it today.Really good film.Tarantino God!He has the knack of making movies which make you think 1)Who is the bad guy and who is the good guy? 2)Oh is the film over? 3)Wait, what was it all about? Other such films include 21 grams,Memento and Kill Bill(t
Another Day in Paradise The title which I used is perhaps the most common title in my blog.There are two reasons for this,atleast.One is that one of my most fav songs begins with these words(Learn to be Still -The Eagles).The other ob reason is ,after all, I do live in the pardise of IIT Madras.Well almost paradise.Sleisha paradise.Sometimes paradise sometimes not?....I've got it!Its paradise without water! I havent been able to blog for almost a day now (:o).Busy Busy Busy...Well mostly its classes...Thursday and Friday are so loaded.Then theres ANN on these two days which is like a miracle cure for insomnia.Yesterday was our first intetrwing footer match too.Injured as I was,with cracked toenail and all (ouch...seriously not so painful as it sounds), we beat opposition 6-0.Highlight: Before match I was practising kicking the ball when I broke a glass pane on some poor Mutka's room.Beautiful kick da.Poor guy though.He looks pained generally itself.After the "shatte
~*~Grumble~*~ Basically I got up today with only one thing one my mind.Everything was so clear.I couldnt oversleep today.Not because of any tutorial.No acad related funda.No sports related funda.Actually the reason was I was so damn HUNGRY.I dont know why.This after I had cold refreshing lassi from Dhabha at ~1:30.Even a piece of gulab jamun from Satyam.And yet at ~7, hunger struck.It struck as badly (and pointlessly) as Bush struck Iraq.Ok wrong analogy;my hunger didnt want any oil.... Anyways unbelievably hungry or not, today was Thursday.Which meant Pessarett.In other words the only day I head for the bread irrespective of queue length.I dont remember when I tasted "it" last and I dont know why I hate it so, but I do.Anyways satiating my appetite with bread I headed to class .Yawn.Is it me or have classes become more boring than ever before?(Answer:Its me and its the classes) Anyways not able to stand the boredom of it all, I decide to bunk Physics and sit in the
Oh Ah Ouch Ok da.Second post of the day and all.Too much for being "busy" with courses and all.Lmfao. Anyways today I put pseud promise to myself to do some mugging related activity.Something da.Pick up notebook,touch reference book ,etc.But no going to Insti Lib.Reason?Its a big story story.Actually isnt so big.Starting of 1st year I went to lib and gen decided never to go again.Kept up my promise so far.More or less.Went once to get new id card.Doesnt count. Anyways as I was saying some mugging related activity.So I free at 4 today.Go to mess .Drink tea.Normal.Then I decide no sports.But someone calls me to play some hockey.Ok da some 15 minutes only then Ill go mug.Then someone calls footer.Ok da some 30 minutes only then mug.Then theres a tug of war .Me decides too rough for me so Ill ditch it.But then its 3 vs 4 year .Matter of manam and pride(same meaning!?!).So putsits enthu and we win and all(yeah!).Ok finally Ill go to mug.But then Zeus thought otherwise I
When will I learn... The problem with people is that though many repent their mistakes and many even go to the extent of promising not to do the same mistake again, few ever actually stop making them.But then the most dangerous are the ones who dont quite realise what they are doing is wrong. Take for example X, a fellow hostelite.Very bright chap.I mean he has put two consectuive 10s which of course is the maximum in a sem.Ostensibly learnt the violin and sings pretty well.But then X is too immersed in acads.He doesnt realise that life exists beyond IIT and if he does I guess he falsely imagines its all about the grades.Watch out da X!Life will get bumpy...Yesterday Shamant and me sitting in Gurunath when we were joined by Mama and PointFive.Some conversation leads to X when Mama asks who X is.When I saw fellow hostelite he bulbs.X actually has got one pseudmax comp with plasma screen et al but listen to this.("Listens" a pun;reason will follow).He didnt bring along h
American Beauty There are some things in life which are just so wonderful, so awesome and so breathtaking that just looking/seeing/hearing etc about them makes you feel so peaceful and happy.I mean its a feeling I cant explain.One such example is the film American Beauty.(I can hear some critics scoffing in the background;I suggest a large dose of pesticide ).The climax of the film is just so unbelievably impactful but then so is the whole movie.It was the only the 4th or 5th time I have seen the movie ;actually I only so selected scened from the movie and yet the impact. Other examples include Enya and Cold Play whose songs are just beyond explanation. Machan i just feel hajjar philosophical today.Dunno why. In other matters, I got my paltry budget of 26k passed with no probs.Our ex ex sports sec must be laughing his ass off at the small numbers.Finally got compilers working in my laptop.Thanks to Raza. No time for poem or crap like that.Actually i feel sad coz I havent
Tirupati Ezhumala Venkatesa Two days no blog.Explanation: I wasnt in town da!I went to Tirupati with family.15 of us.The trip was hajjar fun.We got good darshan and all.But there was one more thing-this was the first trip we have gone as the extended family that we are since the Salem wedding eons back.(time to get senti et al).Machan, I really enjoyed the trip.Everything from the journey in the 3 Qwalis' to the climb up the mountain(for which I was aptly nicked The Mountain Goat ;) ) to the late night gen talking to the darshan.Good to have such a large family.Nice time da junta. Ya anyways, back to other matters.None?I guess so. (Thinks hard) Maybe I am jobless enough a pseud poem(bettein any poem written by a commenter).I shall name "IIT's ennui". Long Long ago in India Was established an institute Goes by the name IIT "Machan thats a fruit" Many junta pass through Its famous Hallowed halls Initally all are idiots geekish jerks w
Quake hangover Many people in this world suffer from a syndrome I would like to term sleepy-now-not-sleepy-then syndrome.In most cases it involves a situation in which the person feels so unsleepy(forgive me for lack of vocab;Im an IITian) that he thinks he can stay awake without any repercussions only for Hypnos,God of Sleep to pain him during the day. Basically what i am trying to say is I stayed awake til 3 yday playing Quake in the department and now I am unable to sit openeyed through any lecture.To top it all of I have a 2 hour ANN lecture.Which is another way of saying "Oh Crap". I had to write about a Wimp Chronicle today.So I have a good one.For those of you who dont know Wimp, just picture a know-it-all IITian who actually resembles the Wimpy foods mascot though it isnt the funda of his name. So todays story is the one about the Singapore connection.Before JEE, Wimp had a female freind who was a "very close" friend.Or so our man claimed.But when
System of a Down,Papa Roach and all that jazz Yesterday was sleisha out of the ordinary.Basically all the usual crappy stuff happened ergo college,footer (which I totally sucked yday) and no water in the wing.As I said, usual.Also... Lit Soc DumbC prelims: Baba,Shamant and Bofi qualify I guess.Sk ,Neo and Chris rape the thing and come first(Yo da).I gen went to put enthu.I pained Bofi about what I was planning to do.(on Shamant's persistent begging :D).It remains to be done.Will do though. I started to do some "mugging" related activites at 10 after the prelims.within 15 minutes i decided to grab something to eat and on the way back I gen went to Sk's room.I left at only 12:30!Unneccessary to say the mugging fundaes went ~*po of*~.I really enjoyed the music though;music that I heard in Sk's room ie. That song (as usual I cant rememeber the name) by System of a down and the Enya song both were awesome in their own ways.Papa Roach was good too.First ti
Machans and Machis An ode to a medal A silver medal, What pseud level, Congrats Rathore, May you soar, Indias count isnt zero, A toast to Rathore the hero! If you didnt like that wonderful dedication too bad.Anyways I am no poet; a limerixist maybe but no poet. Anyways yesterday was peaceful;nothing really happened apart from a new footer ball ~*~hurrah~*~. Played it til my fingers bled.(hehe.Actually til my foot was sore,but the first line sounded better).Then what else to do but sit in DCF and do whatever.Did chat with Aruna for some time though.And Pavlos and even Ghislain.Mini chatfest.Later went back to hostel say ~1 and saw Lee and Hesh advance in the Olympics.The chest butting was back.Junta found it funny.Me too, sleisha atleast. Grub time da.
Not in any mood to blog Im not actually in any mood to blog,but on the kind request of some concerned Narmadites that I might forget to blog abut yesterdays DumbC I had to.A blog about DumbC for the DumbF*s. Basically some giveup Narmad DumbC which had some 5 groups to start which grew into an awesome 10!In the end Baba(and Shamant and Venkat) won.(I suppose you wanted your 15 minutes of fame.More like 4 words of fame.Anyways Ensoy).Best enactment was probably one of Vipin's American Pie or L2's North by NorthWest.What da junta do you agree??? Anyways ,that Dancing Wu Li Masters seems to be an amazing book.I have but read one chapter.But its good.Though its physics (ergo mother of all evil).Its good. Raza is now almost a hostelite(narmad at that) ;only thing remains is to get his room.One more tam!I think even EP is joining Narmad.Or so he said. Suddenly I am in a mood to blog but nothing is coming to my mind.Thats very irritating.Trivial things can be so painfu
The Bane of Java Basically since yesterday the activities I have been upto are: 1)Baski---Gen 2 and a half hours playing.Footer is taking a back seat.:((. 2)Chatting---with hostelmates(Neo and SK in particular).We gen chatted about some yoga ideas,some gnyana yoga? some Vivekanandas ideas,some interconnectivity of junta,6 degrees of freedom(I forgot the actual name;this is the theory that any 2 junta in the world are connected by less than 6 people;I want to believe this theory so badly :D.). Why do people want to quiz?What is juntas obsession with quizing and KBC?Is it their quest for intellectual activities or just fame and money?Why does any individual want to solve a Rubix cube? Obviously these conversations made more sense at ~1 am.Sadly it seems crap now. I am also trying to read The Wu Li Dancing Masters or something like that.Clearly it is a Physics book.No really. Coming back to Java,the language of the fools.I have been a fervent antiJava activist(generally stem
Happy Independence Day What is the joy one gets when someone wishes him Happy Independence Day.Some examples: Small children:Holiday! Smaller children:Holiday!! Smallest children:Gagagoogoo(They cant talk yet) Teenagers:Holiday! Adults:Holiday! Freedom Fighters:Yeah! Quizzards:Landmark Quiz! Me(and ppl like me):Bah Humbug. Independence day and othe public holidays are becoming highly commercialised and consumerised by esp the TV channels.Puthampudiya padam and crap like that.Sad da. Anyways I went home yday to attend a family lunch in Park Sheraton and later see Vasoolraja MBBS.Had fun in both.Had bath,ate and packed back to IIT.Drove the new Flair for the first time.Peace da. Chatting with Joel who is having a fucking good time in St Xaviers fest ,Bombay aka Babe central.Yes I am still in IIT .Pained him with my Lucent experiences last year.Enough said. Ah yes I am for Capital punishment.That argument cropped up in my head after the execution of the Dhananjoy guy
Another Day in Paradise Just another day yesterday.I played like hell for what 3 hours?Maybe sleisha less than that.Baski and Footer.Im so happy the footer is back.Thank God for small mercies. That said, I really have to start listening to what is going on in class.I find that nowadays I kinda go off thinking about something else and when I do "return", I am stranded in a sea of unintelligible garbage on the board.Physics the bane of mankind has sofar not shown its ugly side while the first assignment of the year(in OS) is like 3 pages long.(The question ie). Basvi raped freshies with a rapemax crossie which I put fight to finish.Im sure studs like Topa would have cracked it faster but even he would have taken time. Yesterday, as I was saying, I was so tired and I remember that I hit my bed at 12 (planning to open and read my book) but the next thing I remember is me getting up at 1:30, book on my face,pen on the bed and a confused state of mind.Nevertheless I sw
You cant always expect an awesome title for a post Basically lets see.Classes are in full flow albeit its been like less than a week since college reopened.Footer is losing its battle with Baski primarily due to a ball noone wants to inflate,LitSoc starts in less than a week, I havent done shit for Scrabble Prelims,I feel sleepy and I know its only going to get worse especially with respect to acad. Yesterday was the first official Narmad intrahostel event,the quiz.The Lit Sec must be oh-so-responsible.:P. (Seen on a tshirt: "If there is something around bigger than my ego, I will have it shot and killed") The Queen of Sheeba we won last year(second ie) gave us 500 which we treated ourselves with.Some 12 of us.Some ~11 in the night after the quiz.I was dead tired and crashed at 12. Surprisingly my Baski seems to have improved though it is probably according to the theory I believe in."The less you play a sport,the better you are at it"(Exceptions apply)
Bulbing Kernel Just after I finished wrting this post ,the kernel crashed and I had to restart the comp.I refuse to blog the same post again. Some crap about Wimpy's activites.(Just imagine something stupid in this space). Then I was thinking about Baski vs Footer. It was a really long post.I cant say that this was all that I had written.What pain. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Nothing on my mind As I said nothing particular on my mind.There was a LitSec meetign where we got to decide the LitSoc calender for the year.Something da.I got to miss playing footer though :((. I also forgot to get the questionnaires filled by the freshies.I dont even know why Im sitting here now. (Deep contemplation) I give up. However I do feel better than afti when I was all headachey.I guess I should never sleep without prior intimation to myself.(What crap?). Im in a poemy mood now.Junta seem to write my adlibbing of poems.Lets attempt one now Why Why Why am I here? Is it because of fear? Fear of what or whom pray tell Shut up and go to hell. Yes isnt very good.I leave it unerased to remind Im useless at it.(Maybe a limerick next time.Lol) I read this book "5 point someone"(What not to do at IIT) by Chetan someone.I liked it though wasnt very believable.Ah well. (Dont you feel irritated when you like a song you dont want to like like th
Headeachey feeling I usually take pride that I dont get a headache.I cant remember when I last had a headache.But now I have this headachey feeling.Probably because I slept for an hour after lunch without expecting to.Nice feeling when you sleep.Bliss, absloute bliss.Sleep without a problem in your head. Anyways I hate the headachey feeling and I hope the DCF will make me feel better.:). I guess yday was the first day in many that wasnt online at some point of time.Ergo no blog/mail. ED was back today and we went to Campus Book Stores to get some books.Later saw AT and he saqid he would have given me those books.Bah.I said Ill take the books I didnt buy. I feel sleisha inebriated without any intoxication.I even blabbered some Telugu to Arvind Shankar who thought I was totally screwed up!I feel I am in a confused state of mind. With so much confusion I must stop lest I blabber here.I shall continue on a saner mind.
Nothing Else Matters Seriously this is such a nice song.Actually I heard an instrumental version of it yesterday in Dheerus comp by some arbit band (I forgot the name) using only cellos.It was really good too.But somehow I prefer the Metallica version. Yesterday I think I slept at ~2am.The funny thing is I dont remember much of what I did.I did see this hindi film Julie but it was the most arbitest cuppax giveup movie I have seen in a while.Much ado about nothing. Then I was watching junta play bridge.My dumbfuck partner SK went home(the irony of it all;last sem he complained I went home).We played nearly zero matches last sem.Che! /*I got this C program.See if you can figure out whats going on.Seriously awesome*/ This C program won the first prize in International obfuscated C code contest (IOCCC) held recently. can u guess the output of this prog???? #include main(int t,char _,char *a) { return!0<t?t<3?main(-79,-13,a+main(-87,1-_, mai
Just another manic Friday? Basically so it has been an ideal IITian night/day. I slept at around 1am for no apparent reason.When I got up at 7:30 there wasnt any water in our wing.I had to go to the mess to brush my teeth. There was an incident with Shiva, Tripod and a freshie which I cant reveal coz there could be spies around.(looks around trying to find whether someone looks fishy...).Warden wasnt very happy. I have to start doing some work as Lit Sec.But then I have been planning to do some work since forever.
Quotable quotes The first day of college shouldnt go unquoted you see... "I think Britney Spears Toxic was copied from a tam song da"---Raza "Will this Ice Tea be cold? "---Obly some freshie at Gurunath "The universe is a sea of photons at 3K"---Physics prof Suresh Govie(I think I missed a comma there;but its better this way) "I think Suri has a helmet fetish"---Sk when Suri (BT30) kept on wearing & rewearing Sk's helmet(No direct or indirect reference to me) And the worst one of all, from the PJ God Shamanth "What is the significance of the 42 da? Is it that answer to the universe funda?"---Me "Yes that and I have the fortytude(fortitude)."---Shamanth "Give up !"---Me
College reopened So far nothing great has happened but has been only a couple of hours.I have Physics this sem and since it is after all the "mother of all evil" I am pained. Most junta have arrived.Seems my Thursday are full of classes with but one hour of respite. Lets see.
Heres to the holidays Finally the holidays draws to a close and I am in a happy-sad state.Happy that college has finally reopened;sad that the holidays have ended. So a thank you to all the fools in tamgumbal,junta of TCS lab who accommodated me illegally,all my chat friends and anyone else I left out. Auf wiedersehen PS:My French has never been good.It is infact bad.
Exclusively for two junta I am not going to name people but this post is meant exclusively for two specific(not special as one of them here said) fools who belong to a lab which can be thought of as a haven for loose pasange. I will not name but Ill give clues to these peoples identities;one is an avid programmer who wants to land up in Berkeley for teaching ostensibly and the other is also a programmer who has an attachement ot the number 10559.(you could say the latter is a chip of the old block) Enough paining these two junta. Anyways I hope to disprove their hypothesis and hence this post. Hope they are satisfied.If they arent then they should think about their theory and the prominent word involved and do that.
I just want you to know who I am Trebian Merci.You know who. (Spends a couple more minutes with the song in his head) Meg Ryan (who I associate with this song for obvious reasons) used to be my fav actress .I guess she doesnt act so often no more.But still that is/was a great song. With 2 days left for college to reopen I know I will miss this holiday feeling.After all during the hols I did what I wanted,when I wanted and how I wanted.But then college is the same isnt it.Except during the quizzes when its mug what you want,when you want and how you want.I have to start getting ready for the new sem.I heard that 60 freshies for Narmad.Ofcourse I cant rag being Lit Sec and all.Lolz. (Realises the same song is still inside his head) I think Ill hear this one out. Fuck I just realised that once college starts I wont be able to blog so much. :( .I blogged very infrequently last sem.I must make a conscious effort to improve that.Lets hope net in the room does do that.
Hair cut I always hate going to the barber.Many reasons.One, I prefer to leave my hair longer tha shorter because longer means I can cut it anytime to make it shorter but vice versa isnt true.Two, I had this really bad experience once when I kinda slept and got up to find a nearly shaven head.That was a bad experience. I feel fucking naked without my hair. Anyways as Praveen said (and I quote), "It'll grow back."(this was after a similarly bad experience when my hair looked as if it had been bitten by a dog.But then I do exaggurate. I visited the hostel to remind myself which room I had chosen last sem.Apparently it was 315.I went there to see Rags there.After a visit to the Office he said he will change to his room 313.I wouldnt have minded either.Apparently 313 is the dump room also.Anyways he said he'll change on wednesday which is fine by me. I also have to go to the bank since in the morning it was too crowded.Saw John after some time though. Thu
Finally back to some good comp I can remember not so long ago(say some 5 years ago) when a half an hour of internet was a rarity and that reliable and internet at a good speed was but a rumour or a joke.Seems so distant now. Anyways just to prove a point : ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Yes this keyboard works fucking well. Only Kabi was here in IIT.Others packed home.DCF opened only now.Til then I was in TCS where the comp doesnt allow me to blog.Gives arbit errors.Anyways.Home sweet home. I met KG today after last sem.Told me to start getting ready for scrabble prelims.I told hime I havent seen the other coord.He said that I have to be ready by end of August or max start of Septembter.ya, nice try.I the fucking dont know where to get any stuff for this.Lets hope my co coord knows more. Heres hoping... I saw some arbit movie yday starring that Denzel Washington guy.Some marathon movie (150 minutes?).I really dont remember the name now :p.It was a nice film thoug