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Been a LONG time since I posted...atleast thats how it feels... Let me see...I dont think I was the LIT SEC the last time I blogged...yes yes applause and shocks well appreciated.This week ,have been treating junta(mostly comp sc and also dramatics junta though today i hope to treat hostel junta).And about the dramatics, dont ask wont tell... Initially I got 15.5 in B slot and finally ended up as 20...(finally something to be happy about);though my German performance leaves much to be yearned.Also Narmads depreciating footer performance is sleisha worrying since they are a good team... Apart from this nothing great;Well except this neatly woven practical joke on Murali mainly, about how Rajsekar and I are going to Germany for an exchange programme...(I think he finally realised that it indeed is but a joke.... but was hajjae funny anyways). Will try to blog more frequently, back to my assgnments(boo hoo)
Chinnu wants to know what blogging is all there!!!
Weeks been a hectic one with a spice of this and that. Basically there has been campaigning, some memorable Indian victories(wrt cricket) and other things as well. Tuesday was German quiz which I thought was ok only to realise I have lost ~5 marks.Plz dont let me screw up endsem!!! Tuesday was majar... it started with a bit of campaigning in a few wings and then since Im in dramatics we had our first proper practice.And when all this ended at ~12am ,I sat down to start preps for E slot quiz. Didnt go that bad ... Wednesday was the day of the 'finals' of India - Pak series. Jeet liya match aur dil...One funny incident was when I cut B slot to see beginning of match only to see her coming to class on my way back to hostel...OUch... Thursday,more like late wednesday night ,I got FIFA 2004 from Goda and played.Saw some American Beauty again.Slept at 3 ,woke at 10; it seems I had had a class at doubt I missed that one.Did some last minute cam and had soapbox today;no
Not much happened von gestern. Ich will in Deutsche zu schrieben versuchen.Aber weiss ich dass,alles nicht richtig ist.Eigentlich ist alles wrong. Ich kann besser sein. Hopflich... Now that was fun but Im hajjar sure I made no sense to any person wellversed in the language...Bah humbug... Yesterday I saw Magnolia...totally pseud...if only I could understand what was going on... but still it was pseud...And I took SK's harddisk to Muralis room and he copied sme movies ;twas more of an exchange offer from Dheeru... Later grubbed in Dhabba Express and woke up some quarter to 8.Only 2 classes today...Am staying the day at hostel... Hopefully I will do the changes I wish to do to the page...
The last time I posted ws preQuizzzes and now it is though more like mid quizzes the crux of the pestilence is over and for bout a week we compsci guys are jobless. Monday was maths(and good).Tuesday was CompOrg and good as well.But wednesday which was POC was bad though every1 did badly. There were some quotable quotes which I have forgot to note down but then the best part was the survey I conducted in Mandak and Alak and some in Narmad bout the bikini vs topless question.Notables in former include Murali,CC(he went for sari...@##$#),freshie compsc bp1,2,Praveen,Shyamnath...Notables in latter include yours truly.Avinash,Hardy,Pranjal,Sriram(freshie),etc.We were a clear majority though why so many went for the other option is still enigmatic to me. Yday we were to see Magnolia in Alak.The power went out half an hour into the movie so we decided to come to Narmad to see something.Ended up seeing American Beauty(pseud movie).Then went to Alak on hopes of improvement...bad luck.Went
so today was pseud...totally but then I must first take you back to the start of the events...It all started with me having grubbed in mess and coming to my room ready to mug when within a few minutes of having done so, Paul and Dhanno come to my room nd remind me its Queen Of Sheeba in a few minutes.And me being me , had to take part...So I did... Okay first things first...this scavenger wasnt bad...a list of good entertaining requests ... 7.Empty can of Axe effect... this was like a acm program which refused to get accepted even when you're sure of the answer...went to Saras for most of the things.For this I went to Venki and Ramsubs to no avail.However whiever I met too were asked if they used Axe though most,like normal human beings ,didnt have empty cans... 11.Grade card with W in some course... nice variation to good ol' U in a course. 19.An admit and bump of the same person... Went to Pollock first then to this guy called Tahir(which I thought to be Tihar as in th
So after the time I spent deciphering the gnuplot function at DCF ,I alog with CC decided to go to Dhabba Express coz we knew Murali,ED and Ramk were there.(btw Dhabba Express if I didnt know how to pronounce it would be dhabba as in box... its strange how the same word could mbe pronounced in different so Im not drunk...its just the philosiphical side of me...) So anyways ended p in Dhabba Express til 12:45 doing but one thing...eneral dumbfuck chatting and I was in full I mean it...complete and unattainable form.There was this one converation which took the following route Dynamicprogramming->Rajsekar->recursive tree->gardener->his "incestuous relatioships"(note the gardener was fictitious) -> how the family tree becomes a cycle -> how it could be bipartite under the assumption of no gays... ->etc. There ws even a general discussion and I was at one point explaining how a fork into a forkstand was similar to cumilingus
Its been a while and Ive been doing a lot of things from attempting a lex-yacc program to watching footer games... Monday was good though my cold was as bad as ever... its been like that all week...however I went and played footer on monday with cold ,sleisha torn shoe et al.Rajsekar and I decided to start C slot on Tuesday which later became Wed and now Thurs...tentatively... I submitted both asm(assembly) prgms on Monday having done nothing at all till then (Shyamnath was pissed but didnt show it much) Monday and Tuesday I packed D slot just like that and today I packed E slot spending the time rather in CC. This has also been the week when I crossed CCs legal acm total. Yday I watched first half of Manu-Porto match which was 1-0 but finished 1-1 hence ending ManUs hopes in Champions League.Heard that Lakers arent doing that well either.This could been good for me w.r.t my belief of sizeof(good)= sizeof(bad). Get it? Thats about it.Got the nomination form and will proba
Its one of those days when you wished you could have done something that you didnt and then hope that you can do it atleast next year... Yesterday was holi and I went home so I missed all the action...tough coz it seemed that junta really enjoyed it... Anyways have a bad cold and cough ;was better today so went for a haircu.Seems half of chennai too decided that today they will have a haircut or its just my luck that all barbers were went to Madras Club instead.Camee to insti to vote and thats where I am blogging from...nothing else and a id I thought of-SLTR Sanjeev Learns to Rock...
Its Thursday ,well actually Friday but then whos to say which is which, so anyways I finished d/ling that Nelly song...machan supergood da... then today nothing special happened ; realised its high time to start my Eslot assinment and as far Bslot goes I ll just say I believe in the motto "Many hands make light work"even if many of the other hands didnt know they were helping... And I returned from DCF at ~ 11 to find a grp in Dheerus room seeing..uhhum..pondy.Woohoo..was ok ;have seen better...;)the funny incident that left me thining latr was when a prospetive GenSec entered the room with some friends only to find us...hmmm..enjoying ourselves?Well anyways twas fun(grp==me,balls,sk,neo,uri,dheeru) then i played some tt and decided to blog...this is the 3rd blog from hostel ,ie, laptop? i dont remember anyways ciao...msn id...maybe ill make this idea of the day from now on... or quote of the day maybe... ex:"slower is better",:Balls when a slowmo was seen.
So its around 1:30 am and I suppose it the latest/earliest Ive ever blogged though ironically theres nothing to report... chatted with ev and now mariela...these things bring back fond memories... anyways later then...
So monday I come back to the insti(with laptop,new studa et al) and what do I hear...Tuesday is an insti holiday!!! Nice... I know... So anyways Monday goes by smoothly...I will mostly get Fedora on this comp by tommorrow(via Rajsekar) and also I think Im programming much better now... So I played footer in studs and I think it IS much better...lets hope thats the way it remains... So anyways was in DCF till 12(ie when it closed), then went to Dhabba express with Shiv at ~12:45 and had some food...thumbs up for it btw... then saw some arbit movie with tota til 3 and crashed onl to wake at 10.No breakfast...only a cuppa tea.nice experience overall... Mostly will return to DCF after this...and I think I got that Nelly song...finally... msn id....hmmm...."I didnt know the past tense of I thought and I thought and I thought and fnally I wrote thank..."