Requiem for a Blog…. Naah, You’re a Rockstar!

Ok so it’s not going to be a song. It’s supposed to be more like a sad post. I’ve thought about ending this blog for some time now. With a killer of a post. A post, that centuries later, aficionados and patrons of literature and art will still hail as the greatest achievement of man. After the Mona Lisa. But then, naah.

Why kill something when, for all practical reasons, it will probably die a natural death by itself. I’ve always thought I should have had a different blog site address because this one not only reminds me of college but also of a name I shall no longer go by. And that is quite disheartening. Which is why I wanted to commit blogicide. But then I thought to myself, with the kind of schedule I have lined up, I probably won’t have time. Which, in a way, is good.

I think I’ve done enough squandering of precious Time through myriad practices of procrastination, devoted prayers to Morpheus and Hypnos and other such (and more) blasphemous activities. Which is all good too. But its time for a change. As clichéd as it sounds, recently a friend, ED, remarked that the only thing constant about anything related to him is change. And change we must.

I welcome this new way of living. One of constant busyness. The thought, which under ordinary circumstances would have driven me to the ends of hell if it were during college, spurs me on. As something to look forward to. Something to do apart from getting up late, eating lunch, watching a movie half asleep, having tea, quake (God bless Senti) and sleep. And some project work somewhere in between. The humdrum monotonicity of diurnal mediocrity cries, nay, wails loudly in anger and frustration that not an iota is different from yesterday and today. Or perhaps I am just overreacting. After all, that shopping experience with Raj the other day was quite a surprise...

Before I forget, book review. A first. The Rule of Four. Suggested by my mother. Amazing book. As the quote in the back of the book reads, a must read. And I support that completely and absolutely. Not only is this a suspense thriller and an emotionally driven story, but also the eloquence and the grandiloquent language causes never ending goosebumps. Ah, if only I were a bibliophilic outcast of society, how happy I could be.

Well, that was a short review. But what can you expect from someone who has read less than 3 books since the year began. (The other book I am yet to complete is the McKinsey Way, which I read more because of an out-to-prove-a-point attitude than anything else. But its fun too)

Ah, rambling. Miss doing that. Now now, I am not going to go into another, I miss this and that and all that jazz. I’m now done with all the nostalgia and sentiments of its ilk. Onward men, to go where no man…. right, where some men have already gone before!

Ending on a high: (my schedule)


Saturday – IIM Freshers meet even for those ostensibly undecided on whether or not to join

Monday and Tuesday – Last of the Mohicans (read End Semesters)

Thursday – Day of departure to Rishikesh for White Water Rafting; McKinsey trip

Thursday* - Thus makeshift deadline for submitting thesis of my B Tech Project

Next Thursday*** - Deadline for submitting my thesis! My guide rocks!! My department rawks!!!

End of May – GMAT (yikes)

June - McK Training in Hyd for a couple of weeks

***Full June free!!!

July beginning*** – McK Training in Hyd for a couple of weeks

July – Join McK!

As you can see, so much to do. So much to see. So , well, you know the song.

Susan Ward smiles on seductively.


senti said…
;) ..... :)
abi said…
Blogicide is a crime. Babe will come and punish you personally if you do it! Natural death is no coverup.

Amidst all your busy schedule, do drop by and say Hi.


Jah said…
Change is inevitable. It comes slowly and escapes notice till some memory brings you back to the days gone by.
Why kill all the nostalgia with a deliberate effort ?
satya said…
I know this feeling - something dying within you, this identity is slowly leaving ..

something awakening, a red dragon :-\ -
maybe the lasting phoenix telling you to be buzy ... ;)

I would say, maybe .. maybe, you should stick to blogging - and maybe .. maybe in a different blog !!

and no, if kabi meant me - no i wouldnt do anything ..
will just tell you - keep in touch buddy!! when we together have done what we might feel "we didnt do 20 yrs before" 20 yrs later! ;)
satya said…
one thing i forgot to mention - i was listening to requim for a dream ..

when i decided to check your blog !! :D
Blunt said…
what senti and all you putsing man

Change your url to
See how it carries on :P
Ganesh said…
oh no..please dont..let the blog live... and do continue blogging maybe under a different address...blunt's idea seems nice i must admit :D
dhoomketu said…
Blog you must.
And also, that was a cool hope, "I’ve always thought I should have had a different blog site address because this one not only reminds me of college but also of a name I shall no longer go by". Not if I can help it!!
TenG said…
And the name sticks!!! Helmet it is!!! (Fanfare -- tadah!!)
EP/ UK said…
dei yenna da your frequency kooda koranjiruthu...[:D]
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