C'est la vie

I was sitting in my home listening to CDs of my father's college reunion music, so basically the 70s. I was amazed. For the songs weren't obscure esoteric songs long forgotten by time. Nay. They were in fact the very songs I have been listening to these 4 years at IIT. Come Together (Beatles), Have You Ever Seen The Rain (CCR), Smoke Over Water (Deep Purple), Imagine (John Lennon), Annie's Song (John Denver) and other such wonderous songs. Again, and again.

Has music not transgressed the Rocking Seventies? Sure, there have been other bands (Read Cold Play) who have made their mark since three decades ago but nothing to the tune of the classics. I suppose, for me, ever since I was introduced to Simon & Garfunkel, ever so long ago, there was no looking back.

Or maybe, this is more an endemic thing. To the insti. For once I was asked a question pertaining to my musical tastes. I was asked as well as B (Cummander B). Both of us had answers which revolved around bands atleast 20 years old. To which a wry smile greeted us. So as to mean, yeah, you guys will never change. Stuck in a time warp, musically atleast. After all, apart from that, we are the leading consultants for fashion, sports and the arts. (The important word in the previous sentence started with a c.)

Talking about music, I was watching our beloved octogeniran Chief Minister swearing into office on TV when all the millions of ministers on stage as well as the teeming crowds in the packed auditorium rose for what I presumed would be the National Anthem. I was mistaken. They played some tamil song and from the scarce words I could pick up (and understand) it was some song glorifying the Tamil language and the Tamil Land (Tamil Nadu). Brilliant it was. Melodious. Mellifluous. And such. I was impressed. (Later, I was informed that it was the song of the Tamil Nadu Government? or something like that. The name eludes my memory).

That was just proof that I am trying to keep in touch with current events, now that, I was indirectly (and directly) told that I would have to, if I were to have any semblance of a meaningful conversation with my colleagues and seniors at The Firm. I read Page 3 and the Sports. I have to improve. Mentally Noted.

In short, this is a post to say that thanks to the concerns of all my well-wishers, fellow bloggers and the other equally unfortunate souls that read my blog, I will continue blogging. But almsot surely at a different url. Where, when, how I have not yet decided. I shall update if and when enough reflection has conceded the answers. But for now, enough of The Name (I would like to blame you and you for its revival. *Sigh*)

Btw, I didn't hear quite enough cheers for the announcement. Let the echoes of my resurgence whisper through the ruins of the morally decayed and the decadent Civilization. The people rejoice. All except you. Yes you, the one who is reading this now. Why aren't you happy? Smile! Now!! Hmph. Not enough. You have to be punished. Put your hands up in the air and say "To blog or not to blog". Right. Decent. Again! Yes, much better. Get thee to a bloggery!

Umm. Now that that's done, there's a certain issue of my name being slandered somewhere. And to him, I shall NOT threaten revenge. I shall NOT reveal the secrets about the prof(s) and the lap dances. And about the Goddess. No No, I shall not. For I am a Gandhian. And, Me and You, You and Me, so Happy Together.

Enough of this hotchpotch post. Will end on a lovely song from my father's CDs...

Do you give
Do you live from day to day
Is there no song I can play for you
C'est la vie.

Oh, oh, c'est la vie.
Oh, oh, c'est la vie.
Who knows, who cares for me...
C'est la vie.

C'est la vie.


TenG said…
Ah the Goddess!!! In any case, my dear boy, it would be tough to go one up on me by exchanging verbal blows what? And, as you said so rightly, remember the Turtles.
Jah said…
Live the '70s. Stay dazed and confused.
satya said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
satya said…
(kill me for my crazy typing - i had to delete the previous one cos of it)
old classics - my taste - nay! the lack of it is wierd dont u think ;)
(how the hell do u enjoy all that u said - i tried listening to smoke on water, shit couldnt stand its)
and yes! rejoice there is for u deciding to continue blog! puts treat!! TREAT!!
sriganesh said…
Ahhhh, nice to see Sanjeev reliving the 70s. Me with you, dude...
shrinivaz said…
dei San...the song is 'Thamizh Thai Vaazhthu' da...the official song of the TN govt..newayz good job da
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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