Tard mais le plus tard

First of all, I am rather alarmed at this extended period of absence I have taken since my last post. For I never regarded myself as impuctual. Lazy, yes. Insolent, well sometimes. But always punctual. Ummm... almost always...

So 'cause college officially resumes only in the first week of August, I have been spending a lot of time at home for two weeks now and it goes without saying that it has been rather uneventful. But this has hardly deterred one as loyal to blogging as yours truly from posting before, albeit completely insipid at times. And strangely there have been certain things that have been on my mind which I thought worth mentioning perhaps not as much to make an interesting read but to settle some issues...

First off, let me take you back to about three wednesdays ago , I think. T'was the night of the graduation dinner for Ankush (a fellow Trilogy intern) and I. The conversation somehow came to involve soap and Simple Object Appln Protocol, probably an obligatory attempt at a computer related joke by mois , hardly successful cause it evoked a laughter only from Ankush, when one of the four lovely ladies who had accompanied us to dinner, made a comment, perhaps even a passing comment, that the author of a certain article in Bangalore Times supplement regarding "Geeks", certainly had good specimans to prove his essay right. Which didnt offend me much that moment but somehow by the end of the dinner I was quite distressed. And the funny thing was I didnt exactly know why.

Truth be told, Im not a complete geek. And I know that. But Im a sort of guy who knows that firefox isnt just a mythical flying bird, and that O(n) algorithm for sorting is like , as the English say in their orotund accent, a flying pig (the English were called on to try to induce a rather pompous tone to that phrase;I hope this does not cause much offense to anyone except those who attempt fake British accents), and that vim is just not a soap bar (and no this soap and that soap have no connection and also for those until now ignorant to the ways of the world, there is also a soap called vim, for washing vessels, I think), and also I wrote a program to solve the sodoku (which is hardly anything to write home about) though I did try using software engg and the bit funda to try to optimise it , and (*phew*), the last and, also know just about enough sed to realise that something as trivial as
duck in
is not flattering.
But I reiterate, Im not a complete geek.

Somewhere beneath all this denial, I do accept I am part geek. The part thats fun. Thankfully part can be anything from a 0.001 to 99.999.

So where was all the aniguish at the comment made coming from? Well, serious reflection and the kitchen sink later, I realised its from the disgust of being stereotyped. For ever since I can remember I have never wanted to be a typical this or a pakka that. I wanted me to be me. An unique individual. One whose mould was made for him and broken, however unceremoniously and for fear of legal backlash, by the very Hands that made it. Its just another idiosyncrasy of mine I think. Or rather just another unique idiosyncrasy...

Well, at this point of time I would like to stereotype a set of people who I fondly refer to as HRFemales (expansions and whitespaces conveniently forgotten). So the typical characteristics of one belonging to this rather elite, or is it elitist, group of human beings include
1) You should belong to the fairer sex and I ain't talking about skin colour though it helps with fair skin too
2) You should qualify as hot for an average of 80% of any randomly selected group of company employees (male/female)
3.1) Your sense of fashion must be atleast upto date with the latest Cosmo or some such glam mag
3.2) Any measure of your sense of geography and history and anything unrelated to above can be positive and at times even nonnegative (for example Chennai could be in Kerala and Cochin in Andhra for all you care)
4) You should qualify as hot for an average of 80% of any randomly selected group of company employees (male/female) (repeated for emphasis)
5) You should not mind having to eat dinners almost daily on company money. In fact, free food, drinks and other perks are necessarily to be enjoyed
6) Other qualities will be decided depending on the latest fashion trend

Ah, venting one's angst so gracefully and majestically lifts such a great load off one's back... And yes, sliesha revenge sweet fundaes also. Though I feel some regret for writing the above. Ah it hurts to be so nice...(refers to the lines that follow) I am sorry if any of the above caused any offense to anyone. It was merely written in jest and not meant to be hurtful. All this said, I refuse to delete it.

Well, that was pretty much the only thing on my mind. Though another worrying thing as far as I am concerned is the rather unnatural appetite my bored self has been suffering for fiction books the past week when I consumed 4 books in 5 days and decided it was too unhealthy to continue. Maybe there's some deep rooted psychological problems I suffer from.

Maybe some diagnosis can be procured based on this conversation:

Helmet : Lets read a book and practice footer and be all Saintly about everything
San : No da lets see some Movie...Hitch?
10.195.#.#: lets search the LAN da...for the movie or some songs or footer video or...
\etc\passwd : Quake da machan
QuakeIsRuiningUsAll: Hmm...maybe
u_wanna_try_me: no da lets chat
helmet_iitm: ya agreed
Sanjeev: dei pack da...lets blog

Needless to say Sanjeev prevailed in this conversation. Though I must say its getting a bit crowded up there...

PS: Heres to my first nightout of this sem though techinically it isnt the sem yet ;)

PSS: Sorry for the plagiarised title, but I could argue I atleast tried reinventing it ...


CoNfUsEd said…
hey guess its nice to back at the hostel!

if ur are the insti, come online sometime da.. u can leave a msg in my shoutout box as to when u'll be online!!

have fun
Sabi said…
First off, OMGWTFBBQ is wrong with geeks anyways??? My boyfriend's an uber geek, and I fuckin' love it!

Secondly, Hitch is a bloody sappy movie. Well, the first half had it's moments, but the latter mushy shit put me to sleep (my boyfriend was fairly amused by the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed Boondock Saints but despised Hitch. I think he likes the fact that he can be himself with me...you know, play poker then watch a bloody gory movie and have wild sex after :p) And add in several incidences when he tries to explain embedded systems and what not to a rather amused and confused girlfriend! So yes, being geeky rocks! Also, did I tell you how guys with glasses totally turns me on? And I know tons of other chicks who love guys with glasses. I dig an intelligent nerd! In short, wtf was that rant for?!)
San said…
If you read my post carefully I never say there's anything wrong with being a geek...
Two, I never said Hitch was a good movie. Truth be told, I didnt see it fully and rather saw a Korean movie subtitled in English called My Sassy Girl instead. Which was very nice...
Third, you might have just convinced me to throw my contacts away :P...
And finally lol @ embedded systems...
Sabi said…
Then stop being in denial! ;)
And the reason I mentioned Hitch was to spare you the trouble of watching it. It was merely a warning. Where in my comment did I think that you thought it was a good movie? :confused:
000100010001.... :D
San said…
Im not so much in denial anyways...

And Hitch was bearable ...

lol @ 0001...

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