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Tard mais le plus tard

First of all, I am rather alarmed at this extended period of absence I have taken since my last post. For I never regarded myself as impuctual. Lazy, yes. Insolent, well sometimes. But always punctual. Ummm... almost always...

So 'cause college officially resumes only in the first week of August, I have been spending a lot of time at home for two weeks now and it goes without saying that it has been rather uneventful. But this has hardly deterred one as loyal to blogging as yours truly from posting before, albeit completely insipid at times. And strangely there have been certain things that have been on my mind which I thought worth mentioning perhaps not as much to make an interesting read but to settle some issues...

First off, let me take you back to about three wednesdays ago , I think. T'was the night of the graduation dinner for Ankush (a fellow Trilogy intern) and I. The conversation somehow came to involve soap and Simple Object Appln Protocol, probably an obligatory att…
After the trek...
All the interns

We'll always have Bangalore

It sure has been amazing. Awesome. Fantastic. Fantabulous. Magnificent. MegaMagnificent. I should stop with the adjectives now for I will run short of them coz of my rather stunted vocabulary though I have hardly described aptly the great life experience this wonderful wonderous internship has been.

And yes, it was nice too.

So after all of 9 marvellous weeks, I must now bid adieu to this internship. And so, how better to say sayonara but with a post full of arigatos. That for the japaneselly handicapped few of you out there, is a Thank You post.

So, here goes... hope I dont miss anyone and/or anything...

The best place when one wants to start on a nostalgic journey is the place one calls home albeit cliched. Home or rather the guesthouse. Probably this was one of the highlights of the trip here. The huge rooms, comfortable beds and the miracle of cable Tv , which for one as starved for television as CAS-constrained yours truly, was the icing on the cake.

Strangely, I sometimes feel that …
All of us in Wonder Valley
Awww... cho sweet :P
Dum Lagake...
Rope Walking :D
About to jump... (again Wonder Valley)
Wonder Valley

An awesome weekend!

Friday July 1st started quite innocently. It was my Mom's birthday and I duly wished her in the morning (and woke up my earliest ever on a weekday ~8 O'clock). I had no big plans for the day and apart from the fact that I had a TGIFish feeling, nothing great was expected. Was being the keyword.

It was aound noon when I called Thota to fix up our meeting at Forum in order to settle some unfinished financial accounts pending from the Hyderabad trip. He seemed hesitant to agree to this idea and was trying to postpone making the decision til later, say 4 o'clock. I was perturbed by this but agreed thinking of possible reasons why he would rather tell later. I did have an inkling that he wanted to go to the Siemen's Day which he upto now was rather reluctnt to go, now that our man is a 'changed man'. So at around 4, I call only to get invited to the Siemen's Day! Amazing. I didn't need no second invitation for free food (and no I did not go there for the free…